November Paris Attacks: America Explosion Countdown

Recall that CNN ran a coded 311 headline the day before the 11/13 false flag, 311 days after Hebdo Hoax. Now we have a coded warming about an Explosion Countdown for America…

  • The Wikipedia article, which appeared in record time, states that France’s military has been involved in Syria and Iraq since 9/19/14. That is an date of 42 numerology (9+19+14). This also leaves a duration of 420 days between then and the false flag.
  • Recall the previous post: “Boston Marathon bomb ‘victim’ admits to scam” =420. ISRAEL ATTACK =420. SABOTAGE =420. FREEMASON =42. ZIONISM =42. SATANISM =42. SAINT DENIS =42. 
  • And notice the 60 week span: CONSPIRACY =60. SAINT DENIS =60. STADE DE FRANCE =60.  Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi =60. Death to America =60.
  • 1 year 1 month 25 days =1125. America Will Fall =1125. Insane is an Understatement =1125. Orwellian =1125. Midnight on the Doomsday Clock =1125. Reptilian-Human Holocaust =1125. Sleep Well =1125.

 And I can’t help but also see a 115= (Freemasons / Killing / Psychological Operations), 108= (One Hundred Forty-Four), and 648= (Destiny / Gun Confiscation / The Proof of Gematria). Also, 108 in Simple English equals 648 in English, for yet another knot in the puzzle that is Operation Mindfuck.

2 thoughts on “November Paris Attacks: America Explosion Countdown

  1. Whoa. What an info filled post. What unbelievable connections. That pic w/ the Gematria over it could replace the Extra-Capsa logo as the first thing we see when we click this site – its that damn good.


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