November Paris Attacks: “Made in France” Predictive Programming


  • “Paris Attacks: Release of French Film About Terror Cell Called Off” =243. 
  • “More Than One Hundred Fifty Killed in Paris Terror Attacks” =243. 
  • “Central Intelligence Agency” =243. 

Imagine the millions of eyes in the Paris metro that saw this poster piece of predictive programming propaganda, images and coded messages infiltrating the subconscious in bursts of waveform information, designed with malicious intent to help make manifest the November Paris Attacks.

  • 55= Satan / Two-Two-Three (The Synagogue of Satan =223) / One-Two Punch
  • 58= Freemasonry / Destruction / Agenda / Psychic Trauma / Île-de-France Attacks

The 224, as Extra-Capsa wrote a report on just hours before the Paris Psy-Op, is the number of victims in the Halloween Plane Crash, which mirrored the 224 passengers of the Halloween Plane Crash of 1999. TERRORIST STRIKE =224. LIBYAN TERRORISTS =224. HUMAN EXTERMINATION =224. ANTI-PEACE =224. SADISM =224. And HALLOWEEN PLANE CRASH =93!! NO SURVIVORS =93. Propaganda =93. The number of Aleister Crowley’s Thelema, representing the journey from illusion (9) to enlightenment (3).

  • The coding only gets deeper with the director connector: 
  • Notice the Hollywood Reporter article misspelled “Nicolas” to add an H for perfect Gematria coding.
  • NICOLAS BOUKHRIEF =78. Symbol Manipulation =78. Blast From the Past =78. (Templars were persecuted in Paris 708 years ago) Ritual Abuse =708.
  • SEVENTY-EIGHT =156 (God / False Flag / Thirty-Three / Six-Six-Six / Inquisition / President Obama Dead). November Nineteen =1156.


TRUTH-SEEKER: 1 h 29 min =129. At the time of this report, the kill tally is at 129. Like “America / Explosion / Countdown.” And the 59 for the numerology of the Psy-Op that was predictive programmed into being! (11+13+20+15) =59. KILL =59. MASS MURDER =59. I AM FROM ISIS =59. The numerology is also 39, like the Director’s Gematria =93.  

  • Furthermore, 1 h 29 min is 89 minutes. Recall the connections I made to Crowley moving to Paris 89 years ago: MULTIPLE ATTACKS IN PARIS =89. Trauma-Based Mind Control =89. There are a reported 89 killed at the Bataclan theatre massacre.
  • Eighty-Nine =116. ISIS CLAIMS RESPONSIBILITY =116.
  • EIGHTY-NINE YEARS LATER =105 (Stade de France / Zionism / Masonry / Nine Eleven).

4 thoughts on “November Paris Attacks: “Made in France” Predictive Programming

  1. French Republican Calendar the year is 224. I just happen to stumble across this and then I read your post. You are doing such great work. Thanks.


  2. I’m glad I scrolled through the blog again…..somehow I missed this jaw dropping post the first time. The amount of superior quality work on Ex-Caps right now is overwhelming.

    Predictive Programming =242.

    Crowley In Paris =187, 1122. November Fifteenth =187, 1122.


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