November Paris Attacks: Waking up to a Nightmare

233 is the 14th number in the Fibonacci Sequence, following 144. The attacks began on 11/13/15 =14 (1+1+1+3+2+0+1+5) and finished just after midnight on the 14th. TEN DAYS LATER =144. Ten days after 11/13 is 11/23, aka Fibonacci Day. Numbers in a Fibonacci Sequence are the sum of the two numbers before it (1+1=2+1=3), thus 11/23. That’s the superficial explanation. The Gematria explanation sees FIBONACCI =123 and the fulfilment of 123 is 1123. Conspiracy =123. Psychological Warfare =123. 

  • The Fibonacci spiral represents the fractal harmonics of the ancient alphanumerological conspiracy. History literally repeats itself, until we regain consciousness and break the cycle. 
  • The Revelation =1123. Snowball =1123. Current Reality =1123.

In Jewish Gematria, WAKING UP TO A NIGHTMARE =1658 (Self-Destructive Energies / Under The Israel’s Law / Who Are Hezbollah / Nature is Never Static / Nature of Natural Evil / Warlock Terrorist / You Will Kill / You Will All Die / What To Do Next / True World Order / Worship Sauron). Notice how the headline could easily be replaced with any of those phrases for the same basic psychological effect.


Celebs help spread viral memes, deep coded with truth statements and admissions of guilt. Speaking of which, this headline played while the Paris Psyop was ongoing:


As we drop the zero in numerology, the headline reveals the guilty party with a coded 42= Freemason / Zionism / Satanism / Satanic Cult / Masonry / Saturnic / Elitism / War / TV. And as for the 46 in the timestamp… The story, that we at first take as a confession to the entire hoax, is about a hero deception, order out of chaos, which has the effect of leading to the state of abulia for many. This is the mechanism by which fear leads to control.


 And another 233 headline. Really hammering home the cycle aspect.

One thought on “November Paris Attacks: Waking up to a Nightmare

  1. So much going on! All that 1123 gematria was a refreshing lesson in the madness that are these coded Paris attacks.

    Your Abulia point was very well placed, but I didn’t see the Gematria value in a pic – though it was implied in the text. Still, such a great point I wanted to spell it out….

    Abulia =233

    Abulia =46

    Brother Berg found the perfect link to connect both his active gematria narratives – 46 & 233. I’m just so thoroughly impressed. Anybody else?


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