The Ni**gas in Paris Connection

59 is commonly coded on black folk throughout history. NEGRO =59. SLAVE =59. BLUES =59. MILES DAVIS =59. STRANGE FRUIT =59. MoTown came out in ’59. The other racist coding used by the Gang of 33 is the #42. NIGGER =42 (5+9+7+7+5+9) and notice the 59 bookends. FIVE =42. NINE =42. The first black baseball player, Jackie Robinson, was made to wear #42. 

  • 42= Black Lives / Freemason / Zionism / Satanism / Satanic Cult / Masonry / Saturnic / Elitism.
  • And as we’ve been playing anagrams, ____ In Paris… Kanye West? KANYE WEST =42.
  • NIGGAS IN PARIS =443 (Global Control / Police State / Satan’s Plan / NYC); =143 (Federal Reserve / Dead Presidents); =71 (Brainwashing / Ritual Murders / Mossad). SEVENTY-ONE =144. APRIL FOURTH =144. Jay-Z was married on April 4th and Kanye was married on the 144th day of the year.
  • Now let’s examine the timespan between the Paris Attacks and the release of Kanye West’s Niggas in Paris.”


Exactly 4 years 2 months =42! The song dropped on the 15th anniversary of Tupac Shakur’s ritual murder on 13/9. TUPAC SHAKUR =139. And notice the 217 weeks and 3 days. PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE =217. (The Metrojet Crash had 217 passengers.) THREE DAYS =42. JFK was murdered 100 years and 3 days after Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address. The 11/13 attacks happened on Françoise Hollande’s 182 weeks and 3 days in office. Synchronicity =182. Lincoln =182. 

  • BENJAMIN NETANYAHU =1522. THIRTY-THREE IS THE KEY =1522. Kanye West =33. Masonry =33. Secrecy =33. Satanic Cult =33.
  • The song was used in the presidential campaign of FRANCOIS HOLLANDE =89 (The Merovingians / Trauma-Based Mind Control / Cosmic Significance / Jachin & Boaz / Central Intelligence / Royal Arch Freemason / Kabbalistic / MULTIPLE ATTACKS IN PARIS). And recall, Aleister Crowley moved to Paris 89 years ago.
  • Song length is 3:39 =339 (Heroes Cancelled / Celebrate Death / Death is False / Masonic Seal). It was 339 days between the first performance of “Our American Cousin” and Lincoln’s assassination at that same play. The Gematria of the last line of play before he was shot =1339.
  • Three Three Nine =82. Our American Cousin =82. Ordo an Chao =82. Aleister Crowley =82.
  • Niggas =39 (New York / Slaughter / Symmetry). “An Act of War” =39. (11+13+15) =39. And the mirror of 93, the number of Crowley’s Thelema, a cult that Kanye and Jay-Z promote.


3 thoughts on “The Ni**gas in Paris Connection

  1. I will always remember these Paris attack as the windfall false flag for Gematria. Incredible Decodes all day long!

    Watch The Throne Niggas In Paris =311.

    Edward Alexander Crowley =1440.

    Niggas in Paris has Gematria that matches up many ways w/ New York City. If something big were to go down in NYC on sunday – I’d take a deep look into the song & album… I think the cover art is coded.


  2. I’m not sure if anyone has reviewed this yet, but I stumbled upon something striking today that relates to this post. It started from a TIME magazine special issue outlining the top 100 influential people. It had a nifty diagram showing connections. I noticed that it showed President Obama as an admirer of Kendrick Lamar, rap artist. I thought this was unusual, so I reviewed the artist. I noticed instantly that his album To Pimp a Butterfly released it’s cover on March 11, 2015. The album art portrayed a judge (Supreme Court Justice perhaps…) with his eyes X’d out and strikingly resembled Justice Scalia. I am familiar with Predictive Programming, so I thought I would calculate the number of days between this release and Scalia’s death. I came up with 339 days! I’m not very familiar with Gematria or Numerology, but I did various searches regarding 339 (days) and predictive programming, occult, etc. and I landed on this page. This blew me away. I was hoping to reach out to the owner of this site, but that’s not clear. Anyway, it seems as though this apparent occultist agenda is not humanly possible. Perhaps no person on this earth is a willing participant in this occurrence and we are all just experiencing an amplification of symbols as we near closer to some major upheaval… I don’t subscribe to anything with absolute certainty, but why are these things becoming so apparent? Are we contributing to the symbolism and raising of the occult magic by simply recognizing these occurences? Are we ignorant and further doomed if we ignore this? What is up, God? What’s up Satan? Anyone?


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