Les Trois False Flag Français de 2015


As we know it was 311 days since Charlie Hebdo, and 11 years 3 months since Team America, it’d be rude of us not to measure time from the Thalys Train Attack of 8/21/15. Notice the 223 — Masonic / The Synagogue of Satan / Friday the Thirteenth — or 224 — Terrorist Strike / Human Extermination, and it is the 224th year on the French Revolutionary Calendar. (Notice too a hidden 1224 in the minutes.) There’s also a 121 in there, Blood Sacrifice / Revelation, as we’ve been discussing, and the 84 and 85 are interesting as well.


And the timespan between Charlie Hebdo and the Thalys Train Hoax, the first and second of France’s Trois False Flags in 2015, occurred 32 weeks and 2 days apart =322. Military Industrial Complex =322. The number of Skull and Bones. So between event 1 and 2, 322, and between event 2 and 3, 223.  So busted!


2 thoughts on “Les Trois False Flag Français de 2015

  1. The number 142 is on the cover of my post-movie edition of the novel “Into the Wild”.

    “Into the Wild” in the English Ordinal system equals 139.


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