Parisian Predictive Programming: Yet Another 311 w/ Team America and Hollande’s Illuminati Drop


Monsieur Hollande name-dropped the Illuminati in a speech following the Charlie Hebdo Hoax. “Those who committed these acts, these terrorists, these ILLUMINATED, these fanatics have nothing to do with Islam.” The 11/13 Paris Attacks came exactlty 44 weeks later. 44= KILL / PREVIEW / BLOODLINES / BLOODSUCKER / PARASITE / TEAM AMERICA. That’s also 308 days =38. Paris Attacks =38. Death =38. Masonic =38. Martial Law =38. 

  • And I just found this tidbit from Nazi history: SS =38. The Waffen-SS was 38 divisions. Germany =38. Eagle =38. 
  • ILLUMINÉS =42 (Freemason / Zionism / Satanism); =51 (Conspiracy) 
  • CES ILLUMINÉS =69 (False Flag / Benjamin Netanyahu / Checkmate)
  • The 11/13 False Flag came on the 48th parallel with 48 days left in the year. ILLUMINATI =48. HOAX =48. PROPAGANDA =48. 

Recall that France began their invasion of the Middle East exactly 420 days before the Attacks. Just like the 4 years 2 months between Niggas in Paris and the Attacks. PS the French invasion is code-named OPÉRATION CHAMMAL =74 (Masonic / Knights Templar / Occult / Killing).  


And speaking about predictive programming: TEAM AMERICA WORLD POLICE =221 (Masonic Cryptocracy / Two Twenty-Three / The Lodge Doors Are Open) — the latter being the definition of the Masonic (not-so)-secret word, MAHABONE =59 (Kill / Mass Murder / Skull and Bones) — the numerology of the November Paris Attack. It’s said that Mahabone, that also means “the Grand Lodge door opened,” is whispered into a candidate’s ear upon entering the third degree of Masonry by means of the LION’S GRIP =56/119. STAR OF DAVID =56/119. All-Seeing Eye =56/119. Three Eleven =56/119. Recall all the 311 tributes in the 11/13 Paris False Flag, which lasted 222 minutes: TWO HUNDRED TWENTY-TWO MINUTES =119.

  • Now we understand an occult meaning of the hashtag #PorteOuverte =63 (Charlie Hebdo / Paris / Terrorism / Deja Vu / Mass Mind Control) and there were 6 shootings and 3 explosions. Porte Ouverte is French for “Open Door”
  • WORLD POLICE =60 (Conspiracy / American Dream / Death to America / Police)
  • World Police =132 (Hidden Messages) — the current Wikipedia kill count is 132. Mahabone =32. LOUIS XVI =1032. 132 days is 4 months 9 days =49.

Team America came out on 10/15/04 =49 (Revelation / Zionist / Destruction). That is 11 years and 30 days prior to the attacks! YET ANOTHER CODED 311! Like the 311 days after Hebdo. Like the 11.3 arrow on the Economist cover.

447, like 44=Kill and 47=France. Les Miserables =447/139. The kill count is now 139. Freemasonry =139. DOUBLESPEAK =447. ATROCITIES =447. MAINSTREAM MEDIA BS =447.  

744= United States / Death Penalty / Foretelling to Mend Minds / King Arthur Camelot / Gematria Professor / Satanic Rituals / Exploitation / PSYCHOLOGICAL OPERATIONS / THREE ONE ONE


  • 98 minute runtime. PROPHET =98. 
  • The main character is GARY JOHNSTON =58. Freemasonry =58. Je Suis Charlie =58. Masonic Hitman =58. Psychic Trauma =58.
  • Aleister Crowley =190. Synagogue of Satan =190. (Crowley born on 10/21 and “Synagogue of Satan” =1201). “Terrorize This” =190. “Surprise Cockfags” =190.


One thought on “Parisian Predictive Programming: Yet Another 311 w/ Team America and Hollande’s Illuminati Drop

  1. Wow! You are really putting out some great work! Glad I could help you in a tiny way with the French year. I was actually looking up the different numbers that different groups of freemasons have for the year. Example Anno Lucis (Yr of light) it is 6015 AI 2545 AD 3015 AO 897 AM 5775 if I have all the calculations right. Knights Templars is the Anno Ordinis-in the year of the order. I guess the year can be whatever you want it to be and dates also. 🙂


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