Le Parisien Predictive Programming: Terror Manifestation and Chaos Magic


This issue was on newsstands throughout France in the wee hours of Friday the 13th of November. Millions of people were consuming these subliminal messages, in one last power punch of the manifestation ritual, much like the audience of the Aurora Batman Shooting watching a trailer where gunmen shoot through a movie screen into a packed theatre, minutes before it actually happens, (or so we’re told), heightening the sense of surreality in the victim – who is the targetted consumer of said psychological warfare, empathizing with the characters in the narrative. 

Le Terrorisme Marque Les Esprits (literally “terrorism branded into the subconscious”) =2244. A lot like 224 version 2.0. Recall 224 = Terrorist Strike / Human Extermination / Anti-Peace / Staged Crime Scene Photos. 1224 = Divide and Conquer / The Root of All Evil. On the French Revolutionary Calendar, which starts on Sept 23rd, it’s the year 224. The issue number is 2214… (see the poem below composed of all 2214 phrases). Satanic =244. Lone Wolf Terrorist =244. Journal Irrésponsable =244 (subtitle of Charlie Hebdo).

  • Eleven Thirteen Eleven Thirteen =2244. Like the date of the attack 11/13, being seared into the mind. Repeated, like the dual 24s. Satanism =24. Magic =24. Symbols =24. And 24 in Simple Gematria translates to 144 in English Gematria.
  • And 24+24=48. Like Illuminati / Hoax / Evil / Propaganda. It could also be viewed as a 444, the translation of 74 = Masonic / Occult / Killing. 
  • Notice how Eleven Thirteen Eleven Thirteen also =1944. This year was mentioned often in the reporting as the first time since 1944 that a curfew was put in effect. 


The two-page spread, hammering the programming home from all angles. Even on the surface level it’s blatant, but the the Gematria reveals the true depth of the subliminal messaging.  La Grand Peur Du Terrorisme (“the great fear of terrorism”), just the page 2 text, LA GRAND PEUR =54, which shares a Gematria with not one but three of the named terrorists: Omar Mostefai / Ahmad Almohammad / Brahim Abdeslam. Also, France is bombing (or as my fighter pilot buddy calls it, “Raining Hate”) on RAQQA =54/222. The latter like the attack duration of 222 minutes. And wouldn’t you know:


  • ARTICLE TWO TWO TWO =242 (Trauma-Based Mind Control / Global Thermal Nuclear War / Predictive Programming / Brotherhood of Saturn / The Key to the Mysteries)

Le Parisien tells readers that the fear of terrorism is their second biggest worry after unemployment, with a doctored reader poll of 17.7% (which looks a lot like 1776, the inception of the Illuminati). And notice the same coding in the Gematria of “the awareness of danger” – which also equals 96 (Freemason / Satanism / MK-Ultra / The Belgian Connection). MIND OVER MATTER =177, as in the manipulated imagination manifests the manipulated reality.

  • <<La menace n’est pas fantasmée>> “the threat is no fantasy” =79 (PARIS TERROR ATTACKS / BLOODBATH / MASSACRE / NOVEMBER PARIS ATTACKS / CHAOS MAGIC); =232 (Satan).
  • <<La sécurité revient au cœur du débat politique>> “security returns to the heart of the political debate” =183 (Order out of Chaos / Manifest Destiny / Apocalyptic Plans)
  • <<La menace terroriste a-t-elle changé votre vie?>> “has terrorism changed your life?” =176 (Like in the Movies / Two Two Four); =1056. False Flag =156. 
  • <<Pas de psychose>> “no psychosis” =155. Metrojet Crash =155. The Illuminati =551. False Flag Operation =551. 

 These are European cops, wearing executioner masks, assisting in terrorizing the public. Zionist Conspiracy =101. Lone Wolf Terrorist =101. Masonic Ritual Murder =101. 

2214: Inspired by Le Parisien (Vendredi 13 novembre 2015 – No 22140)

  • Aleister Crowley Altered History
  • He’s Doing It So They Can See The Truth
  • Fear is a Disease and Consumes the Soul
  • This One Marks the End of Third Cycle
  • Then Sudden Destruction Will Come
  • The Seventh Son of the Seventh Son
  • The Omnipotent God of Destruction
  • The Sum of Fifteen Through Fifty-One (1221)
  • Tesseract: Proof the Alphabet is Divine
  • Neurolinguistic Programming NLP
  • The Truth is Stranger Than Fiction.


2 thoughts on “Le Parisien Predictive Programming: Terror Manifestation and Chaos Magic

  1. I haven’t seen code this strong since 9/11. You gotta hand it to the Executioners – they honor the numbers more then we do.

    Parisian =42, 522.

    I hate to switch subjects, but today the G20 summit began today in Turkey…..

    G Twenty Summit In Antalya Turkey = 406. No hiding that 64, 46 from this Truthseeker.

    Antalya Turkey =1044, 174. Antalya =444, 74.

    Speaking of Turkey…..Thanksgiving =1021. Thats in 10 days. Ten Days Later =144.

    Thanksgiving November Twenty Sixth =422.

    From 4/22 to 11/26 = 7 months 4 days. Kinda like the 74 in Antalya & Antalya Turkey.

    From 4/22 to 11/26 = 31 weeks 1 day. 113/311 coding is oozing through the Paris false flag.


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