1. Barack =216. More likely he’s the Antichrist. He’s also born on 8/4 the 216th day of the year. The difference btw 84 & 216 = 32…..or 2 16’s.

    Two One Six =144. Two Sixteen =154. One Four Four =154.

    Two Hundred Sixtenn =228. United States Of America =228. World Superpower =228.

    Now lets reverse the number…..

    Six Twelve =139. Julius Ceaser =139. There are many Caeser-Obama connections – add this to the list.

    Six Hundred Twelve =213. Lupercalia starts on 2/13, and is the 44th day of the year. Obama 44th President, Ceasar murdered in 44 AD.

    Six One Two =144. The Honourable =144. The Honourable President Barack Obama =322.

    Ha, sorry Brother Berg, I’m having way too much fun in your comments section today!


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