The Suspected Mastermind Bogeyman: Durkah Durkah, Muhammed-Jihad

I love this ragtag squad shot that CNN gave us. It looks like a trailer from a comedy about a bumbling bunch of loveable losers. It looks like a fucking cartoon. From a distance you’d be hard-pressed to tell the difference between top and bottom. Real characters we can associate with: that one friend in the squad with narcolepsy; that one who thinks he’s a ninja; the token fat guy who rides the artillery and knows how to make everyone laugh. The Apache Tracker who never speaks. That one friend we all have who ran away from home and joined ISIS just to piss off his parents. Yep, the gang’s all here and the new season is just getting started. (Either that or these dudes bout to drop the most fire album of 2015.)

  • PS: the finger point upwards is the Masonic SIGN OF PRESERVATION =106 (Prophecy / Divine Plan / Nuclear Bomb); =115 (Freemasons / Killing / Power Grid / Blackout Date); =232 (Satan); =1422 (Nuclear Warfare).
  • The lead actor is actually pointing at a headline that reads ISIS THREATENS DC =74 (Knights Templar / Jewish / Muhammad / Nuclear); =173 (RCMP); =634 (Pope Francis Bergoglio {212} / Obama Shot and Reborn {1110}) 
  • Isis Threatens DC =1038. France is at War =138. “I swear to God, as we struck France in its stronghold Paris, we will strike America in its stronghold, Washington,” =1138. Death =38. Paris Attacks =38. Assassin =38. Americans =38. 


$100,000 to the person who can prove that’s not a fake beard on a Mossad agent. TWENTYSOMETHING =218. PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE =218. FICTION =218. And of course Propaganda =93, the number of Thelema. And speaking about the journey from illusion to enlightenment, that’s a pretty badass ride.

  • “Twentysomething” as if it’s a rough draft film pitch for a made-for-TV movie hoping to appeal to as broad an audience as possible. 
  • And get a load of the deeper coding in Team America, the movie that foreshadowed the Paris Attacks and came out exactly 11 years and 3 months prior, like the 311 days after Hebdo. Like the dozens of other 311/113 codes attached to this event.
  • As if the timespan duration wasn’t a big enough clue, now we have one of the film’s most memorable lines as a numerologically coded ritual for Parisian Terrorism. 


(Text pulled from subtitles for Gematria accuracy) “Durkha Durkha, Muhammed-Jihad. Happa Sherpa Sherpa, Abakala” =441. MK-ULTRA =441. MASONIC GRAND LODGE =441. GRAND ARCHITECT =441. KILLER =144. ALLAH AKBAR =144.

  • The suspected mastermind pictured here is ABDELHAMID ABAAOUD =59. THE MASTERMIND =59. MASS MURDER =59. The Paris PsyOp went down on a date with 59 numerology and was foreshadowed on the Economist cover with the rearranged arrows that form: 11/13/15. There was also an A4 beside the arrows, like 14. Like 5+9. Like the years since 9/11. Like the root of 144.
  • Abaaoud’s nom de guerre is ABOU OMAR AL-BALJIKI =144.
  • (Team America quote also =207. Mayday Mayday Mayday =207.) The emergency distress signal is linked to France as it’s derived from ‘m’aider’ which means ‘help me.’ May Day (5/1) is the 121st day of the year. Blood Sacrifice / Revelation =121. 
  • Abaooud’s partner in crime is one SALIM BENGHALEM =121/58.

IMDB spells it DERKA =42. Nigger =42. Freemason / Zionism / Satanism =42. 

  • DERKA DERKA DERKA =117. Central Intelligence Agency =117.
  • And I learned something fascinating today about 117:  1/11/84 was the date the US and Vatican officially restored ties after 117 years. Congress had broken off diplomatic relations in 1867 after the evidence of the Vatican plot to assassinate Lincoln… If we timespan between then and one of our target dates of 1/22/16 we get — 11,700 days =117. 
  • Notice the 111 in the 84 date, as we’ve been documenting.

  Translation: “Ah, you’re CIA; us too. C’mon in!”

  • And as the PERFECT post-script, dig this Washington Post timestamp: (Star of David =119, All-Seeing Eye =119, Order of Death =119, Three Eleven =119, The Gang of Thirty-Three =1119, Super Terrorists =1119, This November =1119.)
  • Heads up North America on 11/19/15.


  • BARBARIC MAN A KEY FIGURE =190 (Aleister Crowley / Synagogue of Satan {Crowley born on 10/21 and Synagogue of Satan =1201} / Terrorize This! / Surprise, Cockfags!) Lone Wolf Terrorist =91. Emergency Distress =91. Zionist Conspiracy =91. 

Did someone just mention the Gang of 33? Researching corresponding 333 phrases to end with a real bang, I stumbled upon “Sixty-Six Years After the A-Bomb” and “The Atomic Age Sixty-Sixth Year” strangely both =333. Extra weird when Thirty-Three =66. But get this:

  • I wanted to see what year of the Atomic Age is 2015 so I ran a timespan duration between the Trinity Test of 7/16/1945 and our target date of 11/19/15… 70 years 4 months 4 days =744.
  • Would you believe that the 113 connection with Team America, the 11 years 30 days, is 4047 days =447?! Perfect fucking mirrors. And as I laid out in that report:
  • 744= United States / Death Penalty / Foretelling to Mend Minds / King Arthur Camelot / Gematria Professor / Satanic Rituals / Exploitation / PSYCHOLOGICAL OPERATIONS / THREE ONE ONE

Perhaps 744 is viewed as 74+44: (Nuclear / Weapon / Masonic / Occult / Killing) + (Kill / Genocide / HAARP / Earthquake / EMP Strike). I’ll let you use your imagination and please comment with your thoughts, but I’d say this constitutes as a warning.

3 thoughts on “The Suspected Mastermind Bogeyman: Durkah Durkah, Muhammed-Jihad

  1. Truthseekers, there’s alot of valuable info in that post. I wanted to comment on the date counts specifically. The part about the 117’s where your date count lands on 1/22/16 is not to be missed. When it comes to date counts – the strongest links connect to Jan, 22, 2016.

    Also, the closing date count 70-4-4 to this Nov 19th made me sit up and take notice. That is real symmetry in action, and to find it before it happens is impressive.

    Regarding these merry-men of terrorists… can anybody believe they are ruthless killers? They don’t look deadly, evil, or even bad. They look clean, educated, well spoken, and there’s only a handful of them. It all adds up to H+O+A+X….and from my perspective – that video was shot in the USA.

    When the Oscars come around – I’m nominating ISIS for best Hair & Make-up, and best wardrobe…..def best WARdrobe…..well, the most entertaining anyway.

    Hair And Make-Up =122. Wardrobe =1122.

    *A Note about November 19…..

    November Nineteen =180, 1080, 81. Eighty One =108. Thats too many 1’s & 8’s to be coincidence.

    One Eight =224. Eight Dead Terrorists =224.

    Islamic Terrorist =208. November Nineteenth =208.

    Eighteen =73. Sacrifice =73. 18 = 6+6+6. Nov 19 is the 323rd day – 3+2+3 =8.

    Crazy Eight =122. Crazy Eight =1113. Seems as though the #8 ties everything in a knot.

    Number Eight =122. One Twenty Two =199. Do What Thou Wilt =199.


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