The Fake Death of Aussie Cricketer Phillip Hughes and the Occult Ritual Precursor to Jonah Lomu


This time last year I was living in Perth, and witnessed firsthand the trauma and outpouring of grief at the tragic death of Aussie cricketer Phil Hughes. The young hero of a batsman took a ball to the neck during a game, and shockingly, 48 hours later #408 was dead. Millions of grown men across the nation, weeping their bloody eyes out.  

Despite my research and understanding, at no time had the thought crossed my mind that it might have been a set-up. That was impossible. Back then, I only thought championships were rigged. I had no idea the extent of the occulted numerological conspiracy. Yet after deciphering all the coding attached to Jonah Lomu’s mysterious death – and receiving a tip about the 63 connection to Hughes – it’s irrefutable that the “deaths” of these sport superstars of the Southern Hemisphere are both part of the mega-ritual. More potions in the cauldron.

 Especially when you view the footage of the incident: it’s taken from a choppy Internet stream so we’re forced to take their word for it that he was stuck directly in the neck (or that he was even hit at all). This is conveniently the only footage available. Yet another illusion; yet another magic trick on the sonambulist masses. 

HUGHES =504. Kennedy =504. Hughes died on 11/27/14 which is exactly 11 months 22 days before Jonah Lomu died on 11/18/15. Kennedy of course murdered on 11/22 (number coded on Lomu’s death – as broken down in previous report). Like the timespan between the Paris Attacks and 11/19, Hughes died 144 hours after 11/22. SIXTY-THREE NOT OUT FOREVER =122.


  • ELEVEN THIRTEEN =1122. Paris Terrorism Friday the Thirteenth =1122. Timely Death =122. 
  • 50 weeks 6 days =56. THREE ELEVEN =56 (ISIS / Star of David / All-Seeing Eye / Mind Control / President). FIFTY-SIX =118 (Death / Sacrificial Lamb) — Lomu died on 11/18.

Born 11/30/88 =129. Jonah Tali Lomu =1129. (11/30/1988) =148. The Killing of the Divine King =148: the fulfilment of 48 (Hughesy / Jonah / Illuminati / Blood / Crime / Propaganda). 148=888. Terrorist Strike =888, symbolized in this incident. (11/30/[1988]) =67 (Satanic / Cycles / Revelation / Blood Sacrifice).

  • Hughes =408 was Cap #408 in Australian Test Cricket. 
  • Murdered =408. The Flag of Israel =408. Barack Obama =408.
  • Hughes’s last game he batted 63 overs (6 bowls per over).
  • Lomu played 63 test matches with NZ.

Three days after the 51st anniversary of JFK, Hughsey was struck in the jugular on 11/25/14 =50 (Skull and Bones / Brainwashed / Mass Murder); =70 (Batsman / Subconscious / Sabotage); =43 (Test Cricket / Hugh Dog / Freemason’s / Occultism / Massacre) — Lomu died on the 322nd day of the year with 43 remaining.

  • Died two days later on (11/27/14) =52. Test Cricket =52. Jonah Tali Lamu =52, the number of years since Kennedy. Assassination =52. Dealey =52. Freemason’s =52. Terrorist =52. 
  • PHILLIP JOEL HUGHES =1152. Masonic Imagery =152. Veiled Allegory =152. The All-Seeing Eye =152. Chaos =152. 
  • (11/27/2014) =72 (One-One-One-Nine / Mayday-Mayday-Mayday); =45 (Hoodwink / Mindfuck). Phillip Hughes Blood Sacrifice =145. Cricketer Killed =145. St Vincents =145 (the hospital where he died). Friday the Thirteenth Paris Attacks =145. Order of Thelema =145.
  • Died three days before his 26th birthday at age 25. He played 26 Test Matches and 25 One-Day Internationals.
  • Funeral on 12/3. Conspiracy =123. The “killer bowler” character, Sean Abbott, was born on 2/29/92 =123. Abbott’s birth number also =142 (Terrorist / Innocent Blood / Bomb in Stadium) and =52 [see above]


Can’t help but notice this shot from an Aussie beer commercial, released 1 year 7 days before Hughesy got struck (Kill=17), resembling a grave being dug with the 187 police code for homicide, which translates to 1122, that number again. And notice Germany colors on the sock: Germany =38. Sydney =38. Death =38. The next shots show the scoreboard at 4/220 (Terrorist Strike =224 // Divide and Conquer =1224) and 6/330.

  • Aussie Cricket is sponsored by VB =222. (TV / Hell / Dubai / Raqqa)
  • Cricket Casualty =63 (Mass Mind Control / Command / Crowd / Public) (666)
  • For a Hard-Earned Thirst =212. Phillip Hughes Fake Death =112/211. 

PHIL HUGHES =113. Born on 11/3. Scored a century in his international debut on 1/11/13, the first Aussie batsman in history to do so. He was hit at the “Sheffield Shield Match” =113. Cricket =33 and Test Cricket =133. PHIL HUGHES =59. Kill =59. Sydney Australia =59.

  • PHILLIP JOEL HUGHES =1179. Untruthfulness =1179. Ritual Murders =179. MURDER =79. SIXTY-THREE OVERS =79.
  • aka “HUGHESY” =93 (Propaganda) 39 (Slaughter / Symmetry) 48 (Illuminati / Blood / Hoax) 
  • aka “LITTLE DON” =39 (Hughsey) 666/111 – Lomu born on 111 numerology. (Don =33) And in the news coverage they make sure to emphasize that he was struck at the Sheffield Shield in Sydney (SSS=111).  And the bowler was Sean Anthony Abbott (SAA=111). Charlie Hebdo happened 1 month 11 days after he “died” =111. Subconscious Programming =111.
  • A South African cricketer died from a ball to the head — EXACTLY 1 YEAR 1 MONTH 1 DAY PRIOR 
  • aka “HUGH DOG” =43/70 [both incident numerology], 420 [days between France invasion of Syria and the ParisAttacks], 284 (Sacrifical Lamb / The Legends / The Coincidence / Holograph)

Phil Hughes Not Out Forever =307. Sean Abbott =37. St Vincents =37. Jonah Lomu =37 [scored 37 career tries and died on 37 numerology]. Rest in Peace Hughesy =109. Jonah Lomu =109 [inducted into Hall of Fame on 10/9 and died on (1+1+1+8+2+0+1+5) =19]. Nineteen =224. Satanic =224. 

 Sure are a lot of empty seats in the house…  Perfectly staged and framed photo, almost too good to be true…


And again, 163 is the fulfillment of 63 in numerology. Like FOUR ZERO EIGHT =173. 48 and 63 are forever memorialized with the traumatic experience of a true-blue Aussie taking one for the team. All year there’s been 63-based tributes of mourning, energy charging into that specific waveform information field, all leading up to just under a year after his death: PARIS =63. CHARLIE HEBDO =63. And the Paris Attacks happened on the 48th parallel with 48 days left in the year.

  • 63 attached to grief and mourning. Phillip Hughes sounds a lot like “Fill Up Pews” – feeding us subconscious images of funeral services at somewhere like, oh I don’t know, Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris.

In fact, the Paris Attacks occurred 11 months 18 days =1118 after Hughesy most likely fake his death. Jonah Lomu would die 11 months 22 days later on 11/18. Also notice the 50 weeks 2 days =52 [again, see above]

    7 thoughts on “The Fake Death of Aussie Cricketer Phillip Hughes and the Occult Ritual Precursor to Jonah Lomu

    1. After 144 & 122…..52 is the third most popular occult number of the year. Today, you got me to see 122 as its fulfillment, 1122. Now I’m thinking a bulk of the 122’s I attributed to other people/places/events may really have been to honor the 52nd anni of Kennedy’s assassination on 11/22/63. ALL the numbers are right there.

      Today is 3 days before the 52nd anni, and 11/25 will be three days after the anni – making me look past just today, and extending my false flag event window to Nov 25. There are some other Kennedy links to that date…..

      On 11/25 Obama will hit his 2500th day as President. Nov 25, & 2500 days….looks like two big fat 52’s in my face.

      On 11/25 it will be 18,996 days since Kennedy was assassinated. 18,996 looks like 6+6+6,666…..though 18,999 is a truer form of that breakdown.

      11/25 is a 36 day, and 11/22 was a 33 day. Added together =69, and that lends itself to the 18,996 day count. I’d say look out for 19,000 & 19,001 days as well (11/29 & 30 – Nov 29 is the 333rd day).

      Back to 11/25 & the 18,996 days since Kennedy was killed….1+8+9+9+6 =33.

      Fifty Two Year Anniversary Of The Kennedy Assassination =611. That one came out a lil too perfect – scary.

      I’m a big sports fan, but have never watched Cricket. After reading about Phil Hughes in this blog post – he was absolutely murdered by the numbers, and Lomu is def connected as well. Its amazing how these events all come together, but even more amazing how deciphering can tell you the real story – real history. Its possible some more real history is just hours away!


      • Isn’t that Hughesy story an absolute classic!? I feel it’s a tribute to Philip the Fair, more symbolic reenactment of history as part of the psychodrama ritual. The double whammy in Aussieland there was Hughes followed by the Sydney Siege, quite a sight to witness first hand. Article on the way.

        All this 63 coding deciphering and it just clicked yesterday after writing these reports that 63 was the year 52 years ago. Too bloody perfect mate. I got pretty into cricket while I was there, played a couple pick-up games too. Aussie Rules and cricket are the only sports my friends there cared about. The Big Bash version 20/20 is much more accessible, and exciting, designed for our limited attention spans in the 21st century.

        Did you watch the footage? It’s totally staged, and in all of the photographs I saw I can’t find one person in the stands. So it makes me think he was never hit at all, and maybe they just photoshopped in the pics of the ball. Or else Abbott was made to bowl the perfect bouncer to assassinate him? That’s implausible. It had to be #408 in the 63rd over. So maybe they had to him hoax or then killed him to stay silent, or he’s on that magical island with all the other participants. Like North Korea, actually an oasis for hoaxers in witness protection, ha


    2. The Berkeley BALCONY collapse was back in the Irish news on Friday 14th November, 2015.
      It seems that since that collapsein the summer of 2015 that the republic of Ireland soccer team were “rewarded” for the “sacrifice” of these young Irish men and women.
      Heavy Fog came down in the second half of that evening’s match away to Bosnia-Herzegovina, in a possible predictive programming of the events in the Bataclan, the commentators on RTÉ television used the word “THEATRICAL” a few times to describe some of the play acting on the pitch.
      It seems there may have been more play acting in the Bataclan THEATRE later that evening with some reported action on the BALCONY of that ill-starred venue.
      Eyewitness: 0:59 – ‘It’s a bit of a FOGGY memory’

      Yes, much like the second half of the Bosnia-HZ v ROI soccer match.

      Some suspected Scottish Psy Opping:
      “In a statement, his mother Kate Gwynne, 33, and stepfather David Henderson, said: “There are no words. Bailey is our beloved boy and our heart. Our hearts have gone with him.”
      Of course she is 33. A young mother and a stepfather, ideal for a psy op school stabbing.
      Celebrating their 33rd Birthdays. Why of course they were.


    3. I didn’t need to view the video. Your breakdown was so inclusive & conclusive that the numbers spoke for themselves. One area where you are excelling is in your delivery……delivering very complex info in a clear, understandable manner. If anything, the biggest prob is info overload, but that speaks to the truth – when you discover the truth it shows itself many times over.



      The Archie Jackson mentioned in the article died in the same year that Philip French was born: 1933.

      Australia beat New Zealand in the final of the 2015 Cricket World Cup.
      New Zealand beat Australia in the final of the 2015 Rugby World Cup.

      “The first anniversary of Phillip Hughes’s death coincides with the start of Australia’s Test match against New Zealand in Adelaide, on Friday”

      This will be the inaugural day-night Test and will use a pink cricket ball.

      EVERYTHING seems to be part of these cross-referenced occult mass rituals.


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