Bataclan Alley Graf Decoded: Gematria Geocache and Jean Jullien


This is the back alley of the Bataclan in Paris, where the hoax massacre was staged at the Eagles of Death Metal show (not an actual death metal band, contrary to popular belief). Of course notice the twin Illuminati pyramids and the #13. Now the extra-curious detail here is the tag NBF (14+2+6) =1426. THANKSGIVING DAY =1426. This year, American Thanksgiving falls on 11/26. That’s thirteen days after Friday the Thirteenth. Furthermore, 11/26 on the Gregorian Calendar directly corresponds to 11/13 on the Julian. [11/13 on the Gregorian is Halloween, 10/31]

180 degrees from the above perspective shows us this sign on the scaffolding. Fellow Truthseeker, Neutral Goal, sketched out the map of the Paris Hoax Attack sites, an obelisk/spire/pyramid. Looking remarkably similar to the logo on the other door, making this the third pyramid in the alley. Neutral Goal connects a nearly perfectly straight line between the Bataclan, the Louvre (home of the Da Vinci painting on the cover of the Economist), and the Eiffel Tower – to which the shape appears remarkably similar. 

The Eiffel Tower is a transmitter reciever, a steel spire broadcasting mind control signals, no doubt. It was built to celebrate the centennial of the French Revolution. Recall that according to the French Revolutionary Calendar – which starts on September 29th – it’s the year 224. TERRORIST STRIKE =224. The Eiffel Tower opened on 3/31/1889 =33 and is named after Alexandre Gustave Eiffel =96 (Freemason / Satanism / MK-Ultra). ALEXANDRE =39 and the tower was once the world’s largest billboard featuring bulbs that spelled CITROEN =39. [The Paris Attacks occurred on a date with 39 numerology (11+13+15)

This is the visual viral meme attached to this Made-For-TV Hoax that is the Paris Attacks. It was painted by JEAN JULLIEN =113. The terrorist on the run, Salah Abdeslam, has a birth number (9+15+89) =113. The worst attacks in Europe since the Madrid bombing of 3/11, the 11/13 attacks come 311 days after the Charlie Hebdo Hoax which itself started at 11:30. Le Bataclan was designated an historic monument on 11/3/91. 

(Another truthseeker pointed out that the top left blur on the spire’s point may be meant to indicate smoke…) Regardless, the peace sign is a Satanic inversion of symbolism. It’s the Teutonic death rune, said to represent (on one dimension of meaning) Nero crucifying the Apostle Peter upside-down. Leading Freemason Albert Pike called the peace symbol mystical. It’s also known as the “crow’s foot” or the “sign of the broken jew.” It is a symbol of Anti-Christ, a cross with the arms broken, and signifies both the gesture of despair and the death of man. Lovely. 


  • Now on 10/16/09, Jullien released a music video he animated cryptically called NIWOUINWOUIN – CATASTROPHE =115 (Freemasons / Killing); =124 (Three One Three); =313 (Hex / The Global Grid). 
  • NIWOUINWOUIN =187/1122
  • The video is pretty cool and I caught the screenshot below of a sail that reads N451985…
  • N=14 so it starts with a 144.. and 85 is coded a lot this year, reflection of Freemasonry. And I don’t know but 519 is really close to 159, which has been coded all over the Paris Hoax, especially in propaganda headlines. 
  • I ran a library search of that callsign and found two intersting books: THE NEW URBAN REALITY =221; and EQUALITY AND LIBERTY: A DEFENSE OF RADICAL EGALITARIANISM =225. Death by Assassination =225. Thirty-Three is Key =225. And of course Égalité et Liberté are 2/3 of the French Revolution motto, the Fraternity… Well, we know who they are. 


BUT GET THIS: The video was released exactly 2220 days before the Paris Attacks that lasted exactly 222 minutes! Manufacturing consent for a bombing campaign in RAQQA =222 and EU discussion of Article 222. Furthermore, Eagles of Death Metal have a song called “Secret Plans, Midnight Missions” that is 2:22 and was released 222,220,000 seconds before the Bataclan Hox. Imagine that. 

2 thoughts on “Bataclan Alley Graf Decoded: Gematria Geocache and Jean Jullien

  1. That blog post fits in beautifully w/ all the other Paris work you’ve done this week – all incredible.

    Something special struck me on this post, and it was your brief discussion about Thanksgiving day. You start off perfectly breaking down the door w/ the Illuminatti symbolism which on its own wasn’t a biggie for me, but when you (along w/ some help) connected the pyramids to the eiffel tower looking map, and billboard – that locked me in. Those are clues they left for the true Truthseekers – I feel privileged to see the signatures.

    Ok, back to Thanksgiving, and it falling 13 days after the Paris attacks. Like you pointed out Thanksgiving Day =1426…..1+4+2+6 =13. Pilgrims =103. Indian =103. *Macys NYC =103 – that will be important later in the comments.

    I fully believe there will be another, larger false flag in the USA, and it could very well hit on, or around the holiday when the masses are all with family talking about current events. Now, lets keep thinking…..if something were to happen – what could it be? Well, there are 2 things going on that day…..Football & a Parade. I’ve thought for a long time a Stadium/Arena/Ballpark would be the next target. I will have to look into the Turkey Day games. For now – I want to lean heavily on an event happening at ……

    The Thanksgiving Day Parade =249. Football =249.

    Thanksgiving Day Parade =216. That has been a special # lately – it may deserve its own post. 6x6x6 =216. Barack =216. Obama was born on the 216th day. Two One Six =144. Two Sixteen =154. One Four Four =154. Two Hundred Sixteen =228. United States Of America =228. Ok, thats enough, I know.

    The biggest parade of the year sponsored by – Macys = 61. President Obama =61. Bin Laden =61.

    Macys is located specifically in – Herald Square =129. America =129.

    Herald Sq =84. Obama =84. Pilgrim=84.

    Herald Square NYC =1007, 171. Thanksgiving Day =171. Bam!! Kill Number =117. Kill =17.

    Macys is on – Thirty Fourth St =1331. Not a friendly number there.

    Speaking of Unfriendly #’s – Eleven Twenty Six =222. Thanksgiving Day Feast =222. Hell =222.

    March Down The Streets Of New York =2220. Marching makes me think – Hitler =222.

    It will be – The Eighty Ninth Annual =1141, 1410. Thanksgiving =141. NBC =114.

    Its all here in the link –

    November Twenty Six Thanksgiving Day =424. Nov 26th is the 330th day of the year – 33.

    Three Hundred Thirtieth Day Of The Year =380, 2280. Death =38. United States Of America =228.

    Twenty Sixth Of November =3020, 302. Quite peculiar. Barack Obama =32. NFL =32.

    I really got off topic here. The Bataclan research is top notch – as is all the Paris work coming out of Extra-Capsa. Your Thanksgiving Day comment just hit me in the gut, and set me off into the comments above. The Parade looks like the perfect target – PERFECT TARGET =144.


    • Yes sir, what a clue eh. Awesome Thanks-G research! Definitely a report on that coming up, as well as one on the 216 connections.

      Toronto just had the 111th Santa Claus Parade on 11/25/15 start at 12:30. Recall the several 111 connects on Phil Hughes – a reader just told me about Philip French dying on 10/27/15… Some name connected to Philip the Fair, he died exactly 11 months 1 day after Hughes.

      Now catch this, the exact duration between the SC Parade 12:30 and Macy’s Parade 9:00 is… 10 days 20 hours 30 minutes. Ha! Double 123 connections. And again, that ISIS video showed the GAP=144 in Herald Square.


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