Bomber in the Bath and More Hilarious Coding


Ait Boulahcen’s head and spine flew through a window in yesterday’s anti-terror police gun battle as the suicide bomber screamed, ‘help me, help me!’, before detonating her vest packed with explosives. It has now emerged that Ait Boulahcen was an ‘extrovert’ who drank alcohol and was nicknamed ‘the cowgirl’ because she often wore hats. She detonated a suicide vest during the police raid of an apartment block in Saint Denis, after they were tipped off that the mastermind of the Paris attacks was hiding inside.” – Daily Mail Propaganda for the Lowest Common Denominator  

  • HELP ME HELP ME =64/118. SUICIDE DEVICE =64/118.
  • THE COWGIRL =120 (Satanic Brotherhood of Saturn / Illuminati / The Architect) 


One thought on “Bomber in the Bath and More Hilarious Coding

  1. Oh Truthseeker. Let me Clean this post up for you a little 😉 BATH is more key then you know….

    Bathtub = 74, 444. Bomber =330. Bubble =44. Bath =13, 31, 111.

    Bathe =36, 216, 116. The Trifecta!

    The Trifecta =115. Freemasons =115.

    Bomber Bubble Bath =511. Saturn =511. 5×11 =55. Satan =55. Bomber =55.

    To Bathe =266 – Sept 23rd is the 266th day. To Bathe =71. Seventy One =144.

    Cleanliness =113, 323. Cleanliness Is Next To Godliness =338, 2028. Godliness =311.

    Let me emphasize the short version – Cleanliness =113. Godliness =311. I just amazed myself – you too?

    All Clean =360. When you see 360 – you think…..Full Circle =366, 606, 101, 47.

    All Clean =110. Paris France =110. France At War =110. France At War =47. France =47.

    A Bathroom =322, 93.


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