Sydney Siege and the Case of More Than a Few Phillips


When I was living in Perth I witnessed the double whammy psyop of the fake death of cricketer PHILLIP Hughes (Hughes =408 and he wore cap #408) followed 6+6+6 days later by the so-called Sydney Siege hostage crisis – on PHILLIP Street. (Obama went to the PHILIPPINES the day after 11/13 until 11/22, the 52nd JFK anniversary.) The Siege occurred 333 days before the Paris Attacks and 33 days later will be the anniversary of the Australian hoax that terrorized the nation.

  • Sydney Siege =137. Philip the Fair =137. The 33rd prime number is 137 (incidentally the number of my late-grandfather’s Masonic Lodge) and the Masonic secret word, Mahabone =137. 
  • Recall it was Philip the Fair who expelled the Jews from France and annihilated the order of the Knights  Templar, both of which he called a “state within the state.”
  • Just like the tribute on 11/13, it was Friday the 13th, 10/13/1307, when Philip had Jacques de Molay burned at the stake. Philip died unexpectedly in a hunting accident, in what folk said was retribution for his transgressions against the precursors to the Zionist-Masons.
  • Notice the 113s and the connection between 1307 and 137.

With this history in mind, along with the awareness of the Masonic obsession with symbolic ritual reenactments of history, is it possible that the staged death of Philip Hughes was another tribute to the Templars? As the Catholics are again waging war on the Muslims of the Middle East for control of the Holy Land.

  • The Fair =67 and he died on (11/29/1314) =67. Alchemy =67. Cycles =67. 
  • Jacques de Molay =151 (Killing of the Divine King / Red White and Blue) and he died on 3/18/1314 =48 (Illuminati)
  • Philip died just 8 months 11 days after he had de Molay burnt at the stake (on the Island of Jews in Paris) — if you’ve been following along, you’ll recognize this as deeper insight into my 811 Theory, based on the 8 years 11 days between the date of supreme cosmic significance in Back to the Future (11/10/1955 – coincidentally also producer Bob Gale’s father’s 33rd birthday) and the JFK assassination.
  • Very curious, especially considering the heavily coded 52/63 on both Jonah Lomu and Phil Hughes, who died 11 months 22 days apart… November is a hot month for assassinations, perhaps all tributes to that of Philip the Fair.

SYDNEY HOSTAGE CRISIS =91 (Zionist Conspiracy / Lone Wolf Terrorist); =244 (122 x 2). Lone Wolf Terrorist / Satanic =244. AND THE CRISIS ENDED AT BLOODY 2:44… It went down on 12/15/14 =61/41. This number is connected to the 91 Gematria by way of 4/1 being the 91st day of the year; Skull and Bones =41 and Bonesman GWBI, the 41st president, is now 91 years old.

  • Lone Gunman (44) MAN HARON MONIS =469. MUSLIMS =469 (and indeed the subliminal message fuels the fire of the Islamophobia which is the crux of this propaganda). Man Haron Monis =154. The Antichrist =154. One-Two Punch =154. Hey Terrorist, Terrorize This =154. Friday the Thirteenth Paris Attacks =154.
  • It happened in SYDNEY AUSTRALIA =59 at LINDT =59. Kill =59. 
  • MARTIN PLACE =49 (Subliminal / Enslavement), 112 (Zionist / Eight Eleven)
  • LINDT CHOCOLAT CAFE =151. Jacques de Molay =151. 

It last 17 hours exactly. From 9:44 to 2:44. Monis entered the cafe at 8:33. 

  • BURGER BRO =52 (Freemason’s / Terrorist / Masonic Media); =106 (Prophecy).

And get this truth-seeker, the Burger Bro sign says it’s open from 11-9. Star of David =119. 

DEATH CULT CBD ATTACK =159 (Thirty-Third / Israeli Secret Intelligence Service). DEATH CULT =441 (MK Ultra / Masonic Grand Lodge).

Lest we forget this happened right across the street from 7 News TV studio, ready with cameras rolling. They had the crisis actors in full force for the heart-wrenching primetime documentary and I was amazed at how hardcore my Aussie mates were just eating the shit up. Despite the actors showing no genuine human emotion as per usual. Yet such is the extent of the mass hypnotism. 

What other Philip incidents are there? 

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