Glitch in the Matrix: Bot Tweets Paris Attacks Two Days Prior


Queue Keanu saying, “Whoa.” Now first the official explanation that’s getting shared around:

“PZFeed Ebooks is a PARODY automated bot account created by @nulljosh, which parses together different headlines from @PZF and tweets them out RANDOMLY. In this istance, the PZFeed Ebooks bot retrieved a PzFeed tweet from the January Charlie Hebdo attacks in Paris, and stitched it together with a tweet about an explosion that occurred at a mosque in Nigeria in November 2014. The mosque explosion killed 120 people, coincidentally one of the initial death tolls reported in the November 13 Paris Attacks , as well as 270 injured. 

So no, the bot did not predict the terrorist attacks. Nobody hacked Twitter, either. It was merely a harrowing coincidence that the tweet was posted TWO days before the terror attacks with the same number of initial injuries and casualties. Creepy eh?” — Tucker 23

But it gets trippier, because PZFEED EBOOKS =129. Recall this number was the death toll for several days until settling on 130. America =129. Explosion =129. Countdown =129. Hollywood =129. The Revelation of the Method =129. 


And of course, those who’ve been following along understand the incriminating gravitas of the timestamp 1:44. If we need a refresher: 144= Killer / Forty-Four / April Fourth / Mark of the Beast / Ten Days Later (TODAY 11/23/15 IS TEN DAYS LATER…)/ Scottish Rite of Freemasonry / Faked Death / Satanic Hexagram / Time / Allah Akbar. And if we sum the first 144 digits of Pi =666.

  • Duration calculator says its exactly 3336 minutes before the Paris False Flag Hoax commenced. That could be read as 33+36, and the thing about 36 is sum 1-36 and =666.
  • So who is this @nulljosh character?


2 thoughts on “Glitch in the Matrix: Bot Tweets Paris Attacks Two Days Prior

  1. Some observations on International cricket and recent Psy Ops:

    After 31st October 2015 a Sky Sports a short intro segment showed Brendon McCullum wearing no. 42 batting v England in an ODI England wearing Masonic red & blue
    This was shown before highlights of Pakistan v England Test Match aorund the
    time of the Russian plane crash with a death toll of 224.
    Brendon McCullum Is NZ test player # 224 & onece scored 224 v India in a Test Match.

    Sinai crash: St.Petersburg’s bells toll for each of 224 victims
    As at time (Mon 09/11/2015) of SYNCHRONICITY
    He has scored centuries (100 or more runs in a single innings) in Test and One Day International (ODI) matches on 22 and 4 occasions respectively
    “on 22 and 4 occasions respectively” = 224 in code.

    Bell dropped for upcoming tour of South Africa and Nick Compton is recalled.
    K dropped for a near namesake:

    “The Titanic inquiry in Britain was branded a ‘whitewash’ because it exonerated most of those involved. Only three passengers were interviewed, and they were all from first class”
    Titanic Expert Nic Compton

    According to some reports the bells of Saint DENIS rang every 15 minutes during the recent police raid there.

    Nick Compton is the grandson of the famous DENIS Compton and BELL has been dropped.


  2. Apologies for the rambling post and the typographical errors but I’m trying to throw out some of the things I’ve noticed, especially after the Phil Hughes post which has made me reexamine cricket.


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