Fargo Season 2 Decoded: 311/322


Season 1 was awesome, and two episodes into Season 2, it’s awesome – and chock full of occult numerology. The depth of layers revealed through the knowledge of Gematria never ceases to amaze. We’ve been keeping our eyes on 311 lately, coded all over, and now here it is again. Just a few intro finds for ya, after the main gem that FARGO =47/144. 

  • S02E01: “Waiting for Dutch” =79. Murder =79. Series set in 1979. 
  • Fargo ND =38. Death =38. 
  • FARGO NORTH DAKOTA =75/174. NEW WORLD ORDER =75/174. (The Paris Attacks of 11/13 came on the 174th anniversary of the discovery of modern hypnotism and the 75th anniversary of the release of Fantasia…) 
  • And I’m predicting that the 2-11 Lakers shock the nation tonight at Oracle Arena by stopping the Warriors from going 16-0. ORACLE ARENA UPSET =75/174. (Followup post next) And that would set LA at 311, this number coded throughout Fargo, as well. 


Military Industrial Complex =322. The number of Skull and Bones, as is 41. And the very next shot we get the 33s. Just blatant. (11×3=33) (3×11=33). Notice the 113/311 on the bingo board.

  • This bit ends with “I thought there’d be a band tonight” =137 (33rd prime – total dead at Paris). This season’s tagline “In The Beginning” =137. 
  • And notice the 411= Assassin. There’s an assassination subplot. 
  • Conspiracy =123. 


And how’s this gem, truth-seeker: the last shot of episode 2 shows the number of the butcher shop. THE SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN =223. MASONIC =223. FRIDAY THE THIRTEENTH =223… Spooky association, especially when you know what’s going on inside that shop. And the quote just to top it all off, in case you had any doubt about the connection between conspiracy and the 223. The 311 Conspiracy, it would appear. 

  • Ps there’s a subtle subplot involving UFOs and it’s excellent. 
  • It’s perhaps based on the actual case from 8/27/79 =114 (Alien Numbers); =133 (Alien Agenda)
  • And you can stream it at Pubfilm

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