Lakers-Warriors and the Prophecy of the Oracle Arena Upset


Golden State Warriors are set to make NBA history tonight by starting the season 16-0. Only LA Lakers stand in their way, with an atrocious 2-11 record. If my calculations are correct and Lakers serve up one of sport’s biggest upsets – all rigged by the numbers – then Warriors will be 15-1 and Lakers 3-11. It is to be noted that 11/24/15 has a 16 numerology, the perfect day for the Falling on Your Number Theory. 

  • Fifteen and One =311. Fifteen and One Warriors =113. Kobe Bryant =113. Warriors-Lakers Shameful Defeat =133/313.
  • November Twenty-Fourth Upset =118. Fifteen and One =118. Fifteen and One Steph Curry =118.  LA Lakers Three Wins Eleven Losses =118. Lakers Humiliated Warriors =118. (Warriors scored 118 points last game for a total of 223, just like the Lakers season opener against Flip Saunders’ T-Wolves)

**RIGGED NBA =67. Last season, Warriors had an NBA-best 67 wins before winning their first championship since ’75.** Peru was hit by a 7.5 earthquake today, much like the parallel earthquake on 11/13 (311 days after Hebdo and the worst European attack since 3/11) which reminded of the 3/11/11 quake in Japan…


Basketball Historic Upset =114. Fifteen and One Golden State =114. Lakers Three Wins Eleven Losses =114. Lakers Humiliate Warriors =114. Basketball Historic Upset =87. Lakers Three and Eleven =87.

  • Three Wins Eleven Losses =93. Nov Twenty-Fourth Upset =93. Lakers Upset =93. Oracle Arena =93. Oracle Arena Upset =174/75 (Paris Attacks happened on the 174th anniversary of the discovery of hypnotism and the 75th anniversary of the release of Fantasia.) New World Order =174/75. 
  • Oracle Arena Ritual =174/75. (Located on major leyline)
  • Golden State Fifteen Wins One Loss =144. Warriors-Lakers Historic Upset =144. 
  • Sixteen Wins Zero Losses =314 (Pi 3.14)
  • Three and Eleven =138. Golden State Warriors Humiliated =138. Warriors Ashamed Nov Twenty-Four =138. AC Green =318 [see below]


And now the coding for the 16-0 and/or uncertain reads:

  • Lakers Upset =147. Warriors Sixteen Wins Zero Losses =147. 
  • Lakers Two Wins and Twelve Losses =114. Lakers Two Wins Twelve Losses =113.
  • GOLDEN STATE =122. NOV TWENTYFOUR SIXTEEN AND OH =122. (On 122 parallel)
  • Sixteen Wins Stephen Curry =333.

November Twenty-Fourth NBA History =159. Oracle =159. Thirty-Third =159.

  • Oracle the largest arena in California and the oldest in the league.
  • Opened in ’66 (on a 105 date) and Grateful Dead played 66 gigs here.
  • ORACLE ARENA UPSET =66. LAKERS =66. Three and Eleven =66. 

November 24, 1999: On this day in history, 16 years ago, A.C. Green of the Los Angeles Lakers ties former ABA and NBA star Ron Boone for the longest consecutive games played streak in professional basketball history by playing in his 1,041st game when the Lakers host the Utah Jazz at Staples Center. 

  • Fifteen Wins One Loss =85. Sixteen Years Later =85. 
  • Sixteen Years Later =220. November Twenty-Fourth, Warriors Lakers, NBA History =220.

9 thoughts on “Lakers-Warriors and the Prophecy of the Oracle Arena Upset

      • I agree…. Maybe we just jumped the gun a little bit…. Warriors play the Utah Jazz on the last day of November 11/30…….. Utah Jazz = 113

        If Warriors stay undefeated until that game…. i might bet on it.

        “Win Streak Ended” = 152
        (15+2 = 17) Warriors would have 17 wins.

        “Win Streak Ended” in English Gematria Equals: 912
        (912 is 219 backwards….. 21+9 = 30. Like the date they play the jazz)

        usually with my connections, the date is heavily involved…… The Lakers game connection didn’t really have the date for me……. So i kinda like this game better…

        idk though….. i don’t really like basketball to begin with lol..

        p.s. Doesn’t “12” represent complete??…. would be fitting if they loss on the last day of november. also

        “Complete” in Jewish Gematria Equals: 273 (12)
        or (27+3 = 30) like the 30th….


  1. UFC 194
    Dec12,2015=14. There are 19 days left in the year from the fight. 19=10=1.
    Jose last fight to next is 861 or 15
    Conor last fight to next is 154 or 10
    Aldo bday- 9/9/1986= 42, 123, 2003 he is 29
    Mcgregor rbday-7/14/1988= 38=11, 128=11, 2011 he is 27
    Jose aldo name, 17, 81, 270=8,9,9
    Conor mcgregor name- 79, 151, 565=7,7,6
    This is jose aldos 27th fight
    This is conors 21st fight
    Conor has a 44% strike ratio
    Aldo has a 44% strike ratio
    Junior = 33
    The notorious= 62,179,1142, contains 14 like ufc 194=14
    Name Conor = 29. Like jose’s age
    Conor = 223 in jewish.
    Mcgregor = 86 , aldo born 86 mcgregor has aldos life number.
    Aldo has 7 title defenses leading up to this fight. He won the belt on 11/20/2010=7
    Conor won the interim on 7/11/2015=17
    “Mcgregor featherweight champion” English reduction=165=12=3
    English ordinal=300=3
    English gematria=1587=21=3
    Jewish gematria=1690=16=7


    • Hey brother is this awesome work! Great job. So who you like, based on the numbers? I crunched some data a couple weeks ago on this fight, and so far I like Aldo.

      Check this one out: José Aldo da Silva Oliveira Junior =133/142/322

      322 especially. And the 142=Terrorist, we’ve been seeing a lot of this theme in pro-sports, the “terrorist” coded character winning.

      I’m gonna do a preview of this fight, and use some of your findings. Keep it up my man!


  2. Bunch of morons. But, I bet you guys ignore when you’re wrong… just keep on thinking you’ve got it figured out when you’re really not even close…


    • You bet wrong son. I’m learning as I go, studying the code. I don’t claim to know what it means, but check back in tomorrow night and I’ll have the report up on the Warriors loss and how it synchs up with UFC.

      They lost by 13 points, 13 days away from the 33rd record game, on the same night as McGregor’s 13sec KO. Including last season, the Warriors went 28 wins chasing 33. Well get this coding: TWENTYEIGHT=156. THIRTY-THREE=156. GOD=156. MILWAUKEE BUCKS=156.

      And that’s just a teaser. If you think that’s all a coincidence and all my work that reveals these same bizarre parallels over and over and over again every day, then beat it. Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance. If you’re curious, stick around and I’ll show you what I’ve discovered so far.


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