Secret Service Car Crash


Here we have yet another story involving something bad happening to the Secret Service, this time a CAR CRASH=44 involving the on-duty agents’ FORD TAURUS=44 and a MERCURY SABLE=142/61 (President Obama=142 and was born in ’61). Secret Service =61. Agent Danforth =61 (the driver who died).

  • It happened in NEW HAMPSHIRE=139 (Freemasonry / Presidential Assassination) and the agents were rushed to Frisbee Hospital. FRISBEE=64. Barack Hussein Obama=64.
  • Secret Service Car Crash =222/96. Secret Service Agents Hurt =113/122. Four Secret Service Agents Hurt =137.

Brother Berg is off on a snowboarding trip / digital detox for a few days so unless something major happens I’ll be back on the 2nd. Happy New Year!

Haarp Earthquake Coding


I almost made a prediction yesterday that there would be a substantial North American earthquake before the end of the year – based on all the other HAARP activity – and I wake up to news of a quake in both LA and Victoria, the city I’d be in if not home for the holidays. It’s said the LA quake was a 4.4 and the Victoria was a 4.3. Obama the 44th president and the 43rd man elected. Coincidence?

The LA Quake of 4.4 when Earthquake = 44 (5+1+9+2+8+8+3+1+2+5). It happened at 5:48 pm. Nice minute time as LA Earthquake = 48. (Natural Resources Canada said the Victoria quake measured 4.3 while the U.S. Geological Survey placed the magnitude at 4.8). When we spell it out: FIVE FORTY-EIGHT PM =204. VICTORIA EARTHQUAKE =204. Was that a warning, or another coincidence?

  • Five Forty-Eight =85. The Big One =85/49. BC Earthquake =49.
  • The duration between the two quakes was ominously 5 hours 51 minutes =551. False Flag Operation =551. The Illuminati =551. The Illusion =551.

The Victoria Quake happened at 11:39 pm. As in 1139 the fulfilment of 139. Freemasonry=139. Presidential Assassination=139. ELEVEN THIRTY-NINE PM=99. HAARP QUAKE=99. Weather Modification=99. December HAARP=99.



Deep-Coded HAARP Weather Manipulation

Screen Shot 2015-12-29 at 4.31.27 PM151229140657-missouri-flooding-overlay-teaseScreen Shot 2015-12-29 at 4.58.02 PM

GOLDEN ARCHES =66. MCDONALD=66. FLOOD WARNING =66. PREPARE FOR HISTORIC FLOODING =166. TERROR THREAT =166. MISSISSIPPI RIVER STIL RISING AFTER EPIC STORMS IN MIDWEST =266 (Super Bowl Terrorism). And 18.4 million people eh.. Nashville Flooding =184. Control the Weather =84. Eighteen Point Four =99. Weather Modification =99. December HAARP =99 (upside-down 66)

  • Notice the M is a sideways 3, and there are 3 of them. Thirty-Three=66 and there are two 66s in this headline image. M is also the 13th letter (NOAA=13). In reduction we get MMM=444. MASONIC =444/223. THE SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN =223. FAST FOOD RESTAURANT =223. A MCDONALDS RESTAURANT =223/88. Phillips Sixty-Six =88/115 (Freemasons / Psychological Operations). Sixty-Nine Tornadoes =88.

And notice the 189 gas price. BARACK H OBAMA =189. BARACK OBAMA REVELATION =189. MERRY CHRISTMAS =189.


Screen Shot 2015-12-29 at 4.43.47 PM

  • EL NINO =69. WEATHER CONTROL =69. FALSE FLAG =69. DECEMBER STORMS =69. PRODUCT PLACEMENT =69. JAVAHERI=444. El Nino=33. Tornado=33. Twister=33. Epic=33.  Deep-Coded Haarp Weather Manipulation=330.
  • Flood Warnings =67. Mississippi =67. Water=67. Cycles =67.
  • Flood=52. Catastrophic=52. Flood Threat=52. Controlling the Weather =252. DECEMBER FLOODING =137 (33rd prime number).

There have been an estimated 44 weather-related deaths in the past week across the country, with the current severe storm system blamed for 30 deaths: 13 in Missouri, 11 in the Dallas area, five in southern Illinois and at least one in Georgia. – CNN

  • HAARP = 44 (8+1+1+18+16). GEORGIA = 44 (7+5+6+9+7+9+1)
  • Severe Storm System =71. Extreme Weather =71. Act of God =71. Hidden Hand =71.

Today’s numerology: (12/29/15) =56 (HAARP WEAPONS), =49 (HAARP STORMS), =76 (FLOOD WARNINGS)

Five Other Rappers Who Survived Shootings


50 Cent was shot nine times outside his grandmother’s house in Queens on May 24, 2000. That’s the 144th day of the year, the same day Kim and Kanye were wed, 14 years later – like Jay-Z and Beyonce on 4/4 when April Fourth =144.

  • FIFTY CENT =45. HIP HOP =45. GANGSTA RAP =50. RAP ARTIST =50/122. FITTY CENT =122.
  • (5/24/00) =49 (Satanic Ritual / Revelation).
  • Shot by “Darryl Hommo Baum”=71. “Shot Fifty Cent”=71. “Shot Nine Times”=71. ( Execution Style / Rockstar Killing / Musicians Killed). SEVENTY-ONE=144.

The Game =59 (Negro / Slave / Hip Hop Slave / Gangbangers) was shot five times execution style in his home on Oct 1, 2001. (10/1/01)=111 (Subconscious Programming). OCTOBER FIRST =69 (Hollywood Assassin / False Flag).

  • Shot Five Times =71. Execution Style =71. Rockstar Killing =71. Musicians Killed =71.
  • (10/1/01) =14 (Obama), =32 (Barack Obama)


Cam’Ron was shot in his car leaving a club in DC on Oct 23, 2005. That day leaves 69 remaining in the year, connecting to Game’s shooting date and Obie’s – which came 69 days later.

  • CamRon =28/64. Hommo=28/64 (guy who shot 50 Cent). Nigga=64. Barack Hussein Obama =64. Thelema=64.
  • (10/23/05) =38 (Rapper / Death / Masonic / Killing), =58 (Freemasonry). 10+23 =33 and October is the only 33 month — in which 3/5 of these rappers were shot.

Obie Trice was shot in his car in Detroit on Dec 31, 2005. NYE=17/44. Kill=17/44. (44= MK Assassin / MK Ultra Assassin / Execution / Lone Gunman / Gunfire).

  • Obie Trice =50 (Rap Artist / Gangsta Rap).
  • Shot on NEW YEARS EVE =142/61 (President Obama =142 and Obama’s born in ’61). 12+31=42 (50 Cent=42), =47 (Mafia / Occult Ritual / Star of David / Assassin), =67 (Blood Sacrifice / Satanic / Cycles).
  • Trice shot 2 months 8 days (28) after Cam’Ron=28.

Fabolous was shot leaving Diddy’s restaurant on Oct 17, 2006. This date leaves 75 days remaining in the year. NEW WORLD ORDER =75. Fitty’s from QUEENS NEW YORK =75 and he was shot 70 weeks 5 days before Game got shot. Allegedly.

  • Fabolous =37. Rap Music =37. P Diddy =62 (Jay-Z / Musicians Killed / Fifty Cent Shot / Shot Nine Times / Execution Style / Shot Five Times / Game=26).
  • 10/17/06 =33 (October / Masonry / Satanic Cult / Satanism / Saturnic / Elitism / Black Lives), =53 (By the Numbers / King L / King Louie), =35 (Rap / P Diddy).


Rapper King Louie Survives Gunshot To Head in Obama Predictive Programming Ritual

Screen Shot 2015-12-29 at 12.39.45 PM

Shiftiest eyes, suggestive of the lies. Chicago’s King Louie, shot in the head just a week before this interview. “I was in my car, I was starting to leave a friend’s house and someone started shooting at my car. I think they shot 22 shots or whatever, and I was hit seven times,” he told anchor Don Lemon. “Three of the slugs are still with me today. Two in my chest and one in my head.” So he’s saying he has a bullet lodged in his head, yet here is a week later acting like nothing happened. The three bullets reminds of the 3 shots at JFK and the 3 shots at RFK.

7/22 shots eh. Not only is that fraction the approximation for pi (3.14), Lincoln died at 7:22 am and Reagan was shot at 2:27 pm. Right on the surface we have suggestive coding connected to presidential assassinations – with an obvious link to Obama who hails from Chicago politically.

  • King Louie =103. Presidential Assassination =103.
  • King Louie =49. Chicago IL =49. Revelation =49. In the interview he says, “The devil’s working overtime evil”=149.

When Don=33 asks King L what’s going on in Chicago, the rapper replies “THE DEVIL’S WORKING OVERTIME”=128. Which is code for: INVISIBLE JEWISH GOVERNMENT=128. DECEIVING AND BEING DECEIVED=128. HOW TO MANIPULATE THE GENTILES=128. FULL OF HATRED=128. FOUR ONE ONE=128 (Assassin=411).


  • King L was born Dec 27, 1987, which gives him a life lesson number of 44 (12+27+1+9+8+7). Kill=44, Hope=44, like Obama the 44th president and JFK the 44th-term president.
  • (12+27+19+87) =145. Chicago Illinois =145. Gun Activist =145. Obama Gets Shot =145. Nostradamus =145. The Jungle Book =145 (King Louie is the name of the orangutan from the Disney movie…)
  • Louis King Johnson Jr.=96 (Freemason / Satanism / MK-Ultra). King Louie the orangutan is also in the show TaleSpin=96. And maybe he’s named after an orangutan because ORANGUTAN=666.

L was shot on Dec 23rd, 2015, four days before his birthday – reminding us of Lemmy dying on Dec 28th, four days after his birthday. (12/23/15) has a life lesson number of 43 (Assassination / Murdered) – like Obama is the 43rd man elected president.

  • (12+23+15)=50 or L in Roman numerals – like the upcoming Super Bowl 50: KING L =53. KING FIFTY =53. KING CHARLES =53. EMP CHICAGO =53. BY THE NUMBERS =53.
  • (12+23+20+15)=70, age Lemmy died at. ASSASSINATION=70. SEVENTY=38. ASSASSIN=38. DEATH=38. KILLING=38. CHIRAQ=38 (a term King L is credited with coining). THE DEVIL’S WORKING OVERTIME=308.
  • If the shooting were real and it killed him, he would have joined the 27 Club having been born on the 27th day.

King L has a trilogy of albums called DRILUMINATI =61/142. PRESIDENT OBAMA =142 and he was born in ’61. His genres of hip hop are DRILL MUSIC =48/120 and TRAP MUSIC =48/120. Same double gematria eh, oh look what else matches: ILLUMINATI =48/120. King L: owned and operated by the Zionist/Masonic Mafia with their North America branch based out of Chicago. Screen Shot 2015-12-29 at 2.10.34 PMScreen Shot 2015-12-29 at 2.11.32 PM

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Duck Hunting Country Singer Vanishes into Winter Storm Goliath


Country singer Craig Strickland of Backroad Anthem is missing and his friend, Chase Morland, is dead, after setting off to hunt ducks during a nasty winter storm in Kay County, Oklahoma. What’s weird about stories like this is sure, these things happen, but when it’s top story on the psychological warfare machine and coded up with harmonic alphanumerics, it makes one question if this actually occurred and CNN is capitalizing on and exaggerating its natural harmonics – or if its all make-believe made-for-tv fictional drama and Chase and Craig are currently getting drunk with Lemmy on some off-grid island.

Screen Shot 2015-12-29 at 11.27.50 AM

First notice the 211 retweets: KAY COUNTY OKLAHOMA=211. MASONIC MIND CONTROL=211. (The news broke on 12/29, exactly 2 months 11 days after the 30th anniversary of the release of NES Duck Hunt). Kay County=44 (Duck Hunter / Kill), =161 (Murder-Death-Kill). Also, if we play around a little with the code and subtract 211 from 399 we get 188. COUNTRY SINGER =188.

  • CRAIG=38 (Death) STRICKLAND=666. CRAIG STRICKLAND =68 (Barack Obama), =149 (Skull and Bones / A Country Singer Missing After Hunt).
  • Chase=36 (Goliath) Morland=77 (Craig Strickland / Country and Western) CHASE MORLAND =59. INTO THE STORM =59. KILL =59. Chase Morland =113 (News Corp / Super Bowl Terrorism / State Sponsored Terror / The Thirteen Bloodlines).
  • Backroad Anthem =116. Country =116. Craig’s Dog Sam =116, (Sam=33).

The feature song on Strickland’s website is LIQUOR STORE BLUES =93. WINTER STORM GOLIATH =93. PROPAGANDA =93.

And check out the 59 codings in the time stamp from Craig’s wife, a former Miss Arkansas… Helen=44. Duck Hunter=44. Miss Arkansas USA=59. HAARP=59. Monarch Slave=59. Project Monarch=159. Beta Programming=159. Deep-Coded Haarp Weather Manipulation=159.

  • duck hunters =144. miss arkansas =144. killer =144.


Lemmy’s Ritual Sacrifice: Let Me Kill Master and the Motörhead Massacre


Rock n Roll legend Lemmy has died, four days after his birthday and just two days after being diagnosed with an extremely aggressive cancer. Likely story. As the alphanumeric coding suggests, Lemmy was either the latest ritual blood sacrifice, or the latest to be coerced into faking his own death for occult purposes. Lemmy’s death comes the day after the trifecta sacrifice of three sports stars (and subject of the previous two reports).

MURDER ONE =113. IAN FRASER LEMMY KILMISTER =113. LEMMY KILMISTER SACRIFICE =113 (State Sponsored Terror / The Thirteen Bloodlines / Dishonest). LEMMY=68 (Died Two Days Later / Barack Obama / Assassinated / Mossad Conspiracy). KILMISTER=44 (Kill / Cancer / Chemo / Jack Daniels / Xmas Lemmy).

  • Born on Xmas Eve (12/24/45) =55 (TWO DAYS LATER / DEAD AT SEVENTY / LET ME / Satan / Phil Taylor), =100 (Masonic Ritual Murder / Satanic Magic / Psychological Warfare), =81 (Mass Mind Control / Murder By Numbers).
  • Died (12/28/15) =55 (TWO DAYS LATER / DEAD AT SEVENTY / LET ME / Satan / Phil Taylor), =48 (Lemmy [408] / Illuminati / Hoax) – Lemmy diagnosed with cancer 48 hours before he died; =75 (LET ME KILL MISTER / CHRISTMAS EVE LEMMY / ALCOHOLIC ROCKSTAR / REST IN PEACE LEMMY / ROCKSTAR’S DEATH HOAX / New World Order) – Lemmy formed Motorhead in ’75.
  • Birthday 12/24 like DIVIDE AND CONQUER =1224. Deathday 12/28 like the fulfilment of 228: DEATH=228. UNITED STATES OF AMERICA=228. WE’RE FUCKING ARTISTS=228.
  • Lemmy dies 4 days after his birthday: DIED FOUR DAYS LATER =187/79. Obama was born 187 months after Lemmy. MURDER=79. ASSASSINATION=79. OBAMA’S RITUAL SACRIFICE=790.

Lemmy Killed=121. Blood Sacrifice=121. Lemmy Murdered=156. (Lemmy’s nickname) GOD=156. False Flag=156. Thirty-Three=156.

  • The band’s Facebook page announced his passing by calling him “OUR MIGHTY NOBLE FRIEND LEMMY”=137 (Mind Control / Church of Satan) – 33rd prime number.
  • Motorhead =99. Ian Fraser Kilmister =99. Boxing Day Diagnosis =99. Lemmy Blood Sacrifice =99.


And it gets even weirder: Lemmy’s ex-drummer for Motorhead, Phil Taylor, died just 48 days earlier on 11/11. Again, Lemmy died on a date with 48 numerology (Propaganda / Hoax / Illuminati / Six-Six-Six) just 48 hours after being diagnosed. That’s also 1 month 18 days =118. DEATH=118. SACRIFICIAL LAMB=118.

  • 6 weeks 6 days =66. LET ME KILL MISTER =66. ROCKSTAR SLAYING =66. TWENTY-SEVEN CLUB =66. ASSASSIN =606. RIP LEMMY =666.

Screen Shot 2015-12-28 at 10.43.44 PM.png

PHIL TAYLOR =55 (The Ace of Spades / Satan / Symbolism / Manipulation) – Lemmy’s death numerology. aka PHILTHY ANIMAL TAYLOR =239 (The Thirteen Bloodlines / The Gang of Thirty-Three / The 44th President Barack Obama / President Obama Poisoned /  Mind Control Technique / Global Elite / Golden Gate) — America is currently 239 years old.

  • Taylor born (9/21/54) =84 (Obama / United States of America), =103 (Presidential Assassination / Terrorist Incident / Cognitive Distortion), =49 (Ace of Spades / Satanic Ritual / Zionist).
  • Taylor died (11/11/15) =57 (Lemmy Fake Death / Four Days Later)

Taylor died at age 61=GOD like Lemmy’s nickname. LEMMY KILMISTER =67. LET ME KILL MASTER=67. PHILTHY ANIMAL =67. BLOOD SACRIFICE =67.




  • Scott Weiland died at age 48 and Lemmy died on a date with 48 numerology 48 days after his drummer died and 48 hours after being diagnosed with cancer. Weiland=408. Lemmy=408. Weiland died 26 days before Lemmy whose nickname is God=26.
  • SCOTT WEILAND=55 (STP=55) and Lemmy had both birth and death numerology of 55.
  • Lemmy Ritual Sacrifice =96 (Freemason / Satanism / MK-Ultra)
  • LEMMY KILMISTER =1104 and died on the day the Broncos beat the Bengals in rigged Monday Night Football to set both records at 11-4. Perhaps more evidence of a Broncos Super Bowl (41 days later when BRONCOS=41).


And let’s just recognize that Lemmy’s standard costume is decked out in hella Masonic symbolism: all Knights Templar crosses and Skull & Bones. CAVALRY HAT =666. RIP LEMMY =666.

  • Rock and Roll =51. Templar Cross =51. Skull & Crossbones =51.

And here’s a trippy synchronicity I stumbled across: Lemmy’s hat was symbolically stolen on May 17th, 2002. That’s the 137th day of the year (Mind Control / Our Mighty and Noble Friend Lemmy / the 33rd prime), which leaves 228 days remaining. The fulfilment of 228 – the next level losing your hat – is 1228 and Lemmy died on 12/28: 13 years 7 months later.

Screen Shot 2015-12-29 at 1.29.30 AM

  • WHO STOLE LEMMY’S HAT =233 (MK-Ultra Mind Control), =71 (Rockstar Killing / Musicians Killed / Ritual Murders / Mossad)
  • MAY SEVENTEENTH =68 (Lemmy / Died Two Days Later / Barack Obama / Assassinated / Mossad Conspiracy / Maltese Cross)
  • (5/17/02) has a life lesson number of 26=God. Two Days=26. Xmas Eve=26. God=61. Christmas Eve=61.
  • (5+17+20+02) =44. Kill=44. Kilmister=44. Cancer=44.

And that article refers to Lemmy’s hat as “ONE OF METAL’S DIVINE ARTIFACTS OF EVIL”=156. GOD=156. What are the odds?

  • And In Jewish Gematria: LEMMY =485. HUMAN SACRIFICE =485. SATAN IS LORD =485.