Juneau Mayor Greg Fisk: Assassination Evidence


Incoming mayor of Juneau, Alaska, Greg Fisk, quickly becomes outgoing mayor, dying just 42 days into his term under suspicious circumstances. The 13th mayor of Juneau dies exactly 13 weeks after Obama landed in Alaska on his global warming tour. Climate Change =101. False Science =101. Assassin =101. Stephen Gregory Fisk =101. Found dead at ‘Three Thirty-Four PM’ =101. And he’s replaced by deputy mayor ‘Mary Becker’ =101. Did Fisk know some things about HAARP and geoengineering that he was about to blow the lid on? The 13th mayor also died 17 days after the Paris Attacks of 11/13; Kill =17. Mason =17. And notice the similarity in dates: 11/13 & 11/30.  

And of course the Juneau Empire newspaper says death reported at 3:30 pm by his son IAN FISK =33. His campaign chair is BOB KING =33. 

  • GREG FISK =46 (Hero / Sacrifice / Martyrdom), =82 (Ordo ab Chao / Barack Hussein Obama / State of Emergency), =214 (Israeli / Captain / Bilderberg) 
  • FISK =115 (Freemasons / Killing / Leader / Psychological Operations). FISK =45 (Mayor Fisk / Alaska / Leader / Elect / Seat / Managed / Dept) — born in ’45. His house on “Starr Hill” =45. Obama name-changed Mt. McKinley (named after the assassinated president) to Denali during his Alaska visit. Denali =45. 

Juneau =18. Fisk =18. Mayor Fisk =117. Juneau Alaska =117/27. Denali =27. Alaska =270. Fisk =270. He died at age 70. His fisheries consultancy company is called SEAFISK =70. 

JUNEAU MAYOR =144. Killer =144. Mark of the Beast =144. Sagittarius =144. Forty-Four =144. This is the number coded on every blue chip assassination. JFK the 44th-term president dying on the first day of Sagittarius and his brother RFK dying at 1:44 am. KILL =44. HAARP =44. And get this one, truthseeker: Mayor Fisk was found dead in his home at — 421 KENNEDY STREET! (I wonder if there’s a 411 Kennedy)

  • Kennedy Street =990. Mayor of Juneau =990. Thirteen =99. Greg =99. Four Twenty-One Kennedy =99. 


  • Mayor Fisk lasted precisely 42 days in office. FREEMASON =42. ZIONISM =42. SATANISM =42. And get this one, his company name: SEAFISK =420/211. Mason =211. Counter Intelligence =211. And he died on NOVEMBER THIRTIETH =211 / 1331. 
  • SIX WEEKS =115. FISK =115. STEPHEN GREGORY ‘GREG’ FISK =1151. STEPHEN FISK =51. HAARP =150. FREEMASONS =115. KILLING =115. And notice that his time in office was perfectly 11.5% of the year. 

His election opponent MERRILL SANFORD =515. Fisk’s campaign chair was fisheries advisor to former Senator MARK BEGICH =115, whose brother Nick is the leading HAARP activist who states that it is used for mind control. Also, Juneau City Manager had been on leave Monday: KIM KIEFER =51.

  • One Month Eleven Days =216 (6x6x6). Rothschild Zionist =111.
  • Forty-Two Days =191. Mayor Fisk Found Dead =191. His election opponent received 1,910 votes. Fisk received 3,830. THREE ONES =383, like the 1 month 11 days in office. THE FORTY-FOURTH PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA =383. 

Born September 26th, 1945: (9+26+19+45) =99. Greg =99. Thirteen =99. Mayor of Juneau =990. Kennedy Street =990. Masonic Ritual Murder =99. Weather Modification =99. 

  • (9+26+45) =80 (Ritual Sacrifice / Offering / Tragedy)
  • (9+26+1+9+4+5) =54. Mayor Fisk =54. Freemasonic =54. Notice the mirror of 45, like Fisk / Alaska / Leader / Elect / Denali. 

Died November 30th, 2015: (11+30+15) =56 (FORTY-TWO DAYS / Star of David / All-Seeing Eye / Mind Control / Assassin). Juneau is at an elevation of 56 feet. Fisk was elected on 10/6, dying 56 days later. PROPHECY =106. 

  • (11+30+2+0+1+5) =49 (Zionist / Destruction / Revelation). It should be noted that the Paris Attacks came exactly 49 days after the 500 day deadline to “avoid climate chaos,” given in the joint speech by American Secretary of State John Kerry and French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius. Also, Alaska is the 49th state, HAARP is located in GAKONA=49, and it’s said he was looking to buy more HALIBUT QUOTAS =49. 
  • (1+1+3+0+2+0+1+5) =13. CIA =13. Again, Mayor Fisk was the 13th mayor of Juneau and died exactly 13 weeks to the day after Obama visited Alaska. [Juneau has a density of 11.3/sq mi]

JUNEAU MAYOR STEPHEN GREG FISK =124 and he lived at 421 Kennedy Street. And the establishing shot of the CNN video shows squad car #241… Dead President =124. Killing of the Divine King =124. Psychological Operations =124. One One Three =124. (Recall he died on 11/30)

And in this shot we get a peek of a license plate that I believe reads: EWT-898 =73. RITUAL SACRIFICE =73. SACRIFICE =73. SACRIFICIAL LAMB =73. 

Final point for now is the police report number: 151130-009. Reduced this becomes 11-9, like Star of David =119. Order of Death =119. Three Eleven =119. Fraternal Order of Police =119. ERANN KALWARA =119. Like the mirror of the 9-1-1 call. STEPHEN GREGORY ‘GREG’ FISK =1151. 

  • And notice the date! 06:06:51 =666. Like “Juneau Mayor” =144 and the sum of the first 144 digits of pi =666. 
  • STEPHEN GREGORY FISK =227 and 22/7 is Pi. 
  • THREE THIRTY-FOUR =216. 6X6X6=216. One Month Eleven Days =216. 
  • HAARP site in Gakona AK is the mirror: 651 miles from Juneau. 
  • Three Thirty-Four =1231. Conspiracy =123. Alaska =123. 

One thought on “Juneau Mayor Greg Fisk: Assassination Evidence

  1. Exciting post as usual.
    When I searched for “Extra Capsa” on google just now I got:
    “About 123,000 results”

    I was just on espncricinfo.com and saw the latest article by the entertaining Jonathan Wilson.

    His initials = 33 (J= 10 + W = 23 = 33)
    And then there was this paragraph:
    “There’s a short story written jointly by Jorge Luis Borges and Adolfo Bioy Casares that imagines a world in which sport has been abolished and replaced by radio commentators reading out scripts. The older I’ve got, the more sensible this seems. Imagine the sense of well-being of getting up in the morning to find out what’s happening in the Test in Adelaide.”


    “””England 217 for 5. Broad got a ton, then there was a clatter of wickets, Botham was out for 8 off three balls, and now Richards is in with Gower, who’s made a classy 42.” ”

    Notice the 42.

    “David Ivon Gower” in the English Ordinal system equals 168
    I’ve been following the no. 168 recently.



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