San Bernardino Shooting PsYoP

ACTIVE SHOOTING IN SAN BERNARDINO =144. KILLER =144. [NRA (=33) is 144 years old] San Bernardino California =222 (where my adoted dog Holly once roamed). Natural Born Killers =222 (and we have a man & woman killer combo). We have yet another staged shooting, as the artificial alphanumeric synchroncities reveal. It happened precisely 44 weeks after an active shooter drill in town. KILL =44. POLICE STATE =44. That’s also 10 months 4 days =104. The FBI spokesman on the case is DAVID BOWDICH =104 (the same guy at the LAX drill passed off as live). San Bernardino SHERIFF JOHN MCMAHON =104. It’s said there are 297 people shot daily in America: Two Hundred Ninety-Seven =104. (One Hundred and Four =187/1122). 

  • 33 casualties, ha! 16 dead (Sixteen =33 and 12/2 is 16 days after the 144th birthday of the NRA) including the 2 perpetrators + 17 wounded from the San Bernardino Shooting Hoax of 12/2/15. (12+2) =14 like the number of victims killed. 
  • 12/2 like 122. Three Hundred Million Guns =122 (the estimated number in America). Black Propaganda =122. By Deception Thou Shalt Wage War =122. 

The suspected shooter is called SYED FAROOK =119/47. STAR OF DAVID =119/47. I’d betcha dollars to donuts this is a joint CIA/Mossad black op hoax event organized and staged by the Masonic/Zionist creeps lurking in the darkest of inner circles. The Bonnie to Farook’s Clyde is TASHFEEN MALIK =124. POLICE ACTIVE SHOOTER IN AREA =124. POLICE CHIEF JARROD BURGUAN =124. PSYCHOLOGICAL OPERATIONS =124. 

  • Wikipedia marks it 10:59 am. TEN FIFTY-NINE =147. ORANGE SHOW RD =147 (location of the psyop). SUPREME GRAND COUNCIL OF FREEMASONS =147. POLICE =147. THOUGHT CRIME =147. And the of San Bernardino is 146 years old turning 147. SBCSD =47. SYED FAROOK =47. motto: DEDICATED TO YOUR SAFETY =1470.
  • Ten Fifty-Nine =66. Orange Show Rd =66. Inland Empire =66. One Sixty-One =66. Martial Law =660. 
  • TEN FIFTY-NINE AM =71 (Active Shooters / School Shooting / Mossad / Terrorists), =161 (Omnipresent Government Surveillance / Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency / Terrorists / Masonic Grand Lodge).

And of course we can’t spell 10:59 without 59. Kill =59. Mass Murder =59. Black Propaganda =59. David Bowdich =59. Fifty-Nine =54. Islam =54. Love =54. Terrorism =54. Bonnie & Clyde =54. 

The shooters targeted a not-for-profit agency providing services and programs to more than 30,000 people with developemental disabilites and their families in Southern California’s Inland Empire. Just outrageous to even imagine a motive for independent agents to do this. It makes absolutely no sense. But when we recall this strange prevailing theme in 2015 shooting hoaxes to have people in wheelchairs shot, and to hear all the reminders to Sandy Hook, that 100% confirmed fictional hoax with not a single casuality, we understand the psychological warfare motive. Because just like Sandy Hoax, there is no intelligible motive whatsoever provided to the public.  

  • INLAND REGIONAL CENTER =101. ASSASSIN =101. DEDICATED TO YOUR SAFETY =101 (motto of San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department). Inland Regional Center =1200. IRC =21. 
  • It was the 352nd mass shooting of the year: Three Hundred Fifty-Second =121. Blood Sacrifice =121. THREE MEN WITH LONG RIFLES =121. ACTIVE SHOOTER =1201. SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN =1201.
  • Three Hundred Fifty Two Mass Shootings =172. Three Hundred Fifty-Second Mass Shooting =172.
  • San Andreas =352. Funeral =352. The Torah =352.


It went down at 1365 S. Waterman Ave, San Bernardino. WATERMAN AVE =123. Conspiracy =123. Psychological Operation =123. And get this, the last SBPD cop to fall in the line of duty came 1023 days prior to 12/2 — on the mirror date of 2/12. His name: JEREMIAH MACKAY =123/60! Police =60. Active =60. Mass Shooting =60. Detective Jeremiah MacKay =99. End of Watch =99. Active Shooter Situation =99. Holiday Party Attackers =99. (And what’s really weird is the story of how he died, in a hostage situation at a cabin in the woods, was mirrored in Sunday’s episode of Fargo…)

  • The Number Thirty-Three =1365. Multiples of Eleven =1365.
  • Thirteen Sixty-Five S Waterman Ave =137. Of course 137 is the 33rd prime number. Mind Control =137. Eye of Horus =137. And get this: 12/2 is 137 days since July 18th, which is the 31st anniversary of the San Ysidro Mcdonald’s Massacre, which is the worst massacre in modern California history. Furthermore, the date 2/12/15 has numerology of 13. Police were searching for 1-3 suspects in the 1300 block of Waterman. “Shooting at my work. People shot.” =130. Fourteen Dead Seventeen Wounded =313.
  • S WATERMAN AVE =142. TERRORIST =142. INNOCENT BLOOD =142. And recall there were allegedly 14 killed by 2 shooters. (The license plate on the CNN cover photo even starts with 142.)

 Obama’s Fault =501. 44th President =501. Nation of Israel =501. Israel State =501. Zionism =105. Masonry =105. American Dream =105. Saturnic =105. MASS SHOOTING =51. Conspiracy =51/123 and photo posted on 12/3. 

SAN BERNARDINO MASSACRE =96 (FREEMASON / ZIONISM / SATANISM / MK-ULTRA / JACKBOOTS / DISINFORMATION AGENT); =213 (DISINFORMATION AGENT / RACISM / GENOCIDES / REVEAL HIDDEN TRUTHS). 2/13 is Lupercalia, the Satanic holiday with a 44 gematria on the 44th day of the year, which seems to be a fulcrum for many events. 

  • From the events of Dec 12 to Feb 13 is a span of 74 days, or 2 months 12 days =212. MASONIC =74. 14 KILLED NOW A STANDOFF =74. TASHFEEN MALIK =744. And 212 is how the world outside of America writes the date Dec 12. Curiously that’s also 1776 hours, like the foundation year of both the Bavarian Illuminati and USA. 
  • The group that had rented out the conference room for the party that allegedly got shot up was: THE SAN BERNARDINO COUNTY DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC HEALTH =213. SAN BERNARDINO MASSACRE =213. 

SMDH at this one-eye bullshit. Triple Crown =63/153. Sixty-Three =63/153. Freemasonic =63. Terrorism =63. The Saturnic cube is 6 sides in 3 dimensions. Mass Mind Control =63. 

  • Saturn =93. Propaganda =93. Syed Rizwan Farook =93. San Berdoo =93. The Eagles of Death Metal =93. (Track 13 on their debut album is “San Berdoo Sunburn”)

Fourteen Killed Now a Standoff =1770. Eye in the Triangle =177. Open the Third Eye =177. Mind Over Matter =177. Masonic-Satanist =177. Police Officer =77. Police Department =77.

  • Fourteen Killed, Now a Standoff =115. San Bernardino Shooting =115 (Freemasons / Killing / Psychological Operations). Jeremiah Alan MacKay =151. 
  •  Fourteen Dead =118. Officer Down =118. Sacrificial Lamb =118. Death =118. Chief Jarrod Bruguan =181.

2 thoughts on “San Bernardino Shooting PsYoP

  1. none of the dead are from San Bernardino…all are from different towns surrounding Berdoo,,,a statistical impossibility to my thinking. dead shooters have no wounds, blood, or torn clothing after being riddled with 385 bullets from 23 Police “buck fever” shooters.


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