Illuminati Gang Signs While I’m Being Frisked

I took this picture at airport security last night. PROUDLY BROUGHT TO YOU BY PROFESSIONALS IN ENGINEERING AND GEOSCIENCE 313. GESTAPO =313. Get it? Fourth Reich checkpoints and TSA goon squads. The copy line also =727, like the aircraft. MALAYSIA AIRLINE JET DISAPPEARS SATURDAY MORNING OVER THE SOUTH CHINA SEA =727. 

  • Engineering and Geoscience =211. New World Airport =211. 
  • APEGA =74. MASONIC =74. OCCULT =74. KILLING =74. 
  • And that’s the Triangle of Manifestation, made powerful with an eye in the triangle. As the x-ray reveals with that white spot in the centre, that’s the pineal gland, or third eye. 


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