Courtney Love Sacrificed Kurt =322: And Kristin Pfaff, Too (Well, Her Handlers Sure Did)


Courtney Love’s band Hole dropped their second studio album, ominously titled LIVE THROUGH THIS, exactly one week after Kurt died. Listening to it in the frame of a conscious and intentional blood sacrifice, it’s chilling. The last word on the record is “Goodbye.” GOODBYE =73. Just 73 days after Cobain is estimated to have died, Hole’s bassist, Kristin Pfaff died. Both Kurt and Kristin joined The 27 Club. RITUAL SACRIFICE =73. SACRIFICIAL LAMB =73. STONE TEMPLE PILOTS =73.WEILAND DEATH HOAX =73. 

  • Hole Live Through This =106. Prophecy =106. Propaganda =93. LIVE THROUGH THIS =93 and it was released on (4+12+1+9+9+4) =39. Pfaff died exactly 9 weeks 3 days after Live Through This came out. She was even found dead at 9:30am. 
  • Kristin Pfaff died precisely 66 days after the “Live Through This” release. TWENTY-SEVEN CLUB =66. ROCKSTAR SLAYING =66. KURT WAS MURDERED =66. ASSASSIN =606. 
  • Stone Temple Pilots Death =93. Bloomington Minnesota =93. Ninety-Three =62. Celebrity Skin =62. Musicians Killed =62. Ritual Murders =62. 

  Tell me what you seen in the effigy. I see 3C. Aka 33. 


  • As if publically giving permission for Kurt to be assassinated, the hook goes “GO ON TAKE EVERYTHING, I WANT YOU TO” =141. WILL OF THELEMA =141. KURT COBAIN =114. A GRUNGE ICON =114. KURT AND SCOTT RITUAL SACRIFICES =114. DECEMBER THIRD =114. TWENTY-THREE DAYS TO CHRISTMAS =114. ASSASSIN =411. CHRISTMAS =411. 
  • Courtney =121. Blood Sacrifice =121. Courtney Love =175. Satanic Worship =175. Masonic Assassin =175. Weiland Overdosed =175. ROCKSTAR’S DEATH HOAX =75. TWENTY-SEVEN CLUB =57. 

KRISTIN PFAFF =72. Grunge =72. Killing Rockstars =72. Scott Weiland Killed =72. TWENTY-SEVEN =172. THE DEAD =127. SCOTTISH RITE OF FREEMASONRY =127. 


COURTNEY LOVE SACRIFICED KURT AND KRISTIN =171. Kurt died 171 Lake Washington Blvd on APRIL FIFTH NINETY-FOUR =117. Rockstar Killling =71. Musicians Killed =71. Ritual Murders =71. Celebrity Skin =71. Murder Death Kill =71. Seventy-One =144. Killer =144. COURTNEY LOVE SACRIFICED KURT AND KRISTIN =441. MK-Ultra =441. 

The Celebrity Skin album came out on 9/8/98, as if they wanted to emphasize the 98. FORGED SUICIDE NOTE =98. Killing Rockstars =198. Stone Temple Pilot Killed =98. Scott Blood Sacrifice =198. Weiland Blood Sacrifice =189. Scott Richard Kline =189. Kurt and Kristin =189. My Body The Hand Grenade =198 (Hole’s retrospective compliation dedicated to Pfaff).

  • The album came exactly 231 days after Kurt died. Singer =231. Reaper =231. Recorded =231. The Hook =231. Commercial =231. Sacrificial =231. Lifespan =231. Creative Destruction =231. 
  • 231, the same anagram digits as Weiland’s life number of 123 and the date he died 12/3: ONE TWO THREE =148. The fulfilment of 148 and Weiland died at age 48. Rockstar =184. Cobain and Weiland Killed =184. 

It is to be noted that Kristin Pfaff’s mother has never accepted the official story regarding her daughter’s death. It is also to be noted that Kurt Cobain’s grandfather, Leland Cobain, has gone public stating that Kurt was murdered.


Know the case details that around the time of his death, Kurt had booked two plane tickets out of Seattle and was leaving Courtney. She filed a false police report that he was suicidal (which she later admitted to) and the autopsy reveals that he’d ingested an overly pure dose of heroin, and that the shotgun was completely wiped clean of any fingerprints. 

The police and medical examiner arrived in the room above his attic on April 8th, 1994: 4/8 like Scott Weiland dead at 48. Illuminati =48. Crime =48. Hoax =48. Six Six Six =48. Evil =48. 

  • They called it an “OPEN AND SHUT CASE OF SUICIDE” =103. Overdose =103. Weiland Dies in Minnesota =103. Evidence of Extreme Planning =130. Kurt and Kristin Blood Sacrifice =130. 
  • And check out the “fact” that Google drops on this search:


And i’m still thinking about the Scott Weiland video “I’ll Be Home For Christmas,” thinking of the meaning of HOME as where we go when we die. So much so that I calculate the duration between Kurt’s last Christmas and his death:


If you’ve been following along, you know the importance of 311. If you’re new here, run a search and find out. That number is huge. “KURT & KRISTIN & SCOTT SACRIFICE” =113. 

  • 14 weeks 3 days =143. (BBC headline): “ROCKSTAR WEILAND FOUND DEAD ON TOUR” =134. (Dave Navarro’s tweet): “OUR FRIEND SCOTT WEILAND HAS DIED” =134. 

3 thoughts on “Courtney Love Sacrificed Kurt =322: And Kristin Pfaff, Too (Well, Her Handlers Sure Did)

  1. Its very clear that Courtney was working on the side of the murderers of Kurt Cobain. She benefited huge becoming a high paid movie star, and continuing her music career.

    Alot of emphasis on Celebrity Skin, but I think the song Malibu by Hole gives lots of clues….here’s the link…..

    First words of the song – Crash And Burn =123. Conspiracy =123. Scott Weiland dies on 12/3.

    Soon after in the song Courtney sings – Don’t Lay Down And Die =1104. Drop the “don’t”….= 131.

    We can’t blame it all on the Whore =33. Dave Grohl was also totally in on it…..there’s been great work already done by others on Grohl, Foo Fighters, and how he was part of Cobain’s murder. Grohl =33.

    Foo Fighters =411. Assassin =411. Grohl is/was very much aware of that. Remember, Kurt Cobain =114. Dave =14.

    F O O =6 6 6. F F =6 6. D G =66 (Dave Grohl)

    Fighters =92. Dave Grohl =92. Francis Bean =92.

    Fighters =47. Dave Grohl =47.

    Dave Killed Kurt =930.


    • Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth seemed to go on the record with the belief that Kurt Cobain was murdered.
      It was around the time of the “Goo” reissue.
      She also sung a song called “Malibu Gas Station” on the final Sonic Youth album.


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