Eagles of Bullshit Return to Stage

Eagles of Death Metal play their first gig since the Bataclan Hoax during the Paris False Flag, taking the stage with Bono and U2 during a performance at AccorHotels Arena in Paris — 3 weeks 3 days later =33. FUCK BONO =33. MASONRY =33. SATANIC CULT =33. EODM played “I Love You All The Time” =229. Number Thirty-Three =229. November Terrorism =229. (Notice that 2+2+9=13). 

  • DATE: [12+7+20+15] =54. BATACLAN =54. TERRORISM =54. JESSE HUGHES =54. FREEMASONIC =54. GUN REFORM =54.
  • ACCORHOTELS =119 (Star of David / Order of Death / The Media Made Them Superstars / Three Eleven / How to Manipulate the Gentiles) [12+7=19]; =47 (Star of David / PsyOps / Je Suis Paris / France at War / France); =56 (Star of David / ISIS / Three Eleven / Paris France / I Smell Bullshit).
  • AccorHotels Arena =68 (Mossad Conspiracy / Jewish Empire / Fucking Phony), =158 (Zionist Bono / Children of Israel / Nation of Israel / Lone Wolf Attack). 

EAGLES OF DEATH METAL ON PARIS STAGE WITH U2 =159 (EAGLES OF DEATH METAL / Thirty-Third / Israeli Secret Intelligence Service / Mass Shooting / Syrian Sacrifice / Triskaidekaphobia). San Berdoo Hoax kicked off at 10:59am. 

  • U2’s concert: INNOCENCE + EXPERIENCE =105 (MASONRY / ZIONISM / DOMESTIC TERRORISTS / DISINFORMATION AGENT / STADE DE FRANCE). Attack on Music =150/51. Mass Murder =51. Duped =51. Islamic State =51. 
  • Innocence Plus Experience =119. AccorHotels =119. U2 played “Don’t Leave Me” =116. Prime Minister Netanyahu =116. 
  • U2 and Eagles of Death Metal =199. Do What Thou Wilt =199. Hologram President =199. 
  • U2 & Eagles of Death Metal =72. Act of Terrorism =72. Mass  Mind Control =72. Lying to Goyim =72. Kill All the Goyim =72. Eagles of Fraud Metal =72. Fake Terror =702. [DATE: 12+7+2+0+1+5] =27. 

Apparently the terrorist attack left The Devil blind…

“THEY WERE ROBBED OF THEIR STAGE THREE WEEKS AGO WE WOULD LIKE TO OFFER THEM OURS TONIGHT” =363/372. PROPHET =363. Ancient Aliens =363. Aliens Visit Earth =363. Extraterrestrials Visit Earth =363. Alien Contact =372. Terrorists =372. Extremists =372. Fuck the Goyim =372. Mason =372. King Charles =372. 

  • Jihadist Attack =46. Massacre at Bataclan =46. Cold-Blooded =46. Sacrifice =46. 
  • “Paris we love you and we will never give up rock and roll =225. IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH =225. THIRTY-THREE IS KEY =225.  

BONO AND THE DEVIL (Jesse Hughes) =69. Eagles of Death Metal =69. False Flag =69. Mass Shooting =69. Peace for Paris =69. Eagles of Hoax Metal =169. This narrative says that 90 out of 130 victims died at Bataclan. 90/130 =0.69. 

  • They played a cover of “People Have the Power” =98. Officially 89 died. PATTI SMITH PEOPLE HAVE THE POWER =143. Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant =143. ISIS Made in the USA =143. The Black Standard =143. Fuck the Goyim =143.  Freemasons =43. Massacre =43. 
  • Eagles of Bullshit =74. I Smell Bullshit =74. Peace Love Death Metal =74. Masonic =74 Jewish =74. Occult =74. 

5 thoughts on “Eagles of Bullshit Return to Stage

  1. That U2 concert featuring EODM was filmed by HBO for an upcoming broadcast.

    HBO =16. Sixteen =33. Concert =33. HBO Concert =103.

    Here’s one you will enjoy…..Publicity Stunt =1333. Publicity Stunt =211.

    You Two =119. Paris Sheeple =133.

    Lets not forget they tried to kill/sacrifice Bono last year. Maybe they did??

    On a side note. How incredible is this Paris Hoax when looked at as a whole?! What they do is present the event in a live, chaotic way…..then focus in on the suspects……then push the story into tons of smaller tangents – like bringing Belgium into the story. The point is – they keep the story moving full speed ahead so nobody goes back to the original event to investigate it – they make it a given. Same formula used in San Bernadino. I never saw a pic of the crime scene where everybody was gunned down….or any evidence that the muslim couple was involved.


  2. yes!!!! eagles of Bullshit!! I hear they are playing with u2 next_ if there was any doubt before…let it go…cant get more zionist ass kissing than with u2 and bono /that fucking douche.


  3. Eagles of bullshit…good one…the frontman holding the cane and pretending to be blind…too funny…..one band member claimed he was in the sights of a gunman who missed him by inches…too bad!


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