École Polytechnique Massacre and the Obama Hologram

Yesterday, December 6th, Canada commemorated the 26th anniversary of the École Polytechnique Massacre in Montreal. Twenty-five-year-old Marc Lépine, armed with a rifle and a hunting knife, shot 28 people on the university campus, killing 14 women, before committing suicide. With a Mini-14 rifle he killed 14 women and injured 14 more. DEAD (4+5+1+4) =14. 

  • Date Numerology: [12/6/1989] =107 (Israeli Intelligence), =126 (Disinformation by News Corp) and the 26th anniversary came on 12/6; =45 (Hoodwink / Mindfuck / Make-Believe), =36 (Gentile / Mindfuck) — sum of 1 to 36 =666.

École Polytechnique Massacre =113. State-Sponsored Terror =113. San Bernardino Terror Attack =113. Dishonest =113. Dreamworld =113. 

  • École Polytechnique =93 (Propaganda / This is Total Bullshit). “We Will Destroy ISIS” =93. 
  • Marc Lepine =51. Mass Shooting =51. Lone Wolf Attacks =51 (Conspiracy / Freemason / Zionism / Psychodrama / Masonic-Satanist). MARC LEPINE =96 (FREEMASON / SATANISM / MK-ULTRA / Department of Defense / Disinformation Agent / Another Distraction / This is Complete Bullshit / Domestic Terrorists). He said he was “Fighting Feminism” =96.
  • Montreal Massacre =60. Conspiracy =60. Mass Shooting =60. Montreal Massacsre =177. Lone Wolf Attacks =177. Zionist Music =177. 

It’s said he walked into a classroom with his guns and called the women “a bunch of feminists” =184 (We Are Duping You), =76 (Hearts and Minds / Disinformation / Disinfo / Bullshit Detector / Lying to Gentiles / More Distractions). Then Marc Lepine =96, “fighting feminism” =96 shot 9 killing 6. Or as a factor, 6/9 =69 (False Flag / Mass Shooting / Kill the Gentiles). Obama is a Hologram =69. 


Now what’s extra weird about École Polytechnique Massacre =113 is we’ve been seeing an abnormal amount of 113s lately. All from 12/6: Jimmy Carter “CANCER IS GONE” =113; Morgan Freeman was involved in a rough landing in his private jet, exatly 113 days after his step-granddaughter was ritually murdered in an exorcism; and BBC reports on air attacks in Raqqa that “KILL THIRTY-TWO IS MILITANTS” =113. 

Raqqa =222. The Paris Attacks lasted 222 minutes and Article 222 of the EU’s Lisbon Treaty works in accordance with Article 31(1) to mobilize member states in case of terrorism. HOLOGRAPHIC PRESIDENT =222. Hitler =222. San Bernardino California =222. 

  • And all this on the day that Obama gives the special address to the nation from the Oval Office on gun control. For the first time in US history the president stands in front of a podium and not behind the desk. The curtains recently changed from gold to red: RED CURTAIN =113. LECTERN SPEECH =133.
  • 113 is the fulfilment of 13, and he gave a 13 minute speech. 
  • It 100% looks like he’s in front of a GREEN SCREEN =113. 



  • Holographic President =123. President of the United States =123. Disinfo Agent =123. Psychological Operation =123. Conspiracy =123. Abraham Lincoln =123. Jewish Empire in America =123. This is Complete Bullshit =123. 
  • HOLOGRAPHIC OBAMA =144. GETTYSBURG =144. SCOTTISH RITE OF FREEMASONRY =144. JEWISH INTERNATIONAL FINANCIERS =144. FAKED DEATH =144. PRESIDENT BIDEN =144. FORTY-FOUR =44. Obama is the 44th president and the last president to die in office was the 44th-term. KILL =44. 

7 thoughts on “École Polytechnique Massacre and the Obama Hologram

  1. Between this exceptional blog post from Ex-Caps , Zach’s work on F2FT, and some well put together YT vids – I have no choice, but to conclude that Obama was not in the Oval Office during that speech. It may very well have been a hologram. Answering Why they would do that is much more difficult – though the easy answer is to take out any flaws from reading the speech live.

    Oval =13. Thirteen =99. O O =6 6 – as in Oval Office.

    Obamagram =71. Seventy One =144.

    Clear As Day =89. Hologram =89. January Thirteen =189.

    Eighty Nine =116. January Sixteen =1116. January 16th will be Obama’s 2552 day in office.

    January Thirteenth =1777. Oval =771.

    From Wiki……The term Oval when used to describe curves in geometry is not well-defined, except in the context of Projective Geometry.

    Projective =123.


    • Projective 123 is good. Holographic Projection =120. President is a Hologram =120. Obama Green Screen President =120. The Revelation of the Method =120. Jews’ Invisible Government =120.

      Oval Office =49. Color Coded =49. Hypnotism =49. Disinfo =49. Fuck the Goy =49. OVALTINE =35/98. MOSSAD JOB =35/98. ISRAELI INTELLIGENCE =98. UNIVERSAL HALLUCINATION =98.

      This shit gives me the creeps man.

      President is a Hologram =228. That’s a solid find for our 220’s.


  2. Considering the words of the speech were worthless….There must be more. Did they just want to try out their new & improved hologram machine? Or maybe the wanted to make sure the speech didn’t run over or under 13 minutes?

    Thirteen Minute Oval Office Speech =331. White House =133.


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