Sleepy Terrorists Under YOUR Bed!


Sleepy fucking fake terrorist agent and an actor giving you the stink eye to make you afraid for your life and divided and conquered and anxious during this 21st century Crusades, all manufactured and perpetuated by the Central State Psychopaths. So who’s the real sleepy-ass daydreamer here!? You or I or them or someone else entirely?

WHEN DID THEY RADICALIZE =213. DISINFORMATION AGENT =213. ANOTHER DISTRACTION =213. RACISM =213. JEWISH EMPIRE IN AMERICA =213/114. When Did They Radicalize =114. Psychological Operation =114. Domestic Terrorists =114. This is Complete Bullshit =114. 

  • “San Bernardino shooter may have plotted 2012 attack”=169. Thelema =169. Funding Terror =169. False Flag =69. Mass Shooting =69.

Facts are there is no credible evidence that this ever happened at all. Just state media’s word. And if you think you can trust them for even a four-minute fluff piece, hey I’ve got a whole wagon full of snake-oil with your name on it. It’s a bad, bad joke. And the psychos behind the scenes are leaving deliberate clues for us, telling us what they’re doing, hiding in plain sight, so that the karma is on us – not them. ANd we’ve all been brainwashed. We’re all under heavy mind control, some moreso than others. And admitting is the first step towards recovery.

And speaking about 213, this motherfucker Jay Hathaway =123 of the New Yorker attempted a hitpiece on the truth community on 12/3 at 2:13 — and just ended up pumping our tires by spewing out an amateur tantrum that wouldn’t even cut it in the bush league. Read it here and check me and Maestro’s comments and let’s speak up and bring some clarity back to the propagandic distortion of reality.

One thought on “Sleepy Terrorists Under YOUR Bed!

  1. “this motherfucker Jay Hathaway”
    lol what a hired hack he is, he even resorts to the “making sense of the senseless” cant phrase.


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