Third Bataclan Attacker Identified, I Mean Made-Up


What are the odds his name has the same Gematria as the number of victims? I mean out of a thousand. Skull & Bones =130. Seal of Mohammed =130. Of course in numerology zero don’t count so that’s 13 on the 13th. And let’s take a moment of silence to remember the total kill count at 137: the 33rd prime number and one of the most vital numbers to these secret society parasites. Mind Control =137. CIA Lies =137. Invisible Jewish Government =137. Scientific-Technological Elite =137.

  • 137+368 =505 total casualties. Dark Ritual =505. One Eye =505. Occultism =505. Satanic Practice =505. Clock’s Invitation for Islam Terrorist Bombers =505. Satan =55. Manipulation =55. Explosive =55. Bomber =55. Jihadist Attack =55. Cointelpro =55. Thirteenth =55. 

And my favourite: TWENTY-SIX DAYS =55. Now how long after the psyop did it take for this third Bataclan bomber to be identified?.. 


Oh that’s right, it’s all a sick twisted joke. CNN says “the 23 year old is the 3rd gunman” – really emphasizing that 233 connect for those tuned in: MK-ULTRA MIND CONTROL =233. THIRD BATACLAN ATTACKER IDENTIFIED =133. Now they say 90 people killed at Bataclan? NINETY =33. 

They’re calling him AGGAD =120 (Illuminati / Satanic Brotherhood of Saturn). And the way the propagandists pronounce it sounds like A GOD. {Now we have a new context to Kanye’s line “I am Aggad”} The funny thing is that GOD (7+15+4) =26. The number of letters in the alphabet and thousands of years before English, Pythagorus called 26 the God number. 


Church =61. Religious =61. Terrorist =61. Three One One =61. Recall the Paris Attacks Hoax came 311 days after the Charlie Hebdo PsYoP. 

  • 3rd Bataclan Bomber Identified =216. Operative Masonry =216. 6x6x6 =216. And we are heading into 2016, which drop the zero…
  • It’s said he’s from STRASBOURG =41 (Skull and Bones / Jerusalem / Islamic State / Isis Mafia / Sixty-One), =140 (Inner Party / Jewish Empire). Of course, just possible matches on the coding…

FOUED =51 (Zionism / Freemason / Conspiracy / Masonic-Satanist / Mass Shooting). FOUED =265. MOSSAD =265. Can it get any clearer?

  • MOHAMED-AGGAD =79. VILLAIN =79. MURDER =79. MASSACRE =79. So old mate just happens to have the precise Gematria match with “Mossad Villain,” which is just what we’ve been demonstrating to be so. 

Ok one more: MOHAMED-AGGAD =148 in Jewish Gematria. His fantasy partner in crime at the Bataclan was one SAMY AMIMOUR =148. No shit. Western propagandists pronounce it “Ami Mort” which is French for ‘dead friend.’ It’s also a play on ‘Amour’ which is French for ‘love’ and another nod to Crowley and Thelema. And 148 is the fulfilment of 48 like Paris located on the 48th meridian and 11/13 leaving 48 days left in the year. 

  • The 48th prime number is 223. FRIDAY THE THIRTEENTH =223. 

There’s our proof: a shield with bullet holes and police state goons in executioner masks. I want to decipher that logo in the background; does anyone know it? 

  • And why is there a bullet hole in the wall? Is this picture supposed to be backstage at the Bataclan? Get fucked.

8 thoughts on “Third Bataclan Attacker Identified, I Mean Made-Up

  1. Well my Gematria buddy i got a prediction for you. I predict the Golden st Warriors lose friday Dec 11 to the Celtics. Why? Because they are 23-0 and we are in a 23 Ritual Code right now Pope visit started the code, so get your Gematria decode Helmet on and see what your numbers say. I can hear Espn now the streak ends at 23. We will hear 23 all day long. Thats what all this 9/23 crap was the Beginning of the Ritual now if someone can figure when it ends well that is a paygrade higher than my abilities. The Geico” the Final Countdown commercial showing the Nuke is also constantly on so we must be close i assume.


    • Beauty, brother. I dig it. STREAK ENDS AT TWENTY-THREE =93. Warriors Twenty-Three and One =139. And we’ve been seeing a lot of 216s lately, perhaps gearing up for 2016? TWENTY-THREE AND ONE =216. 6x6x6 =216

      I’m gonna strap on my Gematria Helmet haha and have at er. If I find some gold I’ll do a post on it.

      In the meantime, are you Shaughnessy by chance? Just posted a commented on FTFT about the NBC headline “warriors train still rolling” emphasis on TRAIN =230. Like 23-0. And Bergoglio =230 to tie it into the Pope tribute.

      Cheers my man.


  2. “Noam Chomsky” in the English Ordinal system equals 137
    Miles W Mathis had a recent paper where he outs Chomsky as a spook (not just a gatekeeper):
    Mathis tells the reader that “The number 33 will come up many times in this investigation.”

    “Jimmy Eat World” in the English Ordinal system equals 168
    The number 168 was coded into the Columbine event and Jimmy Eat World (JEW) had a song called “Lucky Denver Mint” with Denver = 68 a number associated with death, as is 168.
    They also released an album in 2001 called “Bleed American” which supposedly had to have its name changed after 911 or some such shibboleth.
    They had a song called 23.

    Both “Clarity” (1999) and “Bleed American” (2001) were produced by Mark Trombino.
    He has simple 33 initials as M=13 = T=20 =33.
    Mark Trombino drummed in the band: “Drive Like Jehu ” in the English Ordinal system equals 139
    Associated act Rocket from the Crypt had an album called: “Scream, Dracula, Scream!” in the English Sumerian system equals 1068.

    Record labels for the foregoing bands/albums are Capitol; DreamWorks; Interscope. i.e. all illuminati-owned concerns.


      There are some early red flags on another “Holocaust denier”:
      “Carlos Whitlock Porter was born in 1947 in California into a family of Navy officers and lawyers.”

      C.W. Porter’s material on ‘the Holocaust’ is very stimulating imho but I must now begin to wonder whether he – as well as David Irving, according to Miles Mathis – is a provocateur.



    The Guardian is a reliable source of “pro-choice” propaganda and pushes for abortion in Ireland.

    “X-ile Project ” in the English Ordinal system equals 137

    “The publication of the women’s faces will be accompanied by a protest outside the gates of Trinity College Dublin with 12 pro-choice activists forming a human chain for 12 minutes.”

    A mere publicity stunt or an occult-charged mini ritual?

    Doctors from 44 countries call on Ireland to relax abortion laws

    Doctors say KILL !


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