Warriors! (Mount Up) It Was A Clear Black Night

Klay Thompson dropping that double 666 on our ass. The NBC Sports headline up right now reads “Warriors Train Still Rolling” — emphasis on TRAIN =230. The Warriors are currently 23-0. BERGOGLIO =230. The G-Squad (which is what I suddenly started calling our fellow Gematria-Decipherers), are suggesting NBA tributes to Pope Francis Bergoglio and his possible assassination on 1/22. 

On the other side of the fence, as above so below, Sixers are currently 1-21. Yes, the same Sixers who had their twin alumni of Moses Malone and Darryl Dawkins sacrificed a few months ago, 17 days apart. If they lose on 12/10 (notice the conect to 1-21) they’ll go 1-22 when GOLDEN STATE =122. POPE FRANCIS =122. PAPA FRANCISCO =122. TRAINWRECK =122. PADRE JORGE BERGOGLIO =1122. 


Now, the big hype is about Warriors breaking the Lakers record of 33 straight wins. THIRTY-THREE CONSECUTIVE WINS =132. Notice the reflection of that sum is 23-1. And if we take the dash a missing digit, as in 23*1… we could replace it with 3 to get 1332. Well, as it turns out, 666+666 =1332. And the image of Thompson droping the double 666 comes with the NBC train reference. 

  • Notice that 132 is a numerical anagram of 123, which is the number of points scored by Pacers in the 23rd Warriors victory of the year. Recall that 123 is the fulfilment of 23…
  • “Celtics Derail Warriors”=241. Is this an indication of 24-1?
  • “Warriors Train Derails”=251. Is this an indication of 25-1? 

First let’s see about the prediction for a Warriors loss on 12/11 to the Boston Celtics. 

  • Date numerology [12+11] =23. The perfect day to get stuffed 23, seeing as they broke the 16 came win streak on a date with 16 numerology. Sixteen =33. And 23 can be viewed as two threes. 
  • [12+11+20+15] =68. 
  • TWENTY-THREE AND ONE =216. 6x6x6 =216. Possible priming for a Warriors 2016 Championship. 
  • TWENTY-THREE WINS ONE LOSS =111. THE NBA FINALS =111. And the Warriors won their season opener with 111 points.


  • Well, that’s a lot of 98 codings. Warriors beat the Nets 114-98 on 12/6, going 22-0. That’s a total score of 121, which is the current Sixers record of 1-21 with their next game on 12/10. 
  • That’s 44 days into the season, or 1 month 13 days. RIGGED TO FAIL =113. 

Notice the 93 coded into this image, the numerogically intential cover selection out of thousands of images of the game. STREAK ENDS AT TWENTY-THREE =93. WARRIORS STOPPED AT TWENTY-THREE =139. WARRIORS FAIL TO GO TWENTY-FOUR =139. 

Warriors Mirror Sixers =306. Warriors Go Twenty-Three =306. Reducing to 36 when the sum of 1 to 36 =666, like Klay Thompson flashin signs. GOLDEN STATE GO TWENTY-THREE AND ONE =360. Exceptionally powerful mirror charge when we realize that the Warriors are originally from Philly.

  • And hey this 24th game will occur 1 month 15 days =115 into the season. CELTICS DERAIL WARRIORS =115. WARRIORS STUFFED TWENTYTHREE WINS =151. WARRIORS STREAK ENDS AT TWENTY-THREE =151. 

Alright, most likely heaps more but we’ll leave it at this for now: WARREN G AND NATE DOGG HAD TO REGULATE =144. And this is probably a huge stretch but Fuck It: the timespan between the release of Warren G – Regulate (4/28/94) and this potential Warriors loss on (12/11/15) is 21 years 7 months 14 days  =21/7/14. Reduce the factors and we get 312: a numerical anagram of 23-1. 

  • And for another spin, remember in that song how Nate Dogg sings, “All you skirts know what’s up with 213…” 
  • May be a reach but hey, time will tell. In the meantime your Brother Berg is gonna throw a few bucks down on the Warriors streak ending at 23. 

2 thoughts on “Warriors! (Mount Up) It Was A Clear Black Night

  1. Just put my 200.00 down on the Celts!! Now can someone decode i pet goat 2 and when America gets split in half! That video is a work of prophecy by are Archon rulers i believe.


  2. Your Gematria is very solid my friend, and I will be joining you on this ride!

    I remember your last GS prediction from a few weeks ago…..would you say there was something learned there that applies here?

    If tonight doesn’t work out – I’m willing to go way out on a limb, and say the Warriors start the season 40-0. That would be 44 straight games won dating back to last season. Another reason I think they go a solid 40 in a row is because I can see the win/loss record of 40-1, 41-1, and 44-1.

    Forty =84. Obama =84. Basketball is – Obama’s Favorite Sport =1410.

    Professional Basketball =1404. The Warriors win/loss of 40-1 will represent Professional Basketball.

    Forty Four =144. Obama is the 44th Pres. Pro Basketball =441 – like the 44-1 record I’m expecting.

    Steph =68. Barack Obama =68. Steph is an Assassin w/ the ball – Assassin =411, or 41-1.


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