What’s Going On in Killeen Texas? (Part 1: Luby’s Massacre)


Staged massacres on the public radar these days, and three major ones from modern history – all in the same Texan city of Killeen. First the Luby’s Shooting on 10/16/91 (the deadliest mass shooting in US history that didn’t occur at a school); then on 11/4/09 there was a mass shooting at Fort Hood, followed by another mass shooting at Fort Hood on 4/2/14. PsyOp Central. So what is really going on in Killeen?

KILLEEN TEXAS =137 (the 33rd prime). MIND CONTROL =137. Wikipedia even lists its population as 137,000. Killeen =68. Ft Hood =68. Killeen Texas =47. Fort Hood =47. PsyOps =47. Killeen Massacre =147. Luby’s Cafeteria =147. Georges Pierre =147 (perp’s original name). KILLING =74. MASONIC =74. 



George Jo Hennard crashes his truck through the window of the restaurant yelling, “All women of Killeen and Belton are vipers!” =159. MASS SHOOTING =159. ISRAELI SECRET INTELLIGENCE SERVICE =159. There were FORTY CASUALTIES =59 (Kill / Mass Murder / Monarch Slave / Kill All the Goy). According to the fictional narrative, he then shouts, “This is what Bell County did to me,” =119 (Star of David / Order of Death), =137 (Killeen Texas / Mind Control), “This is payback day!” =65 (Kill the Goyim / Killeen Texas =605), =74 (Masonic / Occult / Killing), =83 (Mind Control Test Site / GEORGE JO HENNARD).

LUBY’S SHOOTING =60//69. Conspiracy =60. Mass Shooting =60. CIA Mind Control =69. Texas =69. False Flag =69. The only 33-year-old victim from Copperas Cove (CC=33) was JOHN ROMERO JR =69/159. Luby’s =79. Massacre =79. Merchant Mariner =79 (perp’s profession). Luby’s Massacre =41. A Texas Massacre =41. Mass Murder =41. Boss’s Day =41 (the event happened on National Boss’s Day) — and it’s said there were 140 people in the Luby’s and that 14 of the victims were women. Including the perp, there were 41 casualties. Boss’s Day =23 and he killed 23 people. MK-Ultra Mind Control =233. Freemason Mind Control =233. 

  • DATE [10/16/91] =117 (Central Intelligence Agency), =136 (State Sponsored Terrorism / Scottish Rite of Freemasonry), =28 (PsyOp), =46 (Hero / Sacrifice). George Jo Hennard =146 (Kill the Goyim / License to Kill).
  • (perp) George Hennard =121 (Georges Pierre Hennard / Blood Sacrifice), =76 (Mind Control Assassin / Forty Casualties). Hennard =37 (MK Killer) Mind Control =137 // Killeen Texas =137. George =57. Luby’s Cafeteria =57. Killeen Massacre =57. 
  • George Jo Hennard =83. (town’s nickname) K-Town =83. Mind Control Test Site =83. Killing =38. Death =38. Masonic =38. Mind Control Assassin =238. Fort Hood Mind Control =238. Killeen Em Softly =183. 

His original name was GEORGES PIERRE HENNARD =211. MASONIC MIND CONTROL =211. MASON =211. KILLEEN TX =112. His birthday was the day before the event. [10/15/56] =81 (Murder By Numbers / Act of Terrorism / Mass Mind Control / Masons / Twenty-Four Dead =181), =100 (Masonic Ritual Murder / Zionist Conspiracy / Lone Wolf Terrorist), =46 (Sacrifice), =28 (PsyOp) — same double numerology as his death date.

  • It lasted TWELVE MINUTES =53. KILLING TEXAS =53. (notice the truck’s license plate starts with 53) and the first victim was VETERINARIAN MICHAEL GRIFFITH =153.
  • KILLED TWENTY-THREE =216. Operative Masonry =216 (6x6x6) then Hennard shot himself: Twenty-Four Dead =64. Hennard =64. Thelema =64. National Boss’s Day =64 (on a date with 46 numerology). 


Notice the address of 1705, matching the last three digits of the pickup’s plate: 17w (W=3+2). NEW WORLD ORDER =75 and 175 represents the ‘fulfilment’ of 75… MASONIC ASSASSIN =175. MISINFORMATION =175. ONE TWENTY-ONE =175. George Hennard =121. Blood Sacrifice =121. And summing the 1705 we find a hidden 13. 

  • Speaking about plates, check the 363-ZDB (26+4+2). Summed =44. KILL =44. MK ASSASSIN =44. MK ULTRA ASSASSIN =44. LONE GUNMAN =44. EXECUTION =44. CAR CRASH =44. MILITARY =44. POLICE STATE =44. MOSSAD JOB =44. VIPERS =44. 
  • This is why that particular car was wheeled in for the photo-op. 

YES EVEN THE MASSACRES ARE BIGGER IN TEXAS =156. OCTOBER SIXTEEN NINETEEN NINETY-ONE =156 (God / False Flag / Perpetual War / Six Six Six / Thirty-Three). October =33. Sixteen =33. Ninety=33. PSYCHOLOGICAL OPERATIONS =133. GOVERNMENT =133. WHITE HOUSE =133. MASON TEMPLE =133. SHOOTOUT =133. 


And with regards to the alleged woman-hater motive, the timespan between this massacre and the one at Ecole Polytech in Montreal is 680 days. Murder-Suicide =68. Mossad Conspiracy =68. That’s also 1 year 10 months 11 days =1111. REPTILIAN FREEMASONRY =1111. FOUR ELEVEN =1111. 


5 thoughts on “What’s Going On in Killeen Texas? (Part 1: Luby’s Massacre)

  1. This might be in your Part 2 but I thought is was interesting that the Area of Killeen is 105.6 (156) and the longitude is 31.1056 N. SpaceX is not that far away from Killeen in McGregor the area of McGregor is 21.43 and it is at 31.4319 N. I wonder if that is how they decide area of town based on the long/lat?


    • That’s brilliant, Linda. Thank you. Both of those coordinates have a 3.14-PI connection. I’ve been noticing the connection between coordinates and area and even population. Wikipedia is so coded and a great place to expose this alphanumeric conspiracy. And you’re on the A-Team. I love it when you write in.


  2. Thanks! You made my day. I am glad I can help a little. I am no where near at the level you are with your research. I have been wondering if the mileage signs for roads leading into a town/city are code for how much a town is under free mason control. For instance, when you are on 84 going into Waco
    I think it says Waco 13m, then 6mi. I think from some of the other roads it will say Waco 47m. ect. I wonder if there is a PI connection with that too?


  3. “Michael Edward Killeen Hussey (born 27 May 1975) also known as Mike Hussey is a former Australian Test cricketer.”
    Some interesting numbers in Hussey’s career:
    “He then moved to England, where in July 2001 he scored an unbeaten 329 (a Northamptonshire club record) at Wantage Road in his side’s 633 for six declared on the way to a 10-wicket victory.”

    633-6 can be taken as a covert ‘666’ (6 & 3+3=6 & 6) with a ’33’ nested in there, obviously.

    “….[Hussey] was surprisingly dropped with Australian selectors planning for the 2015 world cup and to give Phillip Hughes and Usman Khawaja an opportunity at ODI level.”

    Usman Khawaja and Phillip Hughes being fellow left-hand bats, the former being the first Muslim to play for Australia, the latter being supposedly dead.


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