Michael Brown’s Chicken Massacre


In light of FTFT’s findings linking the Chicago cop shootings of RONALD Johnson and Laquan MCDONALD to Ray Kroc and the San Ysidro McDonalds Massacre, further connected to Kroc’s first McDonalds opened in San Bernardino… may I present yet another fast food restaurant massacre linked to white-cop-kills-black-teen propaganda. 

  • BROWN’S CHICKEN MASSACRE =223 (Fast Food Restaurant / Domestic Terrorism / Masonic / The Synagogue of Satan). MICHAEL BROWN =123 (Conspiracy / Psychological Warfare / Disinfo Agent) and according to the fictional narrative, he was shot at 12:03.
  • Michael Brown’s Chicken =96 (Freemason / Satanism / MK-Ultra / Domestic Terrorists / Disinformation Agent)

We also have the time coordinate of the Luby’s Shooting in Killeen to consider: the span between that and the Brown’s Chicken Massacre is precisely 1 year 2 months 23 days =1223, which in numerology represents the fulfilment of 223 (Brown’s Chicken Massacre =223). That’s also 123% of a calendar year, tying into the Michael Brown PsyoP as well. 


Brown’s Chicken Massacre occurred on 1/8/93 — the Michael Brown Shooting happened 8/9/14. That’s 213 days after the 21st anniversary of the Chicken Massacre. 

  • HANDS UP DON’T SHOOT =213. RACISM =213 (which is exactly what the Michael Brown PsyOp seeks to perpetuate). Disinformation Agent =213. Another Distraction =213. Jewish Empire in America =213. Darren Wilson received a commendation in Feb 2013 (2/13). 
  • (The 44th day of the year, Feb 13th, is the ancient Saturnic festival of Lupercalia =44. Kill =44. The duration between Lupercalia and Mike Brown’s death is 177 days. Palatine Illinois =177. Lone Wolf Attacks =177. Darren Dean Wilson =77. Police Officer =77. Police Department =77. (Recall that Flight 77 hit the 77′ tall Pentagon on the 77th meridian while George HW Bush was 77 years old and the CIA Director in 1977; and the battleship USS GEORGE HW BUSH is #77).

Notice the 30 weeks 3 days reducing to 33 (POLICE / MICHAEL / DARREN / BLACK LIVES)


    [1/8/1993] =102 (Rothschild Zionist / Murderer / Slavery / United States of America / Programmed Shooter), =121 (Blood Sacrifice / Michael Brown’s Chicken Massacre / Revelation), =31 (Skull & Bones / Satanist / Satanic). 

    In Palatine Illinois, a suburb of Chicago, two assailants robbed Brown’s Chicken then proceded to murder seven employees. The case remained unsolved until 2002 when the girlfriend turned in the perps. Juan Luna was sentenced to life in 2007, as with James Degorski in 2009. BROWN’S CHICKEN & PASTA =75. UNSOLVED MYSTERY =75. NEW WORLD ORDER =75. ST LOUIS MISSOURI =75. 

    • Timespan between Brown’s Massacre and the arrest on May 16th, 2002, was exactly 488 weeks. TRUTH =488. MARK OF THE BEAST =488. GRAY =488 (like Freddie and the blending of black and white?) 
    • 488 weeks is 9 years 4 months 9 days =949. JUAN LUNA =94. 
    • Luna =48. Degorski =88. The Massacre happened on the 88th meridian. 

    [8/9/2014] =31 (Skull & Bones / Satanist / Satanic), =51 (Freemason / Zionism / Conspiracy / Mass Shooting / Freddie / Gray / Cigarillos), =24 (Satanism) – a number connected to 144. NOTICE THE SYNCHRONIZED DATE NUMEROLOGY OF 31.  

    • Now if we include the last day in our timespan between the 21st anniversary of the Brown’s Massacre and the Michael Brown PsyOp we get 214 days. MICHAEL BROWN PSYOP =214. And it happened in 2014, drop the zero and we get 214. 

    Michael Brown and his killer Darren Wilson were both born in May, 10 years 6 days apart =106. Prophecy =106. Masonic Media =106. They’re both 6’4″ =64 (DEGORSKI & LUNA / Thelema / Do What Thou Wilt).  


    • Notice the 144 like Brown’s Chicken =144. Killer =144. Etc you get it, I talk about this number in almost every post. And the big EIGHT when it happens on the 8th day of the year.
    • In an instance of predictive programming, it should also be noted that just five months before the Michael Brown Shooting PsyOp, James Degorski was in the paper for being awarded $451,000 in compensation and punitive damages having been beaten by a Sheriff’s deputy in Cook County Jail in May 2002. The deputy was eventually dismissed. Darren Wilson, on the other hand, walked free.
    • Black Death =154. The Antichrist =154. The Law of Thelema =154. A Ferguson Hoax =154. 



    Every letter on that piece sums to 147. Police =147. Mike Brown =47. The official narrative begins the event with Wilson responding to a call at 11:47. 

    • And lest we forget the detail that Brown’s alleged body was left in the street for FOUR HOURS =51 (Conspiracy), tying into the 51 numerology of his alleged death date. 
    • Now it’s said the shooting happened between 12:01 and 12:03, and that his body was removed at 4:00. If we lowball the estimate we get exactly 239 minutes — the hot number of the past year, the age of America. THE GANG OF THIRTY-THREE =239. USA HISTORY REPEATS =239. MIND CONTROL TECHNIQUE =239. DEATH IS FAKE =239. 
    • That’s also 3 hours 59 minutes =359


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