UFC 194: Aldo vs McGregor


The alphanumeric breakdown on tonight’s fight. I predicted the Ronda Rousey upset as the numbers were all synched up for HOLLY HOLM =48 (Illluminati / Propaganda / Hoax). It’s not complex, I just saw that a Holm win would be her 33rd and a Rousey loss would make her 12-1, like the occult significance of the BAKER’S DOZEN =48. And notice too the initials, RR=99 & HH=88. (9+9+8+8) =34 and Holm was 34 years old. (It’s been 980 days since McGregor’s debut). All that being said, my NBA predictions have fallen short, despite the coding being on point.

UFC 194 is happening on 12/12. Like 12×12=144. April Fourth =144 / Forty-Four =144 April 4th  is the 94th day of the year (see last paragraph for more on 94). I’m basing the outcome of the main event, the fight between José Aldo and Conor McGregor, on both the Holm-Rousey fight and the results of UFC Fight Night 78 on 11/21. UFC FIGHT NIGHT SEVENTYEIGHT =144. Its main event delivered a loss to the fighter coded to fall: KELVIN GASTELUM =171 weighs 171 lbs with a 71″ reach who won the 17th season of The Ultimate Fighter reality show as well as UFC 171. In the UK he weighs 12.2 stones, like 12×2=24, his age and his birthday on the 24th. Or 12 squared =144. Like Gastelum’s birth numerology (10+24+19+91)=144. Gastelum lost on 11/21 to make his record 11-2. UFC ONE NINETYFOUR =211. It’s been 22 weeks and 1 day since the original fight date for Aldo-McGregor, before it was rescheduled. This fight is McGregor’s 10012th day of being alive — an obscure fact that also reduces to 112. He’s pound-for-pound ranked #12 and this is his 21st MMA fight. MIXED MARTIAL ARTS =1122. Aldo’s team is NOVA UNIAO =112. NEVADA STATE ATHLETIC COMMISSION =112. 

Another obscure fact (hearty cheers to Dar O’Brien for this intel) is the timespan between UFC 194 and from McGregor’s first fight on 2/17/07 is 3220 days =322. His opponent’s full name: JOSE ALDO DA SILVA OLIVEIRA JUNIOR =322. Aldo’s first pro fight went 3:22. Of course this is the number of Skull & Bones, who are connected to the rigging of professional sport events as numerologically charged occult megarituals. CONOR =223. Jose’s full name of 322 is an illusion, as the é doesn’t read on the Gematria calculator. It’s actually 327, which is a numerical anagram of JOSE ALDO VS CONOR MCGREGOR =273. 

UFC 194 falls on a date numerology of 14/39/59. ALDO VS MCGREGOR =159, the fulfilment of the kill number coded so much lately. ULTIMATE FIGHTING CHAMPIONSHIP =159. Aldo’s team RUAS VALE TUDO =159. McGregor is 5’9″ and he’s from IRELAND =159. Recalling how the initials of the Rousey-Holm fight equalled the age of winner, JA=11 & CM=16 (27) and McGregor is 27 (it’s also Aldo’s 27th professional fight). MMA =27. McGregor has a 38 life number and his last loss came at 38 seconds into Round 1. Aldo’s nickname SCARFACE =38. KILLING =38. DEATH =38. It’s been 138 days since UFC President Dana White’s birthday. Both White and Aldo have birth numerology of 123. 

As this blog has been revealing, lately we’ve been heavily blasted with 113 coding. CONOR ANTHONY MCGREGOR =113. Aldo was born 9/9, which leaves 113 days in the year. If we include today, the date of UFC 194, McGregor has been alive for 10013 days =113. 11×3=33 and it’s 3 months 3 days between this fight and Aldo’s birthday (Jose Aldo da Silva Oliveira Junior =133). Aldo was born on 9/9 and tonight’s fight is at the MGM GRAND GARDEN ARENA =990. MGM GRAND =199. DO WHAT THOU WILT =199. The last fighter to beat Aldo was LUCIANO AZEVDO =918 (also reducing to 9) by REAR-NAKED CHOKE =119 (11×9, the number of the Zionists who rig UFC by the numbers). 

  • UFC 194. Emphasis on 94. It’s on the 12th and TWELFTH =94. ARM-BAR =194. JOSE =294. NEVADA STATE ATHLETIC COMMISSION =1914. LAS VEGAS =914. It’s been 19 weeks 4 days since Dana White’s birthday and 94 days since Aldo’s birthday. 

So, what does it all mean? 12+12+215 =239 and the fight promo video is 2:39 on a date with 39 numerology when McGregor’s last defeat was at Cage Warriors 39. Conor =390. White =390. Aldo’s fourth fight on 1/3/9 ended at 1:39. TWELFTH =1139. What does it mean? We will soon find out. 

6 thoughts on “UFC 194: Aldo vs McGregor

  1. Today’s date is 12/12 ….. a lot like 3/3.

    Warriors finally lose their first game to the Bucks
    (same team that ended the lakers 33 win streak)

    And BOTH UFC Champions lost today……..

    So many upsets on a date of 12/12 (33)
    we all know how unlucky that number can be….

    Luke Rockhold won tonight….
    “Luke Rockhold Wins” in English Gematria Equals: 1200
    (just like the date)

    Conor Mcgregor in English Gematria Equals: 906
    (like i said before…. i believe they code 9’s and 6’s upside down sometimes…. basically the same symbol….. so turn the 9 upside down and you get 606 = 12
    like the date

    “Conor Mcgregor Wins” in Jewish Gematria Equals: 1524
    (1+5+2+4 = 12 like the date)

    “Conor Mcgregor Wins” in Simple Gematria Equals: 216
    (turn the 6 upside down and you get 2+1+9 = 12)


    • wow. exactly man. that is great commentary. i was away this weekend but tuned back in to see this outrageous scenario. it’s absolutely ridiculous. no matter how you swing it. so let’s all progress and thrive. that word again is THRIVE.


    • yo i got sidetracked in that message dudebro, you killed it. i don’t care what anyone else says; that message was beyond truth. thank you. yo i just want to genuinely say THANK YOU. fuck these goofs. that is fact and this is something we’re all getting our heads around.


  2. http://www.theguardian.com/world/2015/nov/13/irish-students-berkeley-balcony-collapse-families-to-sue

    I read this story in the afternoon of Friday 13th November, 2015 (a day that will live in infamy).
    I took it as a signal that the Republic of Ireland soccer team would be “rewarded” for the “sacrifice” of some Irish young people.

    ROI got a positive result and have qualified for Euro 2016, to be held in France.

    “Relatives of the 13 victims are seeking punitive damages from 35 named defendants in relation to the incident, which happened on 16 June on the campus of the University of California, Berkeley.”

    Was the Conor McGregor 13 second win a further “reward” for the 13 victims of the Berkeley Balcony Collapse?


    • Great thinking brother, this theory illuminates a whole nother part of the room. 35-13=42. And 16th (sixteen=33) of June=50 Bush=50. I’ve been feeling more and more if somethings going down its going down before Daddy Bush turns 92 on June 12/16. Maybe if we can disrupt their comms until then ..


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