Bush Family Crime Syndicate


BUSH CRIME SYNDICATE=81. MURDER BY NUMBERS=81. Operative Masonry=81. Prescott Sheldon Bush=81. Dorothy Walker Bush=81. Prescott’s wife Dorothy died on 11/19, just 16 days (sixteen=33) after her son GH lost the election to Clinton. What a date, when THE GANG OF THIRTY-THREE=1119 and SUPER TERRORISTS=1119. Not to mention the fulfilment of 119 (Mind Control / Star of David / Three Eleven) or how the rest of the world views the date 9/11. 

  • Jeb was 43rd Governor of Florida and George W was 43rd President. 
  • GHW BUSH=43 and he was 43rd Vice-President. BARBARA=43. A FIRST LADY=43. bloodline=43. freemasons=43. yale=43. the agency=43. Papa Bush’s nickname at Yale’s Skull & Bones was MAGOG=43. 
  • 9/11 happened A DECADE LATER=43 after his NWO speech. 
  • There are 43 days left on the 322nd day. 322 the number of Skull & Bones. 


Bush June Birthdays. George Herbert Walker: June 11th (died June 24th). George HW: June 12th. Barbara: June 8th. Jeb announced his run for president on June 15/15. And here’s why: JUNE =50. BUSH=50. BUSH DYNASTY=50/158. GEORGE CROWLEY=158. PRESCOTT BUSH =58. GEORGE W BUSH=58. WAR CRIMINAL=58. GEORGE W BUSH=130. BUSH FAMILY WAR CRIMINALS=103. HW=13. 


BUSH=14. WAR CRIMINALS=140. BUSH DYNASTY=41. SKULL AND BONES=41 (Prescott, George Sr, George Jr all Bonesmen=33). JEB stands for JOHN ELLIS=41. Prescott’s middle name is SHELDON=41. MASS MURDER=41 (for which all three are directly responsible). Al Qaeda / ISIS Mafia / Islamic State=41. Spawn of Satan=41 (Barbara, spawn of Aleister Crowley sex magick). 

  • George HW Bush was the 41st President of the United States. 4/1 is the 91st day. BUSH41=91. GEORGE CROWLEY-BUSH=91. POTUS=91 and he is now currently 91 years old until June 12th (6/12)–(6/3). GEORGE BUSH SR=63. BARBARA BUSH=63. BARBARA CROWLEY=63. WITCH=63. MASS MIND CONTROL=63. 
  • George HW Bush’s creepy “New World Order speech” came ten years before 9/11/01, on 9/11/91. “EXACTLY A DECADE EARLIER”=91. Zionist Conspiracy=91. PsyOp=91. The sum of 1-13=91.
  • The perfect scumbag to delivery this notorious address as GEORGE HW BUSH=75. BUSH CRIMELORD=75. NEW WORLD ORDER=75. NEW PEARL HARBOR=75.


Magic Multiples of 11 (Sum of 1 to 10 = 55)

  • 11×11=121. war criminal=121. bush-clinton-bush-clinton=121. 

TEN YEARS LATER=55. SATAN=55. SATANIC ELITE=55. THREE-TWO-TWO=55. THIRTEENTH=55. NUMEROLOGY=55 (one of the god numbers in numerology). JOHN ELLIS BUSH=55. BUSH THE ELDER=55. BUSH41=55. And remember that the 5-sided pentagon is 5-stories tall with a 5-acre coutryard and sits across from the 555′ Washington Monument. The Invasion of Baghdad occurred 555 days after 9/11. 

Prescott=44. Bush Mafia=44. The merger of KILL=44 and BUSH DYNASTY=41 is our 144. Mark of the Beast=144, Killer=144, and the first 144 digits of pi sum to 666. Now get this: GEORGE BUSH SR=144. And his wife’s real name BARBARA CROWLEY=144. She was born on 6/8, the 131st anniversary of THE FESTIVAL OF THE SUPREME BEING=144. 

  • At brief glance, this state religion of the French Revolution appears to be similar in nature to Satanism, that being a worship of self. This appears to be coded into G HW Bush’s religious profile, as well. He’s listed as EPISCOPALIAN=66. GEORGE HW BUSH=66. BUSH CRIMELORD=66. See how they did that? THIRTY-THREE=66. SIXTY-SIX=41. 

The 77 Connection

George HW Bush=66. GHW Bush=88. George Crowley=77. Barbara Pierce-Bush=77. Barbara Crowley-Bush=77. Prescott Sheldon Bush died at 77. Sheldon=77 and his wife DW Bush=77 (Mossad Conspiracy / Jewish Empire / Judaism / Christ / Hexagram / Power). George Walker Bush=177. Masonic Satanist=177.

  • On 9/11 Flight 77 hit the 77’ft Pentagon on the 77th-meridian (aka the American Meridian=137 cutting through Washington DC=137)
  • US Route 77 connects Dealey Plaza to the AP Murrah Building and the 77-acre Branch Davidian compound in Waco. 
  • Seventy-Seven =175 (Satanic Worship), =49 (Prescott Bush), =58 (George W Bush), =67 (Satanic)

The USS George HW Bush is #77. He was the CIA Director in ’77 and on 9/11, this putrid parasitic sack of alien scum spawn of satanic sex magick was 77.


    The timespan between USS George HW Bush (CVN-77) being ordered and awarded to 9/11 is 228 days. UNITED STATES OF AMERICA =228. DEATH =228. ROTHSCHILD ZIONIST =228. And there’s a whole nother article just in deciphering the custom-build on this death machine. Like it was ordered on the 26th with a pricetag of $6.2 billion, when recall that GEORGE BUSH =62. 

    • Its motto is “Freedom at Work”=64. Bush the Elder=64. George Walker=64. Thelema=64. Do What Thou Wilt=64. The Antichrist=64. 


    2 thoughts on “Bush Family Crime Syndicate

    1. When you tie in the fact that great grandfather and grandfather helped fund WW1 and WW2 it just adds to the Bush lore of creepy. To take all this number stuff back to frequencies in the air, voltage transmission lines use multiples of 11 or 1.1.(110 or 220 V)
      Transformer induced voltage equation E=4.44*F*T*phi http://www.crazyengineers.com/threads/why-do-we-use-multiples-of-11-as-voltage-in-transmission-lines.3006/
      The multiples of 11 freaked me out a bit because I have done the numbers on my name,hospital I was born in ,towns/cities I have lived in, parents names ect. and I have a lot of multiples of 11. Mainly 66,44 and 22. I am trying to be a positive force in the world so I hope I am OK. 🙂


      • Interesting! You definitely seem to be a positive force in the world from my perspective. The numbers are neutral, it’s how we use it. Eleven as the magic number, i’m imagining tuning forks. Also I watched some of The Imitation Game last night and nearly every code i cracked was a multiple of 11.


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