Making Sense of Gibberish: Princess Bride References During the Republican Pony Show


  • “TRUMP ISIS AND PRINCESS BRIDE”=142 with s-exception. 

And as I just deciphered The Running Man (1987) last night, based on last night’s silly fucking puppet politician gameshow headline, it should be noted that The Princess Bride also came out in 1987 — exactly five weeks before the former’s release on 11/13, exactly 28 years before the Paris Attacks. 

  • An update on that timespan of TWENTY-EIGHT=156, just like THIRTY-THREE=156, and FALSE-FLAG=156 is the Warrior’s win-streak stopped at 28 by the MILWAUKEE BUCKS=156 — losing (on the same night as the UFC knockout record of 13 seconds) by 13 points just 13 days short of the chance to break the Laker’s record of 33 games. 


So after reading my Running Man report, you might just be inclined to reckon there’s something of occult importance to this flick. So when 24 hours later we get a Princess Bride reference, we look into it: FIVE WEEKS LATER=161 (Terrorists / Murder-Death-Kill / Omnipresent Government Surveillance / Planet Saturn / Secrets Revealed / The Final Warning / Expiration Date / Masonic Grand Lodge). 

  • If we count the end date it’s 36 days between the releases of those 1987 classics. BUTTERCUP=36. THIRTY-SIX DAYS=84. THE PRINCESS BRIDE=84. OBAMA=84 and he was born on 8/4. 
  • As you can see, The Princess Bride is at least triple-level coded with Obama. But why? The article says Lindsay Graham quoted the movie. LINDSAY GRAHAM=64. BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA=64. What do you know; quad-coding. But what do you expect, this is a presidential puppetshow, I mean republican debate. 

There is most likely much more coding, although it will take a deciphering of the film itself. As for now, the moral of the story is that what we are presented with on the telescreen is just as much a fictional fantasy as the fairytale in the Princess Bride.


4 thoughts on “Making Sense of Gibberish: Princess Bride References During the Republican Pony Show

  1. The Princess Brides was released on Sep. 25, 1987 which is Sep. 12 on the Julian calendar, one day after the Sep. 11th attacks that would occur 13 years later. I think this is either predictive programming or a tribute.


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