15 thoughts on “Obama’s Next Move

  1. Abby Wambach called for Jurgen Klinsmann to be sacked as head coach of the USA men’s soccer team.
    She was shown presenting a shirt to the incumbent incompetent POTUS with “Obama 44” on it.
    That can translate into “KILL OBAMA”.
    On Abby Wambach’s Wikipedia:
    “During the 2003 season, Wambach tied with Freedom teammate, Mia Hamm for the league’s scoring lead with 33 points”


  2. Obama is a big fan of – March Madness =118. Death =118.

    The March Madness college basketball tourney is single elimination…

    Elimination =121, 313. March Thirteen =142. President Obama =142.

    Eliminated =223. President Obama Eliminated =1404.

    I couldn’t find anymore 239’s, but its still one of my fave clubs.


  3. I saw the video – great stuff….Can’t wait for the Ex-Caps take.

    Lefty =408. Lucky Lefty =840.

    Left =43. Left Handed =43. Left Handed =79. Extra-Capsa specializes in 79’s.

    Leftist =330. Teenagers =333.


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