Spanish Prime Minster Gets Sucker-Punched in Mock Assassination Ritual Performance Piece


Meanwhile, as CNN ran the previous report’s coded assassination message of Obama’s finger-gun, Mariano Rajoy, the Prime Minister of Spain gets sucker-punched in a crowd. A 17-year old kid punched him in the face, instantly raising subconscious alarm to the accessibility and vulnerabilty of world leaders – especially with all the stories of the ineptitude of Secret Service agents (the Secret Service founded just hours before Lincoln was killed…)

This event can be perceived as a mock assassination, an unexpected attack on a president in public. What if the kid had a gun? And notice the coded tweet: 142 = President Obama. 61 = Dead President. And Obama was born in ’61. Even the timestamp, 1124 is the fulfilment of 124 = Dead President / Killing of the Divine King / Psychological Operations / Mind-Control Programming. 

  • The kid was 17: KILL=17. And the date numerology (12/16/15)=43. MURDERED=43. (The assailant was) LEFT-HANDED=43. LEFT=43. 
  • Prime Minister of Spain=113 and the attack came in the 3rd year and 11th month (311) of his term. Sworn in on (12/21/11)=44. KILL=44. 

And notice the reporter name on the image: MONICA PATXOT =151. OBAMA KILLED IN MARCH =151. KILLING OF THE DIVINE KING =151. GOVERNMENT MIND CONTROL PROGRAM =151. 


The attack happened in the town of PONTEVEDRA=48/120. ILLUMINATI=48/120. PONTEVEDRA SPAIN=79. LEFT-HANDED=79. And based on the perfect timing and coding of this event, I’m betting it’s staged as part of the ritual. The Gang of 33 coerced the kid into cracking a well-deserved shot at the PM, who may have very well had no idea it was coming. But dollars to donuts someone made the kid do it.  

  • The attack happened 144 hours short of his 4 year anniversary in office. RAJOY=414. Occurring simultaneously with the Obama Assassination clue, which itself happened 10 days after his green screen speech from the Oval Office on PEARL HARBOR DAY=144. TEN DAYS LATER=144. PRESIDENT B OBAMA=144. PRESIDENT OBAMA ELIMINATED=1404.

The above image is from New York Times and the one below is CNN. Notice the only difference between the two is 2 more retweets, making it just as beautifully coded to support this theory as the other — and all the more powerful when taken together.



4 thoughts on “Spanish Prime Minster Gets Sucker-Punched in Mock Assassination Ritual Performance Piece

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        I liked a lot the video of “Back to the future”.
        Please consider make more videos because you have a new subscriber
        Zachary and You are the best websites availables about Gematria.
        Please upload some video about “predictions” or some analysis for 2016 & 2017.

        Thanks you again.
        God Bless You


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