Earthquake Gossip and No More Laptop


My girlfriend does some catering at a classy banquet hall in Vancouver and a couple weeks ago her colleague was working a closed door function for what she described as secret service – most likely private military. She says they were discussing how to manage the public following the earthquake that is expected to strike Burnaby, Vancouver, in July 2016. Maybe it’s just a drill, maybe they know something we don’t. Thought I’d pass the warning on anyway.

Earthquake=44. HAARP=44. Military=44. Police State=44.

PS my laptop got stolen a couple nights ago so I’m blogging off my phone and anticipate post quality to be subpar until I get it sorted. Hopefully that’s a karmic debt I’ve repaid for something from my past and we can be back to balanced now and building up the good. Every shit thing that happens is another opportunity to learn and grow. And one beautiful gift here is that I had a powerful intuition and vivid warning about what was about to happen but I didn’t pay attention. Next time I will. 

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