Vegas Car Chaos and Chinese Landslide Symmetry


Everyone Was Running =96. Oklahoma State University =96 (one of the latest ‘car crashes into crowd’ story at OSU homecoming on 10/24 in Stillwater, one of America’s most Masonic towns). Freemason =96. Satanism =96. MK-Ultra =96. And notice any hidden number in the 1 dead 37 wounded? Perhaps 137 the 33rd prime? The hotel the lady intentionally crashed into (mind control) is 33-stories. The main quote in the Cnn article is “I Saw People Laying on the Ground”=330.

It happened at a hotel called Paris Las Vegas =59. Mass Murder =59. Kill =59. Which is of course a subconscious terror trigger to the Paris Attacks Hoax of 11/13 – which occurred exactly 58 days ago when Freemasonry=58.


Notice it was opened on 9/1 and 36+55=91 and there’s a 91 in the zip code and the number of rooms. The opening date numerology even equals (9+1+99)=109. ZIONIST CONSPIRACY =91/109.


Simultaneously, on the other side of the world, a Chinese landslide took out 33 buildings and left 91 missing in a parallel psyop.

Shenzhen China =80. Landslide=80. Chinese Landslide =80. It covered an area of 380,000 m2 =38.


BBC shows this image, the loose shoes being symbolic of the masonic hoodwink (notice each shoe has a 6 and THIRTY-THREE=66) and the jacket badge reads 20 Club 1955. Club=38 so 20+38=58. Freemasonry Club, blowing levies and remote influencing drivers to crash into crowds.


And a loose shoe in Vegas, too.

Back to Vegas, 1 dead 37 wounded is 38 casualties. It’s been 38 days since a car plowed into a crowd in Brooklyn on Halloween, 7 days after the 3 car crashes into crowds in one day. A Week Later =38. Death =38.

The permanent show at Paris Las Vegas is JERSEY BOYS=44. CAR CRASH=44. KILL=44. The other highlighted quote is “She just kept mowing people down”=144.

These two events taken in tandem may be a warning for an upcoming terror event at Hoover Dam…

4 thoughts on “Vegas Car Chaos and Chinese Landslide Symmetry

  1. December 20th is December 7th on the Julian calendar; December 7th was the day Pearl Harbor was attacked.
    Interesting enough Shenzhen,China and the Hoover Dam both sit on the 114th Meridian west.
    114 = Pearl Harbor, world war


    • Great work! There were a couple other 114s coded into this Vegas story but as I’m operating completely off a smartphone now I’ve no more long sprawling lists to crosscheck. Might have to bust out the old pad and pen in the meanwhile


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