Iron Man Elon Musk and the SpaceX Front Company Hoax



SPACEX (19+16+1+3+5+24)=68. Historic landing just so happens to occur on a date with numerology of 68 (12+21+20+15). Elon ‘Iron Man’ Musk=68. Barack Obama=68. Musk Project Bluebeam=68.

ELON MUSK=38. SPACE HOAX=38. SPACEX PULLS OFF ROCKET LANDING =308 / 119 (Star of David / All-Seeing Eye / Star Wars / Nikola Tesla). And the CEO of Tesla Motors has a networth of $11.9 billion… “Mission is win for Musk, step toward cheaper space travel”=216. Tesla=216. Barack=216. Operative Masonry=216. 6x6x6=216.

The rocket is named Falcon after the MILLENIUM FALCON=159 (Thirty-Third / Israeli Secret Intelligence Service / Little Green Men) from Star Wars. And they successfully landed the Falcon rocket 144 hours after the premiere of Star Wars — just as the last failed mission came 144 hours before July Fourth, another glorified spectacle. (The bad guys in that extremely overrated movie are called THE FIRST ORDER=75. NEW WORLD ORDER=75. Just another coincidence I’m sure…)


139 seconds eh. FREEMASONRY=139. Presidential Assassination=139. And this successful mission came 176/177 days after the last disaster mission. LIKE IN THE MOVIES=176. THE ALIEN INVASION=177.


And the last disaster mission happened on Musk’s 44th birthday, giving us yet another hint as to the fate of the 44th president. Tony Stark=44. Iron Man=84 (Obama [born 8/4]). MUSK=64 (BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA / TONY STARK=ELON MUSK). Elon Musk=110. President=110. PsyOps=110.


Musk is the wealthiest man in LA, a geeky humanitarian billionaire boy-genius character and ardent supporter of the Evil Empire known as the Military-Industrial-Complex. NASA is beyond confirmed as a total hoax/front company – so what is SpaceX actually doing? Will they finally be able to show us the first non-CGI image of Earth in history? Don’t hold your breath.

Falcon Nine=93. Star Wars The Force Awakens=93. Saturn=93. Propaganda=93. SpaceX Front Company=93. SpaceX CEO Musk=930. Space Exploration=193. Hubris=41. Space Travel=41. SpaceX Front=141. (Falcon 9 reached Low Earth Orbit at 1:40 UTC)

FALCON NINE=48 and it made history on a date with numerology of (12+21+15)=48. This can also be viewed as (12+21)=33 and Falcon 9 (6+1+3+3+6+5)=24(+9)=33. MUSK=330. CEO OF TESLA=330.

“Space Exploration Technologies Corporation”=218 (Quantum Computers / Hidden Agendas / Our Number is Eleven) — this latest mission delivered 11 satellites. Perhaps gearing up for the Project Bluebeam alien invasion hoax using holographic technology?

Tony Stark Iron Man=74. Elon Musk is Tony Stark=74. Masonic=74. Jesus=74. Messiah=74. Lucifer=74. Weapon=74.


3 thoughts on “Iron Man Elon Musk and the SpaceX Front Company Hoax

  1. Very Informative decoding of – Musk =64. Elon =46. How do you like that?!

    I’m glad somebody finally took the mask off – Musk =330. CEO Of Tesla =330.

    Tesla is listed as TSLA =52. Iron Man =250. Fifty Two =124. Musk’s Bday – 6+28+19+71 =124.

    Tesla’s most popular car is the – Model S =68. Many good 68 examples were mentioned in the post.

    Musk’s initials are – ERM =216. Tesla =216. Barack =216. Tesla Motors =616.

    ERM =115. Elon =115. Freemasons =115. Killing =115. Killing =74 – and again, many good 74 examples are in the original post.

    ERM =36. If you sum 1-36 =666. ERM =216 – 6x6x6 =216. Elon Musk =660.

    Picking up on your 93 commentary – SpaceX CEO Musk =930.

    SpaceX CEO Elon Musk =201. Millenium Falcon Nine =201.

    Regarding your 75 clues (New World Order, The First Order). Tesla =57. Millenium Falcon Nine =557.

    Elon Musk is nothing more then a reality based Marvel character. Fake Identity =57. Tesla =57.

    Marvel =71. Seventy One =144. X =144. Space =44. Forty Four =144. Space X is code for 144.


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