Vegas Hit-Run: Mind Control Fingerprints and the Triple Paris Connection




I love the detail that the Mk-victim who crashed her car into a crowd was in a tv spot for homelessness back in Oregon. Aka, she’s an actor. In the Portland Opportunities Industrialization Center ad, she drops some numbers on us, saying her GPA went from a 1.41 to a 3.4 and she received $17,000 in grants: 17=Kill. 34=Murder. Will of Thelema =141.

And how’s the coded name of the federal government center she worked at… The number of Skull & Bones; Masonic; The Synagogue of Satan. Huge piece of evidence right here:


Now get a load of this absurd detail: Lakeisha changed her name to Paris and her road rampage occurred in front of Paris Las Vegas, 38 days after the Paris Attacks…


Paris Paradise Morton=96 (Freemason / Satanism / MK-Ultra) and she was using a ’96 Oldsmobile as a weapon. Also the initial headline read “Everyone Was Running”=96. Paradise Morton=69. Lakeisha Holloway=69. Las Vegas Hit and Run=69.


Forestry Service Budget Department & PCC =161. Murder Charges Filed Against Driver =161 (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency / Omnipresent Government Surveillance / Murder-Death-Kill), =404. Kill=44. Forty-Four=144. Killer=144. VEGAS HIT-RUN=144. SHE JUST KEPT MOWING PEOPLE DOWN=144.

Telling quote indicative of mind control: “We believe that she had some disassociation with the father of her child,” the sheriff said.

Hit & Run=90. Car Crashes into Crowd=90. Ninety=33.


“Vegas hit-and-run suspect had turned life around, changed name”=244 (Lone Wolf Terrorist / Satanic / Military Mind Control)

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