Golden Gate Predictive Programming and the Super Bowl L Attack

On the left we have the latest CNN propaganda piece, Maj. Adrianna Vorderbruggen, another solider killed in Afghanistan, and on the right Andreas Lubitz, the pilot from the Germanwings Crash Hoax of March this year. Notice anything familiar? Timespan between the 12/21 suicide bombing in Bagram and the 3/24 plane crash is exactly 39 weeks. It is to be noted that it was exactly 39 weeks between the start of Lupercalia (2/13) and the “Paris Attacks”=39 of (11/13).

  • FREEDOM=39. SLAVERY=39. And now you more deeply understand Orwell’s coded message in 1984 that literally Freedom is Slavery.


ADRIANNA=62. Suicide Bomber=62. ANDREAS=62. Airplane Crash=62. Well, will ya lookit that: Adrianna and Andreas, both shown on CNN in front of the Golden Gate Bridge, both with Gematria that matches each other and the way they died. What are the chances?

  • And speaking of 62, there’s a clue from the Germanwings Fable that “Investigators discovered a sheet of paper Lubitz left dated March 22 on which he wrote ‘Decision Sunday’ followed by BCN, the code for Barcelona airport.”
  • DECISION SUNDAY=162: the fulfilment of 62. And if you didn’t catch it, March 22 is 3/22 and 322 is the number of Skull & Bones.

“Decision Sunday BCN”=990/181/73. NWO=990. Divide and Conquer=990. Self-Righteous Suicide=990. Apocalyptic Desires=990. Jew Sympathy=990. BARACK OBAMA=181. GOLDEN BOWL BE BROKEN=181. Controls the Media=181. Subliminal Message=181. SACRIFICE=73. RITUAL SACRIFICE=73.

It’s said he kept a happiness diary between 1/1 and 3/8. That’s a span of 66 days or 9 weeks 3 days and it’s said that exactly 93 seconds before the crash, Lubitz attempted to regain control of the aircraft. PROPAGANDA=93. That’s code for “Nah just kidding, we’re lying to you shitheads. This is fiction.” Also, Adrianna’s wife is HEATHER LAMB=93.


Now here’s the thing (one of the things): GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE =81. DECISION SUNDAY =81. This makes us think of Super Bowl Sunday which is being held in San Francisco this year in SANTA CLARA=27 on 2/7. LUBITZ=27. Super Bowl 50, like the 150 victims of the Germanwings Crash Hoax (with a casual 144 passengers). The game comes 10 months 15 days after the crash =115 (Freemasons / Psychological Operations), or 321 days, like a countdown. Like the mirror of CONSPIRACY=123. THE GOLDEN GATE=123. Like the 321 callsign on the Halloween Plane Crash Hoax. Now check the timespan between Super Bowl L and the 79th anniversary of the Golden Gate Bridge:

Screen Shot 2015-12-22 at 11.04.16 PM

BOOM: another 321. And the 111 connection to 666; plus 15 weeks 6 days =156. Super Bowl Explosion=1560. SIX-SIX-SIX=156. FALSE FLAG=156. THIRTY-THREE=156. And 30.33% =333. So in that timespan we have 111/333/666. Try and tell me that’s either insignificant or random.

SUPER BOWL L=44. KILL=44. And if you recall, Mr. 44 Himself did one of his most Cheshire Cat grins ever on 4/4/13 (which reduces to 4/4/4) in front of the Golden Gate Bridge. And for the record, SUPER BOWL L=143, the fulfilment of 43, and as it turns out Obama is actually the 43rd man to be president – as Grover Cleveland served two terms with Benjamin Harrison in between.


San Francisco=122/50: on 122nd parallel and hosting Super Bowl 50 at LEVIS STADIUM=46 in what is being called GOLDEN BOWL=46. (Orwellian=46. Jihadist Attack=46.) Golden Gate =90. Santa Clara =90. Lubitz =90. Ninety =33.

  • Timespan between this latest front page story of six soldiers killed in a routine suicide attack in an active combat zone and Super Bowl 50 — 47 days (President=47) or 1 month 16 days =116 (William Henry Harrison=116, Maj. Adrianna Vorderbruggen=116)
  • // 48 days (Heather Lamb=48, Hoax=48, Illuminati=48) or 6 weeks 6 days =66 (NFL=66, Fifty=66, like the number of days Lubitz kept his happiness journal and a number being coded often lately.)

Reminder, the highway that spans the Golden Gate is the 101. ASSASSIN=101. So all this symbolism is more Obama kill coding than false flag preview IMHO. But it’s all in the same ballpark until we flip the script on these pussycats.


4 thoughts on “Golden Gate Predictive Programming and the Super Bowl L Attack

  1. Gematria never ceases to amaze. Those connects made a profound impact on me, and the info was delivered in such a clear, understandable way. It feels like a major discovery was made.

    Super Bowl Fifty In San Francisco =2390. The USA is 239 years old.

    San Francisco Bay Area =903. That plays directly into the 39 & 93 commentary.

    The NFL is promoting this SB with the # 50 (not the roman numeral), and they are putting the 50 in gold – to represent the 50 year Golden Anniversary of the Super Bowl.

    Gold Fifty =602. Many 62 references were made regarding Adrianna & Andreas. Both those names do look a lil awkward. If I play around a lil and call them – Adrian And Andrea = 311. 3×11 =33.

    Golden Anniversary =203. NFL =32. NFL =66. Fifty =66. Golden Anniversary =86. Barack Obama =68. And this SB has already been dubbed the – Golden Super Bowl =71. Seventy One =144.

    Fifty Years =804. Obama =84. Barack Obama =408.

    Super Bowl Attack =187, 1122. Homicide =187. JFK was Assassinated on 11/22.

    Its been 31 years since the last time the Bay Area hosted the – Super Bowl =131.

    You can see the potential terror targets shadowed into the SB 50 logo…….

    Super Bowl 50 logo.png

    Again, exceptional work on this blog entry, and the GGB is a prime target – now more then ever. In case the SB 50 logo didn’t come out above – check out all the foreshadowing in the pic here –


  2. Despite the reporting not being in proportion to the incidents, the Golden Gate Bridge is well known for it’s suicides, which relates to Andreas and Adrianna pics. Most in the world, they have averaged one jumper very two weeks since it was built(or so we are told). An article in “The New Yorker” sites the that the Engineer in charge of design of the bridge being very short for the very low safety rails.


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