Obama the Seven of Cups


The 44th key in the Tarot, Obama’s card, is the SEVEN OF CUPS =64. BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA=64. FORTY-FOURTH=64. The Seven of Cups=61/79. Obama born in ’61 and MURDER=79. LINCOLN=79. LEFT-HANDED=79. DEMOCRAT=79. AKHENATEN=79 (Obama said to be the reincarnation of). BLACK LION=79 (Obama is a Leo). CHALICES OF VISION=79. Poor guy just can’t catch a break when it comes to deep occult coding and assassination programming: SEVEN OF CUPS=145. FIRST AFRICAN AMERICAN PRESIDENT=145. OBAMA GETS SHOT=145. 

Screen Shot 2015-12-23 at 8.54.45 PM


This is the card of illusion, of fantasy. Of overindulgence, laziness and apathy. A fitting card for 2015/2016 and the insane level of mind control at play on the global stage – with Obama the green-screen president. Holographic technology and the potential for mass deception on a whole nother level. At its deepest that’s what this card represents: deception. It’s ultimately about a choice we must make, to take accountability for our own thoughts and not be fooled by illusion. As such, the card also indicates several different outcomes as the result of our collective imagination. Our shared dreamworld. CARD OF ILLUSION =68. BARACK OBAMA =68. ASSASSINATED =68.

  • vii of cups =48 (illuminati / hoax  / propaganda / six six six)
  • vii of cups =120 (illuminati / question / discovery / the truth / satanic brotherhood of saturn / tavistock / obama green screen president / our president is a hologram / holographic projection / presidential inauguration / constitution of the united states)


OBAMA THE SEVEN OF CUPS =84. (representing) THE SEVEN DEADLY SINS =84. OBAMA =84 (Born on 8/4). United States of America =84. President Joe Biden =84. Twenty-Eight Weeks =84 (Obama born 28 weeks after JFK inaugurated). JFK The Nine of Wands =184. Forty-Three =840 (Obama born 840 days before JFK assassination).

  • Again, Obama is the 43rd man elected president and JFK was the youngest president elected at 43. Notice the tarot card shows a row of 4 and a row of 3. (4×3)=12. (8+4)=12. In numerology, 12 represents completion and wholeness. The manifestation of the Trinity to the four corners of the horizon – 3 X 4.
  • 7 of Cups relates to the numbers 7 / 11 / 47. PRESIDENT=47. CAESAR=47. MAFIA=47. OBEY=47. AUTHORITY=47. STAR OF DAVID=47. GRAY CLOUD=47.


Screen Shot 2015-12-23 at 9.52.02 PM

So the centrepiece holy grail on the cloud is a SHROUDED GLOWING FIGURINE =144. There’s also a LAUREL WREATH =144. Obama the Forty-Fourth US President=144. Obama the Black Lion =144 (Forty-Four / April Fourth / Killer / President Biden / Holographic Obama). Booyah. SNAKE=14. OBAMA=14. CUPS=41.

  • A CASTLE OR TOWER=58. FREEMASONRY=58. ILLUSIONS=58. CARD OF ILLUSION=158. Reminding us of Lincoln’s tarot draw, #16 The Tower. OBAMA’S CASTLE=666. The year 2016=216. 6x6x6=216. BARACK=216.
  • A HUMAN HEAD=40. VII=40. CUP=40. MIND=40. MAYA=40. Human Head=75. Skull=75 (notice the skull on the laurel wreath cup). Thelemic=75. New World Order=75. The Illusionist=75.
  • And last but not least for the second reptilian theme in one card: DRAGON=59. KILL=59. NEGRO=59. JOHN F KENNEDY=59.

It’s the card of wishful thinking, which reminds us of the 44th president’s platform of HOPE=44. WISHFUL THINKING=82. BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA II=82/181. Strange Chalices of Vision=118. African-American President=118. Death=118. Honolulu=118. Dallas Texas=118. One Five Nine=118 (Current President of the United States=159. First Holographic President=159. Israeli Secret Intelligence Service=159. Thirty-Third=159.)

  • Forty-Fourth US President=133. August Fourth Nineteen Sixty-One=133. White House=133. Government=133. Elect=133. Killing of the Divine King=133.
  • Obama was born at “Kapiʻolani Maternity & Gynecological Hospital”=441. The Prophecied Child=441. The Dark Messiah=441. MK-Ultra=441. American President=1044.


3 thoughts on “Obama the Seven of Cups

  1. Whoa, what a great read that was. When I see sooo many high quality, corresponding connections – it equals The Truth to me. Everything everywhere seems to be building towards the great Obama death deception.

    The Secret Service were at least partly (mostly) responsible for JFK’s death – just watch how they do their job in the Zapruder Film. The Secret Service =184, and surely will play a leading role in Obama’s upcoming assassination.

    The Truth =120. Just like – Illuminati =120. A few posts ago Brother Berg did amazing work on the #120 & the Illuminati connects – I think it was the Post on the Presidents – a few blog entries back. Interestingly, if we spell Illumiati w/ 2 T’s – Illuminatti =840. Obama =84.

    Zapruder Film =149. Skull And Bones =149.

    Great Obama Death Deception =212. The 43rd day of the year is 2/12. Day Forty Three =1239.

    Tarot Cards aren’t my thing, but their Gematria is a big deal – all the 7 of Cups Gematria in the post is a good start.

    Tarot =331 – many 133 connects concluded the entry. Tarot =74 (the reverse of 47). Tarot Card Seven Of Cups =1470.

    Tarot Cards =509, 38. Kill =59, and Death =38. Tarot Cards =119. All Seeing Eye =119. And remember, One Nineteen =120. Illuminati =120.

    The Obama Assassination =225. Truth =522. Justice =522. Oh My God =522. Do What Thou Wilt – Love Is The Law – Love Under Will =522.


  2. JFK is the 35th president (8). The 8th Tarot card is the Strength card depicting an image of a Lion. JFK’s name spelled out totals to 107 (8).

    107 is a primeval number.

    From JFK’s inauguration 1/20/61 to his death 11/22/63 there are 1037 days.

    1037 = 11

    It is also 2 years, 3 months, 10 days = 231 = 6

    1/20 = 3…. 11/22= 33 (333)

    1037 is also a primeval number.

    17*61 = 1037

    1037/3.14 = 330.254777 = 330(or 33).254(11)777(21)


  3. Ironically… I just drew a celtic cross spread on the current president of the united states and drew the seven of cups as the final outcome. In fact, that’s how I got to your blog, I googled, seven of cups + trump. So now I feel that rather than this being a card that indicates that trump is delusional, it seems that this is a card for all US presidents. Too bad…


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