Presidential Inaugurations and Historic Evidence of Numerological Coding

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Nowadays, Presidential Inaugurations fall on Jan 20th, but prior to the Twentieth Amendment, the fixed date was March 4th. “AMENDMENT XX” =47 (PRESIDENT / CAESAR / OBEY / AUTHORITY), =137 (THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE / WASHINGTON DC / SCIENTIFIC-TECHNOLOGICAL ELITE / INVISIBLE JEWISH GOVERNMENT) – and 137 is the 33rd prime number. Amendment XX was ratified on Jan 23, 1933. This date has a life lesson number of 50 (1+23+1+9+3+3). AMERICA (1+13+5+18+9+3+1) =50, like the number of states.

  • Why March 4th? This date was the signing of the aforementioned US Constitution in 1789; a date with a life lesson numerology of 32 (3+4+1+7+8+9). AMERICA (1+4+5+9+9+3+1) =32, like the life lesson numerology of Independence Day (7+4+1+7+7+6) =32. OBAMA=32.

MARCH FOURTH =59. The first president, George Washington, was inaugurated on 4/30/1789 – a date with 59 numerology. (JOHN F KENNEDY=59. GEORGE WASHINGTON=1122. JFK killed on 11/22.) April 30th is the 120th day of the year, tying it back to Jan 20th. Clearly a vital number to the nation. ILLUMINATI=120. The second president, John Adams, was sworn in on March 4th as were 25 presidents after him, making for a clean 26 – the God number (7+15+4).

  • The play on words that inspired this report: MARCH FORTH =110/56. PRESIDENT =110/56. Double word score and clearly a Masonic inside joke.


Since I’m digging around in the dusty archives, may as well chuck a few other strange-but-trues your wonderful way. Did you know that three of the first five presidents died on July 4th? And the 2nd and 3rd presidents, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, both died hours apart on 7/4/1826 – the 50th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence.

  • Never a shortage of cryptic messages, it’s said that Adams’ last words were “Thomas Jefferson Lives” =102. United States of America =102. Murderer =102. Although Jefferson, his rival, actually died first. Possibly both ritually sacrificed by powers greater than they.
  • John Adams’ son called the coincidence “Visible and palpable remarks of Divine Favor” =177. Masonic-Satanist =177. Satan=55. Then exactly 5 years later, the 5th president died on July 4th, 1831. That’s 1826 days after 1826. Ha!

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THOMAS JEFFERSON =174 [The fulfilment of 7/4, the day he died] and JAMES MONROE =47 [the mirror of 7/4, and recall President=47]. JOHN ADAMS JR =50 (America).

  • The 30th President Calvin Coolidge was the only commander-in-chief born on July 4th, in 1872. That’s the 96th birthday of America. FREEMASON=96. (the ranging degrees of Freemasonry sum 31+32+33=96, and JFK died on a date with 96 numerology). CALVIN COOLIDGE=68/131 (BARACK OBAMA=68, BARACK HUSSEIN=131).
  • CC=33 died in ’33 at THE BEECHES=44. On a date with numerology of (1+5+19+33) =58. FREEMASONRY=58.


The first president to die in office was William Henry Harrison, the 9th president, who died on April 4th (4/4) – after 4 weeks 4 days in office. JFK was the 44th-term president and Obama is the 44th president. The next president to die in office will be the 9th.

  • Harrison died on his 32nd day in office at age 68: OBAMA=32 and BARACK OBAMA=68. Obama was born 68,841 days after Harrison who died in 1841.
  • Harrison born Feb 9, 1773. (2+9+73) =84. He was elected president in 1840 (184 the fulfilment of 84). OBAMA=84 and Obama was born on 8/4. PRESIDENT JOE BIDEN=84. UNITED STATES OF AMERICA=84. (2+9+17+73) =101. ASSASSIN=101.
  • Prior to the presidency, Harrison was US Minister to Columbia, a position he held for exactly 1 year 4 months 2 days =142. PRESIDENT OBAMA=142.

Harrison’s grandson Benjamin Harrison, the 23rd president, was sworn in on a bible open to Psalms 121:1-6. Notice the coded 121/116. PRESIDENTIAL ASSASSINATION=121. WILLIAM HENRY HARRISON=116.


Abraham Lincoln was sworn in to his second term on a bible open to Matthew 18:7. Like the California code for homicide 187. George Washington=187/1122 – the Gematria synch with the JFK assassination date of 11/22.

  • Matthew 18:7 is as follows: “Woe unto the world because of offences! for it must needs be that offences come; but woe to that man by whom the offence cometh!” =1156. The fulfilment of 156. God=156. The President of the United States=156. President Obama Dead=156. Thirty-Three=156. Six Six Six=156.
  • NOVEMBER NINETEEN=1156. Lincoln delivered the Gettysburg Address on Nov 19th (!) His famous speech with the “four score and seven years ago” line. That’s 47 like President=47, Obey=47. And exactly 47 years after he was shot on 4/14 and died on 4/15, the Titanic struck the iceberg on 4/14 and sunk on 4/15.

Connecting the time-loop, the duration between Lincoln’s second inauguration of 3/4/1865 and the day he was shot on 4/14/1865 is 1 month 10 days or 5 weeks 6 days. Aka 110/56. PRESIDENT=110/56. MARCH FORTH=110/56. Lincoln died at age 56.

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  • Notice the 11.23% Like the fulfilment of 123. Conspiracy=123. Abraham Lincoln=123. Abraham=123. President of the United States=123. Jewish Empire in America=123.
  • Lincoln was born on Feb 12th, the 322nd day of the year (tying into Skull & Bones) and both he and Jefferson shared a life lesson birth number with the nation, 32. And again, the shortest presidency was Harrison’s at 32 days.

Obama was sworn in to his first term on Lincoln’s bible and his second term on that of Martin Luther King Jr. Can it get any more ominous? Obama also has the busts of both assassinated men in his office, staring at him on the daily. MLK killed on 4/4 like WHH killed on 4/4 like Lincoln had a dream, a premonition of his death on 4/4 then was shot with a .44 by an actor. TEN DAYS LATER=144. APRIL FOURTH=144. FORTY-FOUR=144. KILLER=144. MARK OF THE BEAST=144. Sum the first 144 digits of pi and arrive at 666.

  • Barack=216 (6x6x6). Barack=36 (1 to 36=666)

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