Tarot and the Assassination of James Garfield

James A. Garfield

The 20th President of the United States, James A Garfield, was born on November 19th, 1831. As we uncovered in the previous report, 11/19 is also the date of Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, which was coded into his second inauguration with the bible verse Matthew 18:7 – having a Gematria of 1156, same as November Nineteen=1156. The Gettysburg Address came on 11/19/1863 – Garfield’s 32nd birthday.

  • Recall the importance of 32 to the nation: AMERICA=32. Independence Day and the signing of the US Constitution are both dates with Life Lesson Numbers of 32; both Lincoln and Jefferson were born on dates with Life Lesson Numbers of 32. The first president to die in office, William Henry Harrison died on his 32nd day in office. OBAMA=32.

Screen Shot 2015-12-23 at 3.01.54 PM

JAMES GARFIELD=56/110. PRESIDENT=56/110. MARCH FORTH=56/110. And indeed he was sworn into office on March 4th. After Lincoln’s inauguration on 3/4 he was shot 5 weeks 6 days or 1 month 10 days later =56/110. Garfield would died 6001 days after Lincoln.

Screen Shot 2015-12-23 at 2.30.54 PM

Garfield lasted 199 days in office. And died on 19/9. GETTYSBURG=991. Perfect mirror like Thelema’s Law of Reversals – and its motto: “Do What Thou Wilt”=199. The fulfilment of 99: THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA=99. MASONIC RITUAL MURDER=99. Garfield was the 20th president and the 20th key in the Tarot is JUDGEMENT=99/36.

  • Notice the Judgement card features 6 people and 1 angel with the Masonic flag of the Knights Templar. Garfield’s assassin, CHARLES J GUITEAU =61. He died 6001 days after the 16th President. SIXTEEN=33 and the six people form two rows of three.
  • XX president, like two X’s over the eyes of a cartoon dead body. XX (24+24) =48. ILLUMINATI=48.


  • The duration could also be viewed as 15 days 6 months =156. THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES=156. THIRTY-THREE=156. SIX-SIX-SIX=156 (James A Garfield=666). 
  • And if you include the end date, that’s 200 days for the 20th President. TWO HUNDRED DAYS=64. THELEMA=64.

And wow, confirmed: my operative theory going into this investigation on Garfield was that he died on a Monday – for one reason and one reason only… and now we get the inside joke.


While Garfield died on a Monday (and was presumably reincarnated as a lasagna-loving cat), the president was shot on a Saturday, July 2nd 1881. That’s his 121st day in office. PRESIDENTIAL ASSASSINATION=121. BLOOD SACRIFICE=121. REVELATION=121/49 and he died at age 49, after suffering for 11 weeks 4 days =114. PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES=114. PSYCHOLOGICAL OPERATION=114. Lincoln was the 16th president and the 16th key in the Tarot is THE TOWER=114/42.

  • The Tower represents sudden unexpected changes and upheaval, as well as accidents. A lot like an assassination… It’s ruled by Mars, the god of war. And notice the lightning bolt shot removing the crown.
  • MARS GOD OF WAR=59. KILL=59. Lincoln was shot on GOOD FRIDAY=59. JOHN F KENNEDY=59.
  • Another way to look at The Tower is that Lincoln was the tallest president in American history (6’4″)


  • ELEVEN WEEKS LATER=182. July 2nd leaves 182 days in the year. LINCOLN=182. SYNCHRONICITY=182.

As Garfield was the 20th President, ever since Harrison was the first to die in office there’s been a twenty-year death cycle, listed here from year of election (except for McKinley’s and Roosevelt’s death years):

  • 1841: Harrison – an Aquarian (Feb 9)
  • 1861: Lincoln – an Aquarian (Feb 12)
  • 1881: Garfield – a Scorpio (Nov 19)
  • 1901: McKinley – an Aquarian (Jan 19)
  • 1921: Harding – a Scorpio (Nov 2)
  • 1945: Roosevelt – an Aquarian (Jan 30)
  • 1961: JFK – a Gemini (May 29)

Harrison, Lincoln, McKinley, and Roosevelt were the only Aquarian presidents and all four died in office. (Zachary Taylor, a Scorpio, died in 1850 after drinking too much ice water and cold milk on July 4th, the 74th birthday of the nation). Zachary Taylor =65 and he died at age 65.

  • Taylor has a life lesson number of 55 and as the 12th president his Tarot key is THE HANGED MAN=55.
  • Tarot interpretations of JFK’s and Obama’s card coming soon…


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