9/11 Hoax Warm-Ups and Assassination Previews


Did you know that on September 11th, 1994, a man suicide-bombed an airplane onto the South Lawn of the White House? That’s exactly seven years before 9/11. SEVEN YEARS =133. WHITE HOUSE =133. SOUTH LAWN =133. This is a Hoax =133. Hoax =48. Failed Assassin =48. It happened in ’94 and “Seven Years Nine Eleven”=94. Terrorism=94. Masonic Mind Control=94.

As the mainstream myth goes, Frank Eugene Corder stole a Cessna 150 and Kamakaze’d it into the White House early in the morning of the 12th. That day has life lesson number of 44 (9+12+1+9+9+4), the kill number. Corder is from Aberdeen MD, which is curious because Kurt Cobain is from Aberdeen WA and COBAIN=44 died on 4/4 of the same year – exactly 23 weeks apart or 161 days. Terrorists=161. Cessna One-Fifty=161. (4/4 is the 94th day of the year and the plane’s callsign N1405Q =23.)

In reality, there’s no motive for the attack, no witnesses saw Corder steal the plane, and at no time did he make radio contact. In all likelihood his dead body was loaded onto the plane and remote controlled to its destination. Just like high schooler Charles Bishop who crashed a Cessna into the Bank of America exactly 116 days after 9/11. That’s Jan 5th 2002: 1/05 and NINE ELEVEN =105. NINE ELEVEN TERRORISM =105. MASONRY =105. ZIONISM =105. OBAMA SACRIFICE =105.


FRANK CORDER =113 (State Sponsored Terror / Pro-Israel / Dishonest), =59 (Kill / Assassination / Slave / John F Kennedy). Frank Eugene Corder =170 (Death of a President / Omnipresent Government Surveillance). F.E.Corder =47 (Stolen Cessna) / 74. Frank E Corder =64. May Twenty-Sixth =64.

Born May 26, 1956. That’s a life lesson number of 52. Assassination=52. During his year in the military he was ranked private E-2 (aka 5-2). (5+26+19+56) =106. Prophecy=106. (The plane appeared on Washington radar at 1:06 am.) He was 38 at death. Death=38. Stolen Cessna=38. Assassin=38.

It’s said he was arrested for theft on April 15, 1993. Strange, since Abraham Lincoln died on April 15th, 128 years earlier. Four One One =128, and as we covered in the previous report, Assassin =411. Four Eleven =123. Conspiracy =123. Obama’s Ritual Sacrifice =1230.

It’s said his wife died three weeks prior to the crash and he bore no ill will towards Bill Clinton (who was away at his holiday home at the time). The story says the National Airport began observing his descent at 1:44 am. Of course the assassination number is coded into this tale. Wasted on booze and crack and attempting to crash the stolen Cessna into the White House wall, Corder miscalculated and hit the lawn at 1:49 am. SKULL AND BONES=149. CRASH=49. DESTRUCTION=49. REVELATION=49.

One Forty-Nine AM=75/174. New World Order=75/174.

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