Xmas Eve Football: Raiders Beat Chargers in Rigged Spectacle


Raiders beat Chargers 23-20 in overtime on Xmas Eve, in what seems like even more tribute coding for an Obama bon voyage. As I predicted in advance of the game, the Chargers would lose to end up with the symbolic record of 4-11. And a total score of 43, like Obama the 43rd man elected president and JFK the youngest elected at 43. MURDERED=43. ASSASSINATION=43.

In Jewish Gematria, ASSASSIN=411. Like the fable of Oswald shooting Kennedy from 411 Elm Street – as was pre-programmed in the 1961 Christmas episode of the Andy Griffith Show (which featured a family of bootleggers, like the Kennedys, living at 411 Elm Street). That episode aired 144 days after Obama was born… And if we view 411 as April 11th, that’s the 101st day of the year and 101 also equals ASSASSIN.


America is currently under the 114th congress, formerly led by JOHN BOEHNER=60//114. The image above was featured in the game preview on ESPN. Get this: not only does (89+25)=114, #89 is a sports actor named AMARI COOPER=60//114. (Rigged Pro Sports=89) “Charles Woodson Last Game”=114. And that’s not all. The timespan between this Christmas Eve’s Thursday Nighter and Super Bowl 50 is (drumroll please) 1 month 14 days. Oakland=22=4 & Raiders=38=11. Another 4-11.

And with regards to the aforementioned 60 reference, Oakland went into this game leading the rivalry’s all-time series 60-50. Their last match-up was 60 days ago. OAKLAND RAIDERS=60. In 1960, the San Diego Chargers were based out of LA and next season they may be relocating back to LA. And notice the Raiders won their 61st game of the SoCal rivalry and Obama was born in ’61,
imageI own this hat and it’s my fav.

This is Oakland’s 444th win on a date with a life lesson number of 44 (12+24+2+0+1+5) and a coach born on 4/4. The second place headline running on CNN during the game was re: Robert Downey Jr, also born on 4/4. Obama the 44th President and KILL=44. And with regards to 444, RAIDERS=444. Masonic=444.

Freemasonry=58. Oakland=58. O.Co Coliseum=58. In my life I’ve owned three jerseys: Terrel Davis, Jeff Garcia, and Charles Woodson. This was Woodson’s final home game in Oakland and he gave a speech following the OT victory. Woodson=42 and he wears #24. This game on Dec 24th and the QB (#4) is 24 y/o. 2+4=6 like Oakland Raiders=60.


Happy Holidays, peeps! Thank you so much for reading. I love you.

4 thoughts on “Xmas Eve Football: Raiders Beat Chargers in Rigged Spectacle

  1. You started w/ the pic that said – Black Hole =414. Black Hole =119. Black Hole =33 !!! Holy Trifecta. I think this Black Hole runs deep.

    There’s even more 4/11 coding for the Raiders….. Silver Black =114.

    The Silver And Black =166. Silver And Black =133. We are experiencing part of Obama’s Ritual Sacrifice in real time!

    Obama’s Ritual Sacrifice =205. Israel =205. Philadelphia =205.

    Obama’s Ritual Sacrifice =1230. Conspiracy =123. Four Eleven =123.

    Obama’s Ritual Sacrifice =790. Murder =79. Massacre =79. (Bro Berg is the Man on 79’s).

    Final Game In Oakland =149. Skull And Bones =149. Gematria Genius =149.

    Final Game =119. Final Game =68. Barack Obama =68.

    Could a thursday night football game contain so many clues? Normally, I would say No. But this game could be the Final one for possibly both teams, and it was played on Xmas Eve….into early morning Xmas Day. I don’t think that should be over looked – it may indeed be very special.

    Xmas Eve Into Xmas Day =1404.

    I ignored the Chargers side of things in these comments, but there is plenty meat on their bones too.

    SD Chargers 102. The Lightning Bots =201.

    Chargers =79. Obama’s Ritual Sacrice =790. Bolts =68. Again, Barack Obama =68.

    Ok, thats really it for me today. Merry Xmas to Extra-Capsa


    • Thanks Linda! Merry Christmas to you buddy, and all the best in the new year. Not a dumb girl question at all, it’s a hat from the company LRG (Lifted Research Group) and they just did a riff on the Raiders logo. And I like promoting the concepts of both research and culture jamming.


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