Boxing Day Terror Coding


This is CNN’s headline image on Boxing Day afternoon:”CHICAGO COP KILLS 2″=71 (Mossad / Terrorists / Suicide Bomber / Codes and Ciphers). The street signs: ERIE KILPATRICK =147 (Police / The President of the United States) Super Bowl =1407. Now the parallel story that caught my eye: “WAS SUPER BOWL A TERROR TARGET?”=115 (Freemasons / Killing / Psychological Operations).

This propaganda piece is about the Arizona ISIS-supporter alleged to have trained and armed the patsies blamed on attacking the Prophet Mohammed cartoon contest in Texas earlier this year (on May 3 – the 123rd day) and how he’s been indicted on charges to use pipe bombs at last year’s Super Bowl. The man’s name is “Abdul Malik Abdul Kareem”=71, aka “Decarus Thomas”=147. Same numbers as the other story. And get a load of this: the “terrorists” shot dead at the cartoon contest were Elton Simpson =171 and Nadir Soofi =110. (Kilpatrick=110 // Erie=28) Soofi=28).

  • Now check the timespan between this news of Super Bowl Terror and the upcoming Super Bowl 50: 44 days eh. SPEED HUMP=44.

Screen Shot 2015-12-26 at 5.24.04 PM

And as for the coding in yet another police shooting story, the victims are BETTIE JONES =43 (it happened at 4:30 am and Obama is the 43rd man elected president, politically from Chicago) and QUINTONIO LEGRIER =100 (Masonic Ritual Murder / Zionist Conspiracy / Psychological Warfare). Quintonio=53 (Police State / By the Numbers) and the article points out 5:30 am EST.

  • Legrier’s moms is JANET COOKSEY =44/143 (Dead Presidents). CHICAGO COP KILLS 2 =143.

The shooting came two days after Christmas Eve protests about the Chicago shooting of Laquan McDonald. The protesters chanted “SIXTEEN SHOTS AND A COVER-UP!”=99. MASONIC RITUAL MURDER=99. SIXTEEN=33.

  • Laquan McDonald=51 killed by Jason Van Dyke=51 (Conspiracy / Freemason / Zionism).

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