The White House Party-Crasher Trifecta of 1974


On December 25, 1974, Marshall Fields crashed his Chevrolet Impala into the Northwest Gate of the White House complex. Dressed in Arab clothing, Fields claimed that he was the Messiah and that he was laden with explosives.  He drove up to the North Portico and positioned himself only several feet from the front door. After four hours of negotiations, Fields surrendered. The explosives he claimed to be in possession of were discovered to be flares. President Gerald Ford and his family were not home at the time.

MARSHALL FIELDS =58/139. FREEMASONRY =58/139. “Marshall Fields White House Intruder”=156 (God / Thirty-Three / False Flag / One One One)

12/25/1974 has a life lesson number of 58. Just like Marshall Fields and Freemasonry. (12/25/74)=111. (12/25/1974)=130. Presidential Assassination=130.


This hoax event came 311 days after Robert K Preston stole a helicopter and landed it on the South Lawn of the White House. (In 2015 it was 311 days between Charlie Hebdo and the Friday the 13th Paris Attacks.) Private Preston was shot at, injured, and forced to land. Like Ford on Christmas and Clinton in ’94, President Nixon was conveniently on holiday at the time.

ROBERT PRESTON =68. BARACK OBAMA =68. Robert K Preston =79. Murder =79. Obama’s Ritual Sacrifice =790. PRESTON =44. KILL =44. WHITE HOUSE HELICOPTER INCIDENT =322.

2/17/1974 has a life lesson number of 41. Skull and Bones=41. Byck=41. (2/17/74)=93. Propaganda=93. (2/17/1974)=111, same numerology as the Christmas Day White House Intruder.


In classic absurdist style, just 144 hours after the Helicopter Incident, another man attempted to steal an airplane and crash it into the White House. (The story was propagandized in a film called THE ASSASSINATION OF RICHARD NIXON =144.) On Feb 22, 1974, Samuel Byck stormed the airport, shot a cop and boarded a Delta passenger plane about to take off. He then shot both pilots and tried to force a passenger to fly the rig. After a standoff on the runway, with cops shooting their .38s at the tires, an officer came aboard and fired four shots through the locked cockpit door with a .357 Magnum, hitting Byck twice. He then shot himself dead, seppuku to add to the kamakaze theme.

2/22/74 has a life lesson number of 46. HERO=46. Like the hero cop,  Charles Troyer, who saved the day like Dirty Harry (the Clint Eastwood flick from three years earlier popularized the .44 Magnum). CHARLES TROYER =68. SAMUEL JOSEPH BYCK=68. ROBERT PRESTON=68. SAM BYCK =74.  NYC NINE ELEVEN ATTACKS =222.

One thought on “The White House Party-Crasher Trifecta of 1974

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