Bill Clinton and the Continuation of the Fire Ritual


bill clinton birthplace =216. (6x6x6 =216). barack =216. and speaking of witch, William Jefferson Clinton was born in HOPE=44 (JEFFERSON=44) on christmas day, a room in his home caught on fire in a suspected arson.

  • BILL CLINTON =122 was born at 117 “HERVEY ST”=122 in HOPE ARKANSAS =47. PRESIDENT =47 and the house was added to the NRHP on a date with a life lesson number of 47 (5+19+1+9+9+4).
  • arson suspected fire =82. accelerant =82. and it happened on Christmas=38. Fire=38.
  • Just like Hope=44 also connects to JFK the 44th-term president, Clinton’s spawn locale is actually part of the NORTH ELM STREET HISTORIC DISTRICT =170 (Death of a President / World War Three / Omnipresent Government Surveillance / The Church of Satan).

Did you know that Mick Huckabee is from Hope, too?! (HUCKABEE=56. PRESIDENT=56). A town with a population of less than 10,000 when Clinton and Huckabee were born and they both became governors of Arkansas. And as Hope=44, Huckabee became the 44th governor. What a joke. Clinton was the 40th and 42nd (then the 42nd President of the United States). Clinton book-ended 41: BUSH DYNASTY =41. SKULL AND BONES =41 just as he was book-ended in the White House by two Bushes.

Of course this incident came just two days after Aleister Crowley’s house burned down in Scotland on LOCH NESS=38. And two days later we have the California Wildfires front page CNN. Surely just all a coincidence and not all part some sort of occult fire ritual.


  • Reminder that Bill Clinton was born William Blythe III and his father drowned in a puddle on the side of the road on (5/17/46) =33/87. CLINTON =33/87.

2 thoughts on “Bill Clinton and the Continuation of the Fire Ritual

  1. Arkansas connects to Obama as well…..Arkansas =84. Obama =84.

    Arkansas =313. Clinton =33.

    Clinton Foundation =239.

    Forty Second President =254. September 11th is the 254th day of the year.

    Forty Second President =1221. Bill Clinton =122. If we were doing Gematria back when Bill was running for Pres – this 1221/122 tidbit would have been the golden nugget.


    • 1221/122 would be the nugg fo sho. Reminding us of “Eleven Thirteen”=1122 and “Friday the Thirteenth Paris Terrorism”=1122. For some JFK hit suggestive coding. State Sponsored Terror=122 maybe the target date of 1/22. And maybe Kansas City=122 like the Chiefs making the Super Bowl in San Francisco=122.

      Hurry back and jam with me again!


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