NFL Week 16 and the 4/11 Assassin Theory


Today 12/27 is 44 days since the Paris Attacks, or 1 month 14 days =114. If we ride that 4-11 coding (from the Raiders-Chargers Christmas Eve game) til the wheels fall off, there are several other teams that could potentially go the assassin route today:

  • TEN (3-11) v HOU (7-7). CLE (3-11) v KC (9-5). SF (4-10) v DET (5-9). DAL (4-10) v BUF (6-8). BAL (4-10) v PIT (9-5).
  • TWENTY-SEVENTH OF DECEMBER =114. San Francisco Forty-Niners =114. Panthers Fifteen and Zero =114. Four Eleven Week Sixteen =101. Panthers =101. Assassin =101. (While Highway 101 burns and “Cop Accidentally Kills Woman”=101.) Carolina Panthers =74/175. New World Order =74/175.
  • And the Monday Nighter, CIN (11-3) v DEN (10-4) is primed to go the double 114.

So if we take the assassin codes at face value the wins from that set are Titans / Browns / Lions / Bills / Steelers / Broncos. And if Green Bay (10-4) beats Arizona (12-2) that’s another 114 with the Four Eleven=123 / Conspiracy=123 flourish.

  • How do those teams match the numerology of 54/47/74 in week Sixteen=33, you ask? Cleveland=33. Bengals=33. Lions=33. Glendale=33. Tennessee Titans=54. Buffalo Bills=54. Bills=54. Ohio=47.

SP CARD - Quick Kick

  • quick kick =41 / ninja assassin =41

ESPN staff predictions are 2-0 so far with their calls this week of Oakland and Washington. Their picks for the aforementioned games are: Texans over Titans, Chiefs over Browns, Lions over Niners, Cowboys over Bills, Steelers over Ravens, Cardinals over Packers.

This assassin tribute theory is based on my findings from the past week propaganda of hella coding for an upcoming Obama assassination. As if they’re amping it up on us. FOUR AND ELEVEN =142/61. PRESIDENT OBAMA =142 and born in ’61. TERRORIST =142 and 9/11 lasted 1h42.

  • The Sixteen Assassin =68. Barack Obama =68. It’s been 47 years since MLK and RFK got whacked in ’68 and today has a Life Lesson Number of 47… PRESIDENT=47.
  • NFL Coding =84. Obama =84 (born 8/4).

Screen Shot 2015-12-27 at 2.55.21 AM

  • Duration since 11/4 gives us 123 and 74. And if we count the last day, a nice 54 (as highlighted in the previous report).

(Again, I’m still figuring this shit out and just running predictions based on theories so don’t sue me if this intel doesn’t pay out right away.)


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