Patriots-Jets Gematria Preview

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Jets-Patriots will meet for the 114th time on 12/27, just like all the 114/411 coding in the Raiders-Chargers game (the 113th in that rivalry). This game is in EAST RUTHERFORD NEW JERSEY=113. Traded in on 3/11 and winning his first start 31-10, Jets QB Ryan Fitzpatrick has thrown 113 career INTs so he’s guaranteed to throw his 114th today. Jets are 11th in rushing (New York the 11th state) with 114 yds/game.

The last time the Raiders played the Jets was on 11/1 (NEW YORK =111/39. MEADOWLANDS=111/39 — [12+27]=39) and the Raiders won, making both teams 4-3 (like the Raiders-Chargers game total score of 43). PATRIOTS LOSE WEEK SIXTEEN =111. It’s 1 month 11 days to Super Bowl. This Raiders-Jets game finished with a Raiders win and a total score of 54: (12/27/15)=54. JETS=54. (A case of the Jets falling on their day?) Fifty-Nine=54.

  • If Jets win they’ll have 54 wins to the Pats 59 in their rivalry history (their last matchup had total score of 53 and the largest all-time victory was total of 59). BRADY’S=59. WEEK SIXTEEN=59.
  • Jets coach TODD BOWLES=47. NE PATRIOTS=47. Game-Day has a life lesson number of 47. (12+27+2+0+1+5) and MetLife Stadium is located on the 74th meridian (12+27+20+15)=74. JETS LOSE WEEK SIXTEEN =74/1470. NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS LOSE WEEK SIXTEEN =147. Ninety-Four=147 (it’s Fitzpatrick’s 94th start).
  • Going in Pats 12-2 and Jets 9-5. I’ll tell ya right now, if the record symbolism is as juicy as I’ve seen it, 12-3 // 10-5 are sweet numbers. ALTHOUGH 9-6 is FREEMASON=96 (31+32+33=96) and in the game’s promo vid on the Jets website there’s a shot with a slow-motion pat on #96.

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And if we’re using the Xmas Eve tribute game as an indicator, the last time the Raiders played the Patriots was exactly 66 weeks ago. NEW YORK JETS=66. NFL=66. (Super Bowl) FIFTY=66. The first Super Bowl was played in ’66. But the most famous game the Pats and Raiders ever played was the SNOW BOWL=33/123 (if Pats win they’ll be 12-3). Aka the TUCK RULE GAME=47 (12+27+15); =137 (NE PATRIOTS / 33rd prime) — TUCK RULE=111 (New York). And with regards to 33 we’re in week SIXTEEN=33. Fitzpatrick is 33 years old.

  • Check the duration between that AFC Divisional Playoff Game and this one: 5090 reduces to 59. Like Pats staying at 59 wins. Pats used to be called BOSTON PATRIOTS=59 and they play in Foxborough=59 [though this game is in NYC]. Jets were established in ’59. “JETS NINE AND SIX”=59, suggesting a Pats victory.
  • (Notice the 122,000 hours and Pats are 12-2). If Jets win, the series will be FIFTY-NINE-FIFTY-FOUR =234. Kind of like 12-3 continuation.
  • The result of that game was the new rule #3-22-2-2. Fitzpatricks weighs 223 lb (101 kg) and Brady has 223 games under his belt. MASONIC =223/74.

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  • Jets play at THE NEW MEADOWLANDS =78 and the team nickname is GANG GREEN =78. JETS WIN WEEK SIXTEEN =78.
  • Seventy-Eight =159/60 (Conspiracy) – suggestive of the fulfilment of 59 wins becoming 60…

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Headline on “PRETTY HOT RIGHT NOW”=99. NEW ENGLAND=99. PATRIOT=99. MOST DANGEROUS LEADER=99. PERFECT GAME=99. Brady was 199th pick in the draft (the fulfilment of 99). REDSKINS=99 (who won the night before this game). The Chicago cop shooting story from 12/26 emphasized the chant “SIXTEEN SHOTS AND A COVER-UP”=99 (again it’s week 16…)

  • Tom Brady is 38 and born 8/3. (Check the last post to see how much airtime that code got in the lead-up). FOOTBALL=83. Peyton Manning born on the 83rd day of the year (and on 12/26 Manning was in the news for allegations of involvement in a DOPING RING=68/113)

** Jets Are Pretty Hot Right Now =123. Like Patriots falling to 12-3 and/or Conspiracy=123. Hidden Hand=123.

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And get this propaganda teaser: HAILY STEWARD =60/150. Pats going for the 60th win in the rivalry and the fulfilment of 50=BRADY. WEEK SIXTEEN=50. Manning’s doping ring expose is called “THE DARK SIDE”=50. Brady’s record with Pats is 172-49 so a loss could still suggest a trip to Super Bowl 50. NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS WIN WEEK SIXTEEN =160.

  • Notice the 90 minutes. NINETY=33 just like it’s week SIXTEEN=33. NY JETS WIN WEEK SIXTEEN =90.
  • Hailey is an EIGHT-YEAR-OLD=66. FIFTY=66. Yes, they partake in sick and twisted rituals on the reg.

Final clue is the Christmas release of the football movie CONCUSSION=132 (like Patriots win to go 13-2). Will Smith’s character is called DR. BENNET OMALU =144. SPORTS ACTOR EXTRAORDINAIRE =144. JETS WIN WEEK SIXTEEN =1440. Dr. Bennet Omalu =54 and again the game comes with numerology of 54 and 47. The film’s written and directed by PETER LANDESMAN =147. MALCOLM BUTLER =147. SUPER BOWL =1407.

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