Digging Deeper into the Alphanumeric Conspiracy Behind RFK & MLK 1968


  • Check the number: (b=2) 221/114 Masonic Mind Control =221. Mason=211. Psychological Operation=114. Domestic Terrorists=114. 

ASSASSIN=606. ROBERT KENNEDY=66. SIRHAN SIRHAN=66. He was born MARCH NINETEEN=66, a date with numerology of (3+19+44)=66 and RFK died on 6/6 after being shot at TWELVE FIFTEEN AM=166. March 19th is the 79th day of ’44. (79= Villain / Murder / Get Framed / Assassination. 44= Kill / Gunfire / MK Assassin / MK Ultra Assassin). Sirhan shot Kennedy on a date with 79 numerology (6+5+68).

  • Sirhan=33. Kennedy=33. Thirty-Three=66/156. Robert Kennedy=66/156. False Flag=156. Assassination of Senator Robert F Kennedy=156. Richard J Donovan=156 (the prison where Sirhan now lives).
  • (3/19/1944) has a life lesson number of 40 (Zionist / Satanist / Manipulate).

In ’66, Sirhan joined Ancient Mystical Order of the Rose Cross =161 (Terrorists / Masonic Grand Lodge / Nine Weeks Later [duration after MLK killed]) aka the ROSICRUCIANS =59 (Kill / John F Kennedy / Assassinated).

  • Inside joke of Sirhan’s occupation: STABLE BOY=101. ASSASSIN=101.


On June 5, 1968, RFK was shot three times, like the three shots at JFK. (6/5/1968) has a life lesson number of 35. CURSED=35. MOSSAD JOB=35. And speaking about Cursed coding, RFK was pronounced dead at 1:44. KENNEDY CURSE=144.

  • Sirhan confessed under mind control on 6/9 (False Flag=69) which is the 161st day of the year, being as 1968 is a leap year, like ’44. (Again, Ancient Mystical Order of the Rose Cross=161. Terrorists=161. Masonic Grand Lodge=161. Nine Weeks Later=161.)
  • Moving through a few prisons, he was transferred from CORCORAN=307 (FREEMASON=307) [same prison as Charles Manson] on 11/22/2013, the 50th anniversary of the JFK Assassination, which was called “Simply an Unfortunate Coincidence”=150 (CIA MIND CONTROL=150).
  • Do you think it’s simply an unfortunate coincidence that the date in question also has a numerology of 66? (11+22+20+13)

As we’ve been seeing, Obama’s birthday is crazy-coded to blue-chip assassinations. Remember even that Andy Griffith Show episode of 411 predictive programming on Christmas came 144 days after he was born. Now get this: from 8/4/61 to the RFK hit is 6 years 10 months 1 day, reducing to 611 or 116. Martin Luther King Jr =116 (11×6=66). The 2006 film Bobby has a runtime of 116 mins.

  • And timespan between the 44th president’s birthday and the 4/4 execution of MLK is 6 years 8 months =68 like the year in focus. BARACK OBAMA=68. ASSASSINATED=68. OUR NEXT CONTESTANT=68. TWENTY-SIXTEEN=68.
  • Nineteen Sixty-Eight =106 (Prophecy), =232 (Satan).
  • 2435 days: 24+35=59. kill=59. negro=59. twenty-sixteen=59.

Screen Shot 2015-12-28 at 12.51.59 AM


“LET US DO IT”=44, as if he’s scrawling KILL KILL KILL. Another notorious quote from Sirhan’s free writing journals reads “R.F.K. must die – RFK must be killed Robert F. Kennedy must be assassinated”=226. Robert Francis Kennedy=226. Four Days in November=226.

  • RFK was on a mission to SAVE THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY=107/251. He was shot SHORTLY AFTER MIDNIGHT=107/251.
  • AMBASSADOR HOTEL=63 and he was shot there 63 days after MLK was murdered.

Another good 66 coding is in the precise duration from gunshot at 00:15 to death at 1:44 = 1 day 1 hour 29 minutes. ONE TWENTY-NINE=66. The President of the United States=129.

  • (MLK lasted 64 minutes and 64 days later RFK was shot). SIXTY-FOUR MINUTES=78. MLK was pronounced dead at FIVE AFTER SEVEN PM=78. FIVE AFTER SEVEN=67 (he was shot at the LORRAINE MOTEL=67) and RFK was shot at TWELVE FIFTEEN AM=67 (Blood Sacrifice / Lee Harvey Oswald / Masonic Hitman / Serial Killings / Satanic / Cycles).

After JFK, King told his wife he’d be killed too, saying: “THIS IS A SICK SOCIETY”=223. His last words before being shot: “PLAY IT REAL PRETTY”=223/79 – in reference to a song request for “Take My Hand Precious Lord”=104 and he survived for 1 hour 04 minutes. The COINTELPRO surveillance targeting King was code-named OPERATION LANTERN SPIKE=104.


  • JFK-MLK-RFK-BHO =51/123. CONSPIRACY =51/123. 

One thought on “Digging Deeper into the Alphanumeric Conspiracy Behind RFK & MLK 1968

  1. “LET US DO IT” quote from Sirhan’s free writing journal reminded me of a recent music video by Miley Cyrus “DOOO IT” = 22 +11= 33. The video is really disturbing or disgusting or both. Not sure if it has anything to do with this, just thought I’d share. BTW, Zach recommended your blog. Very interesting.


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