JFK Assassination Broadcast: The Hypnotic Nescafe Commercial and Route 66 Predictive Programming


Kennedy was shot at 12:30 pm (Dallas time) and the news broke at 1:39 EST. FREEMASONRY=139. MASONIC HITMAN=139. PRESIDENTIAL ASSASSINATION=139. THE KILLING OF THE DIVINE KING=139.

The CBS News Bulletin interrupted As the World Turns to bring the nation the story that the president had been shot in Dallas. Walter Cronkite opens with: “THREE SHOTS…”=137 (Mind Control)(33rd prime number), =47 (President / Assassin) — and the breaking news concludes with the CBS producer saying, “Connally, too,” referring to the Texas Governor, who had also been shot. CONNALLY TOO =47.

CBS then cuts to a bizarre commercial for Nescafe instant coffee that features a hypnotist’s metronome. The text onscreen reads:

  • New Minute Brew=64. As the World Turns=64. Sacrificial Lamb=64. Obama Sacrificed=64. Barack Hussein Obama=64.

Walter Cronkite =174. New World Order =174. He’d sign off every propaganda program with the conditioning line, “AND THAT’S THE WAY IT IS”=91 (Deception / PsyOp / Zionist Conspiracy / Gentile Manipulation).

Screen Shot 2015-12-27 at 10.06.16 PM

IT’S MORE THAN AN INSTANT =101. ASSASSIN =101. The full tagline is “IT’S MORE THAN AN INSTANT YET COSTS NO MORE”=145 (Nostradamus / Numerology), =163 (Barack Hussein Obama / Obama Gets Headshot / Manchurian Candidate) — the Manchurian Candidate novel about brainwashed mind control assassins was released in 1959.

  • Notice the timespan of this creepy commercial: 59 seconds. JOHN F KENNEDY=59. ASSASSINATION=59. KILL=59.


After the bizarre Nescafe commercial, all part of the occult mega-ritual, a commercial aired for the CBS drama Route 66 (Walter Cronkite=66). Now get this: an episode was scheduled to air hours later, the night Kennedy was shot on 11/22/63, titled “I’M HERE TO KILL A KING.” The story line centered around a plot to assassinate a fictitious Arabian Potentate by gunning him down while visiting Niagara Falls. The episode was postponed until March 20th, 1964.

  • That’s 119 days later, the number of Zionism. STAR OF DAVID =119. ALL-SEEING EYE =119. THE GANG OF THIRTY-THREE =1119. THIS NOVEMBER =1119. And exactly 17 weeks when KILL=17. MOSSAD=17. Fingerprints of the Zionist Conspiracy behind the JFK hit.

Screen Shot 2015-12-27 at 10.35.04 PM

 If you follow this thing through you’ll find 5 or 6 weird ironies that could be translated to the JFK assassination. They include parts of the dialogue from the show, particularly when the King’s bodyguard, conspiring against his leader, advises the hired assassin:

” …he wears body armor, at my insistence …but a high velocity bullet” — only to be cut off in mid sentence by the assassin who assures him he’s got that covered, because: “I’m shooting him through the head.”

The main character remarks to the assassin that “my father’s name was Lee” — drawing parallels to JFK assassin Lee Harvey Oswald. The motorcade scene, where the king waves to crowds from a limousine, bore a resemblance to the Kennedy motorcade in Dallas. When the king first arrives in Niagara Falls, he is told of a threat on his life; a State Department official suggests to the king that perhaps the flight should be diverted to Dallas.

Screen Shot 2015-12-27 at 10.45.37 PM

The episode plot summary from IMDB: “Tod and Linc, working at Niagara Falls, find some odd incidents puzzling. Tod eventually learns he has a double who looks and sounds exactly like him. The ‘evil twin’ is a cold blooded hit man with the assignment of killing a visiting Arab king. Tod is kidnapped and his job at the Falls used as a venue for the hit.”

  • Route Sixty-Six =228 (Death / United States of America / Rothschild Zionist / Martin Luther King Jr). Show was originally called “The Searchers”=66.
  • I’M HERE TO KILL A KING =179 (ritual murders), =89 (targeted by sniper / trauma-based mind control / central intelligence).
  • 179 the fulfilment of 79 and March 20th is the 79th day of the year. ROUTE=79 (and the show even has a 7.9 rating on IMDB). MAGIC BULLET THEORY=79. MURDER=79. ASSASSINATION=79. LINCOLN=79. OBAMA’S RITUAL SACRIFICE=790.
  • The main character was TOD STILES =33/123.
  • This 116th episode was the series finale. FOUR-TWENTY-THREE=79/223.

And check the timespan between this episode and Obama’s birthday: 137 weeks (Mind Control / Three Shots) [33rd prime] and 959 days, the mirror 59 the Kill number.

Screen Shot 2015-12-27 at 10.51.56 PM

If we include the last day it’s 960 days or 96 (Freemason / MK-Ultra / Zionism / Knowledge) like the sum of the ranging degrees of Scottish Rite Freemasonry and the numerology of the JFK assassination… Route 66 also aired episode 1 on Oct 7, 1960 – exactly 43 weeks before Obama was born. Obama the 43rd man elected president and JFK the youngest president elected at age 43. ASSASSINATION=43. MURDERED=43. FORTY-THREE=59. (There are 43 days left on the 322nd day)

PS: I’m working on setting up a better comment system so that we can have proper discussions. One of my goals with these reports is to get some of you inspired and interactive and researching other angles. All of us contributing to the whole. Truth-seeking is based on teamwork, so let’s get involved together. Thank you for your time and energy – Brother Berg. 

2 thoughts on “JFK Assassination Broadcast: The Hypnotic Nescafe Commercial and Route 66 Predictive Programming

  1. jkf was shot at 12:30…… 12:30 is a lot like 3/3

    tomorrow’s date is 12/30 (33) ……

    not only that but the date tomorrow:
    12/30/2015 = 14

    Just like 9/11:
    9/11/2001 = 14

    Just like Paris attack:

    11/13/2015 = 14

    And many other events this year……

    Would be really surprised if another made for TV disaster doesn’t happen.


    Remember my prediction that the next event would happen 12/21??….
    On the night of 12/20 was the Vegas strip accident…… keep in mind that it was 12/21 in other time zones when that took place……..

    12/21/2015 = 14 😉

    One last thing…… New Years day is almost PERFECT for the NEXT event/psyop….
    (besides the 14 connection)

    as we move into 2016, this creates the full year to = 9
    (2+0+1+6 = 9)

    1/1/2016 = a coded 1/1/9 …… 9/11 backwards.

    Not only that, But from the Paris attacks to New Years day is…. ding ding ding…… 1 week 19 days (9/11)

    The next “14” connection…. will be 1/4/2016

    1/4 = 14….. plus the full date 1+4+2+0+1+6 = 14….

    If nothing happens New Years day….. i expect fireworks on the 4th 😉


  2. Oops… almost forgot. All the major “shootings” that have taken place the number “12” has been involved heavily….

    “Shooting” in English Gematria Equals: 642
    (6+4+2 = 12)

    The date 1/2 (12) would fit the cycle of another shooting (school?)

    besides the obvious 1/2 date…… 1/2/2016 = 12

    Here is a post i did back in august that i am going to copy and paste to give you a better idea of what i’m talking about…

    *** NOTE****
    There was a picture of bryce williams wearing a number 21 jersey…. in that bogus “road rage” video that came out shortly after the shooting……

    “Bryce Williams — aka Vester Lee Flanagan is seen here wearing the number “21” in a new “Road Rage” video that was released earlier…


    The “Road Rage” video was taken on 7/6/2015
    (7+6+2+0+1+5 = 21)

    (I is the 9th letter……. so 9+6+6 = 21)

    His Name…

    Bryce Williams in Jewish Gematria Equals: 1569
    (1+5+6+9 = 21)

    Bryce Williams in English Gematria Equals: 906

    His other name….
    Vester Lee Flanagan in English Gematria Equals: 1002

    “Road Rage” in Jewish Gematria Equals: 228
    (2+2+8 = 12)

    “Shooting” in Jewish Gematria Equals: 354
    (3+5+4 = 12)

    “Vester Flanagan” (without his middle name) = 87
    (8+7 =15)

    Today’s date is:


    if you add all the numbers in the date together it = 96
    (9+6 = 15)

    If you add and simplify today’s date you get

    (8+8+8 = 24)

    Alison Parker was 24 years old… (6)
    Adam Ward was 27 years old……(9)

    6+9 = 15

    The Victims…..

    Alison Parker in English Gematria Equals: 834

    Adam Ward in English Gematria Equals: 390

    Vicki Gardner in Jewish Gematria Equals: 948


    Vicki Gardner in English Gematria Equals: 726

    All have numbers correlating with each other….

    Now check this out…… This guy said that the Dylann Roof Church shooting was the cause of this….

    Dylann Roof = 15
    and was “21” years old…..

    (15 & 21) same numbers coded on both “shooters”….

    I also want to point out that both movie theater shooters names = 12 also

    John Russell Houser = 12

    James Holmes = 12

    Remember the Walter Scott shooting?
    Walter Scott = 12

    …… Remember the word “Shooting” = 12
    These were all fake shootings….”


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